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Gaura Pur Nim at
Toronto's New Remuna Dahm,
March 4th 2007

Dear prabhus,
      Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada.

     At 1:15 pm on Gaura Pur Nim about twenty five or so young people from the New Remuna Toronto Temple and myself headed downtown the what is called the Dundas Square. Krsna Dasa a veteran of many years service here in Toronto lead the kirtan and organised its set up before leaving the temple. A fine commander in his own right.

      We took the local subway train and did a very nice kirtan on the walk to the local station. With 400 pieces of Burfy in bags,250 invitaions to the festival and a large number of small books we surprised all the tourists and regular shoppers with the cutting chimes of the karatalas and the nice boom of the murdunga.  Everything was taken and or sold. There is a deep enthusiasm and dedication here that these young people have,it is very impressive. The dancing with no care but to share, the strength of faith and desire to serve Srila Prabhupada. They showed a great love to share with others the joy of Krsna Conciousness and I have not had a chance of late to see this in person.  I am affected to try to improve on what little service I have been doing over the years. Of course there are percieved and actual differences in understandings of things these days
amongst many of us but that is not the day for such differences. Lord
Caitanya and Lord Nityananda never disciminated.  All people and living
beings are to be included in the wealth of the Holy Name. By the end of the two hour show downtown I was whacked out but the austerity was well worth it. I even managed to fast the whole day!  Not bad for a spoiled city bus driver.
     After boarding the train northbound many devotees kept chanting in the train car and preaching as well. When the doors opened and they moved out onto the Rosedale platform the chanting continued all the way back to the front doors with the same enthusiasm. Yes there were a few
straglers, cold and tired but talking Krsna katha I'm sure. The 6 pm arotica was lead by several young people seated on the floor with harmonium, drums and kartalas. Lead by a nice youg lady with a strong sweet voice and a steady rythm from the band we all had a great time dancing and singing. They were wonderful! After the 6 pm arotica I enjoyed the prasadam which was offered to Srila Prabhupada, a most amazing joy!  Those temple kitchen cooking pots where HUGE!  How can one know how to spice so perfeclty such large pots of foodstuffs? The spicing was just right so as to satisfy all the palets from spice loving bus drivers to two year old sweet lovers. NO, I cannot discribe the Mango nectar...my only request is that they get larger cups for next year. I missed the young peoples theatre as I was indulging down stairs and trying to rest my old hips but I understand that they got rave reviews.  The last arotica at 8 pm of course was packed and I managed to join the kirtan with my conga drum until my hands wore out.

     Last but not least was the most AMAZING DIETY OUTFITS OF ALL not
just Garua Nitai and a seven layer cake for Their Lordships made by my great wife Lila Katha devi Dasi. The Diety house decorations added and heir of royalty to the whole mood of Their Lordships quarters. I gave the word around to the sankirtan devotees that they must be given an extra piece of cake for their very dedicated service downtown on Hari Nam. Now I am eager to check the callendar for the next big festival so I can be ready for another street kirtan downtown. Actually maybe there should be a street kirtan the day after the festival so that one wear off the feast and the Cake!!!! Sri Sri Radha Ksircora Gopinatha Ki Jai!!!!! New Remuna Dahm Ki Jai!!

     Until next time,from the window over looking Hari Nam square,
your servant
Hasti Gopala dasa

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