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The Final Lesson....

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees of the Lord...

Please accept my humble obesiances with all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Just wanted to share some of the World's beautiful smiling faces... with you all...

Jai Srila Prabhupada! Vande Guru Shri Charnarvinda

May You, Your instructions and Your Beautiful Smile remain in my mind forever…




The Final Lesson....




Lord Krishna's pure devotee, that You are,

Who fought all alone with this Maya's deadly War


And You are the one Who even gave His last breath to it,

How hard it is for this dull world still to admit...


You are the perfect example of Krishna's servant

When it comes to Lord's service - you are the perfect observant


The 24 hr Kirtan must continue - that's what you desire

Listening to which, Prabhupada, You intended to simply retire...


With most of your children around -

the room that got filled with Transcendental sound


Some crying, some singing, some eyes filled with tears,

What's going to happen to us - that's what they all fear.


Slim body, breathing slow,

Still beautiful like Lotus flower,

You continue to pour your mercy,

..in the shape of final instructions shower.

"If you (all of us) engage in the business of sense gratification,

You (we all) go to the hellish nature,

But engage yourself (us) in Lord's Devotional Service -

And the results will be far Greater"


Also You instructed to keep the association of Lord's devotees who are pure

That way we reach our final destination - Back to Godhead - that's for sure

Therefore we must seek Devotee's association always with no exception,

Else ready to get dragged by Maya, and face our worse karmic reaction


With our own Endeavour, We just cannot give up our greediness and material lust

Then we change dramatically, with the power of Your Divine's Lotus feet's dust,


Seeing the Spiritual Master with devotion is the eye's perfection...

Touching His Lotus Feet is a sense of touch's perfection...

And glorifying His activities is the tongue’s real activity..

That's the simple instructions from Vedas, and that's our only duty...


Srila Prabhupada, kindly engage our senses in your service,

...that wish in me only may remains,

Then only my mind will be controlled

...and only then the final destination will be attained


Out of many thousands of men,

...One may Endeavour for perfection

It's about time Srila Prabhupada

...to bring your instructions into action,


And among many millions who may have achieved perfection

...One may become devotee of Shri Radha Shyam Sundar,

You, yes, You Srila Prabhupada, who, to all of us,

...taught this beautiful science of surrender...


We know the super soul has sent His messenger before us

...in form of Spiritual Master,

So mudha's (dull head - rascals) like us

...can understand the science of God a bit faster...


You never forget Krishna and Krishna never forgets you...

So long as eternity this statement will remain true...


Attachment to the material world is the greatest entanglement of the spirit soul

but the same attachment when applies for the Spiritual Master opens the libration doors


A pure Devotee of Lord there is no question of dying or living..

Because He always lives in His books and in His instructions that He is always giving...


It's impossible to repay back to all the mercy showered on us...

Cause we were falling in the blind well of snakes...

And Srila Prabhupada mercifully saved and accepted us...


My eternal duty is to only Serve My Spiritual Master to my fullest extent

else i would meet my end soon and there will be no time to repent....


Srila Prabhupada, "aur na kari hai mane aasha"...I have no other desire.. no other desire......



Hari Bol

Your most fallen Servant

-Kanhaiya DasAnudas


"He reason ill who tells that Vaisnavas die, When thou art living still in sound!
The Vaisnavas die to live, and living try, To spread the Holy Name around !"

(Poem by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura)

"I will never die. I shall live from my books, and you will utilize."

His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

(Interview, July 16th, 1975, Berkeley, California)



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