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The Whole World is Spiritual-if its used, for Krsna Seva--SP

Hare Krsna To AllPranamsGlories to Srila Prabhupada Below is a short conversation with Srila Prabhupda where he explains the subtlety of God's energies. Originally everything is spiritual becauseeverything emanates from God, who is All Spiritual. But when anything, like a flower growing in a tree is used for anything except Krsna's Service, then that original spiritual flower,which is Krsna smiling to us, now becomes a material flower and its misuse now binds us to the wheel of Karma. When we completely understand that nothing belongs to us, then we can stop being either big or small thieves and return everything back to the Lord's service. Hare KrsnaDamaghosa das---------------------------730514mw.la                 Conversations                335317/530501
Prabhupada: We say that. Life is eternal. It is not created nor
destroyed. It is covered only for the time
. Just like, I'm eternal,
but last night I was covered by dreaming, sleeping. So I say
"yesterday" and "today." This is my position. I'm eternal, but because
last night I was covered by dreaming, therefore I say "yesterday" and
Devotee: Srila Prabhupada, if material nature is the absence of Krsna
consciousness, then where is material? I've heard you say that once
Prabhupada: There is no material. Yes? If you continue Krsna
consciousness, there's nothing material
. Just like when we offer this
flower in Krsna consciousness, is it material?
Devotees: No.
Prabhupada: You still can accept anything material? No. So how it
becomes? It was material in the tree and it becomes spiritual? No. It
is spiritual. So long I was thinking it is meant for my enjoyment that
is material. As soon as I take it for Krsna's enjoyment, it is
Paramahamsa: So, actually this entire world is spiritual.
Prabhupada: Yes
. That we want, that engage everything in Krsna'sservice. This will be spiritual world.
Paramahamsa: So we can also appreciate Krsna's creation in that light?
For example, this is very beautiful because it is Krsna's.
Prabhupada: Yes. We realize that. We don't say... Just like Mayavadi
philosophy says mithya. Jagan mithya. "This world is false." We don't
say that. We don't say "jagan mithya."
Devotee: This material nature is just one energy of Krsna acting in a
certain way?
Prabhupada: Why shall I say...? Krsna has created so many nice things
for His enjoyment, why shall I say, "mithya
." Suppose if you create
nice house, very good apartment and you call me, "Just see." And if I
say, "It is all mithya."
Paramahamsa: That's also an offense. Because I can't enjoy it.
Prabhupada: (laughing) Then how much depressed you'll be. Let's say I
brought this friend and this rascal is saying, "This is mithya."
Karandhara: Sour grapes.
Prabhupada: That is explained that asatyam apratistham te, jagad ahur
anisvaram. These rascals, these demons they say like that, that this
is asatya, this is untruth. There is no cause. There is no isvara.
This is the demoniac declaration
. If Krsna is fact, His creation isfact. His energy is fact. Why shall I say false? We don't say it is
false. The Mayavadis say it is false
Krsna-kanti: If someone looks at the Deity of Krsna and thinks it's
only stone or wood, for him it's still material
Prabhupada: That is his ignorance. How it can be material? The stone
is also Krsna's energy
. Just like electricity energy is there
everywhere. The electrician knows how to utilize it, how to take
electricity. Similarly, Krsna is everywhere, even in the stone. The
devotees know how to utilize stone to appreciate Krsna


 The devotees know. The rascal, they do not know. Because the devotee has no other
view than Krsna. Why stone should be without Krsna? Here is Krsna.
That is real oneness. And the Mayavadi philosopher they say oneness,
but divide. This is stone, this is not Krsna. Why second? Why you
bring another thing?
Devotee: Good and bad, evil and...
Prabhupada: Yes.
Devotee: Is it so for a Krsna conscious man that Krsna is as much in
the stone as in the Deity?
Prabhupada: Yes.
Paramahamsa: Just as much?Prabhupada: Yes. Why not

Paramahamsa: But we order murtis all the way from India?
Prabhupada: That is stated that, "Everything is in Me but I'm not
there." This is acintya-bheda
... maya tatam idam sarvam jagad
avyakta-murtina, mat-sthani sarva-bhutani na caham tesv avasthitah.
Everything is Krsna but you cannot worship this bench as Krsna. That
is rascaldom
Karandhara: Krsna says, "Worship me in this way."
Prabhupada: Yes
. (pause)

 Just like the sunshine. That is also sun. Is
it not? But you cannot say when the sunshine is in the room, you
cannot say, "The sun is my room." This is called acintya-bhedabheda.
Svarupa Damodara: Acintya bheda...?
Prabhupada: Acintya-bhedabheda, simultaneously one and different.
Paramahamsa: But still you said one can see Krsna within the stone.
Prabhupada: Yes. Why not?
Paramahamsa: And one can worship Him within the stone or within
Prabhupada: Yes. We worship everything. We worship everything, see
Krsna everywhere. We don't see the tree. We see Krsna's energy.
Therefore the tree's also worshipable because Krsna and Krsna's energyboth are worshipable. Therefore we say Hare Krsna. Hare means Krsna's
energy. We worship everything
. In our childhood we are taught by our 
parents, if there is small grain and if it is strut (?) on the feet, 
we shall pick it up and touch on the forehead. We are taught like    
this, how to see everything in relationship with Krsna
. That is Krsna
conscious. We cannot therefore see anything wasted, anything misused.
Why you are preaching? Why we are after so many rascals? That his life
is being misused. Let us give him some enlightenment. This is our    
mission. Or let him go to hell. Just like Mayavadi sannyasis, they're
engaged in meditation or in the Himalayas, but we have come to Los   
Angeles. Why? This is our mission. Oh, these things, these people are
being misused under maya, let him gain some enlightenment. This is our
mission. We are teaching that, how to utilize everything for Krsna.  
How to understand Krsna in everything. That is our mission. See Krsna
in everything. Yo mam pasyati sarvatra. Everything is there in       
Bhagavad-gita, why don't you read? Sarvam ca mayi pasyati, yo mam    
pasyati sarvatra, "Anyone who sees Me everywhere and sarvam ca mayi  pasyati... and everything in Me, he's perfect."                       Karandhara: Prabhupada, we should return to the car.
Prabhupada: All right. Yo mam pasyati... (pause) The karmis, they are
thinking, "Everything for me." The jnanis they are thinking, "Why
shall I be implicated in this material things?" And we say that there
is nothing material. Dovetail everything with Krsna
. In the
Bhagavad-gita it is said, mam ca yo 'vyabhicarena bhakti-yogena
sevate, sa gunan samatityaitan brahma-bhuyaya kalpate. "Anyone who is
engaged in devotional service, he's immediately promoted to the
transcendental platform, brahma." He becomes brahma. Now, somebody may
say, "Oh, we see he has got the same body, how he has become brahma?"
And how Krsna says, "Yes, he has already become brahma." How to
Paramahamsa: Like the flower.
Prabhupada: Yes. The same thing
. Yes. As soon as everything is
understood in Krsna consciousness, that is brahma-bhuta stage. That is
liberated stage.
Everything is created by Krsna. Everything is meant
for Krsna. Everything should be engaged for Krsna. That is Krsna
consciousness life. That is perfect life. Somebody asked me, "Why you
have come to this country?" It is not your country. I've not come to
your country, I've come to Krsna's country. (laughter) 

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