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Contradictions in the Absolute Truth

Hare Krsna


All glories to Srila Prabhupada 

Often times I have come across, as have many others, seemingly,  some contradictions in the books of Srila Prabhupada.  Two opposite things will be stated and this leaves the  reader in a confused state of mind.Not only is Krsna Himself a paradox for the mundane mind, but His pure devotees, as well.Consider below, just this one point Srila Prabhupada made once about what is really necessary or essential. He says two totally different things on two different occasions. Hari bolDamaghosa das ------------------------------------    

1) SB 10.13.59   The Stealing of the Boys and Calves by Brahma 

   Then, looking in all directions, Lord Brahma immediately saw Vrndavana before him, filled with trees, which were the means of livelihood for the inhabitants and which were equally pleasing in all seasons.
Janajivya-drumakirnam: trees and vegetables are essential, and they give happiness all year round, in all seasons. That is the arrangement in Vrndavana. It is not that in one season the trees are pleasing and in another season not pleasing; rather, they are equally pleasing throughout the seasonal changes. Trees and vegetables provide the real means of livelihood recommended for everyone. Sarva-kama-dugha mahi
(▼Bhag. 1.10.4). Trees and vegetables, not industry, provide the real means of life.
2) 750714mw.phi                Conversations               
Ravindra-svarupa: What is the advantage of a tree, Srila Prabhupada?
Prabhupada: You see how they are standing there for five thousand years. You cannot do it. You cannot do it even for five minutes.
Svarupa Damodara: Actually the trees are absolutely necessary for the survival of animals.
Prabhupada: That is another thing. We say nothing is necessary, simply Krsna is necessary. That is material conception: "This is necessary.
This is necessary." But Krsna says, "Nothing is necessary." Sarva-dharman parityajya. You are simply planning and becoming entangled with so-called "necessary."
Svarupa Damodara: But that is on the spiritual platform.
Prabhupada: You can create spiritual platform immediately. Sa gunan samatityaitan. If you fully engage yourself in devotional service, immediately you are above this material conception.
 [So in the above two conversations Srila Prabhupada say two  different things. One, that trees are essential, and the other is that nothing , not even trees are necessary or essential.So which one is true or which one do you pick? Both are true and both contradict each other-seemingly.That is Krsna, in whom all contradictions are resolved.]   
Adi 17.304  The Pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu in His Youth
.. Lord, by His inconceivable character, may act like the gopis and feel separation from Krsna, although He is Krsna Himself. Such a contradiction can be reconciled only in the Supreme Personality of Godhead because ... (acintya), which can make possible that which is impossible to do (aghata-ghatana-patiyasi). Such contradictions are very difficult to understand unless a devotee strictly follows the Vaisnava philosophy under the ...

TLC 13            Devotional Service in Attachment

   When Uddhava was asking Krsna about rules and regulations according to Vedic injunctions, he asked, "Why is it that the ... are supposed to be ordained by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but apparently there are contradictions, and Uddhava was anxious to know how one could be freed from these contradictions. In reply, Lord Krsna informed him of the superexcellence of devotional service.

TLK Vs 25-26  Association with the Supreme Lord Through Hearing

... Absolute Truth, the Supreme Person, the Supreme Being. In the Absolute, there are no contradictions. Krsna's name, form, activities, paraphernalia and attributes are identical with Krsna. This is the meaning of absolute. There is no difference between Krsna's form and Krsna. Krsna's hands and Krsna's legs are nondifferent. In the material world, there is a difference ... right hand, between the nose and the ear, but these dualities do not exist in Krsna. This is the meaning of absolute. As stated in ▼Brahma-samhita (5.32):
690106BG.LA                   Lectures

Tamala Krsna: "Therefore people in general keep the same bodily idea in mind when they are informed ... who cannot understand spiritual existence at all. Being embarrassed by so many theories and by contradictions and various types of philosophical speculation, they become disgusted or angry, and foolishly they conclude ...

690215BG.LA                   Lectures

Devotee: A Krsna conscious person has realized knowledge by the grace of Krsna. Because he is satisfied with pure devotional service. By realized knowledge, one becomes perfect. By ... his convictions. But by academic knowledge one is easily deluded and is confused by apparent contradictions. It is the realized soul who is actually self-controlled because he is surrendered to Krsna. He is transcendental because he has nothing to do with mundane scholarship.

741012SB.MAY                  Lectures

   So to understand krsna-lila... So therefore we have to understand Krsna-lila, Krsna, from these books, Bhagavata, Bhagavad-gita, but not directly. Therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu recommends, bhagavata giya ... from the professional man. So here: kecid ahur ajam jatam. Ahuh ajam jatam. Contradiction. Now Krsna says, ajo 'pi: "Although I am birthless, I do not take birth," ajo 'pi sann ...  at the same time... Ajo 'pi... Here it is said, kecid ahur ajam. God, or Krsna, is aja. He never takes birth. But again he (she) says, jatam: "He has taken birth." This contradiction should be understood. The Vedas, there are many such contradictions like that. Pasyaty acaksuh: "Krsna, or God, sees, but He has no eyes." Similarly, God, Krsna, takes His birth although He never takes birth. These are contradictions. Pasyaty caksuh. Apani-pado javano grahita: "He has no leg, but He goes so fast,...  He has no hand," but javano grahita, "but if you offer Him something, He takes...

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