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This is the Ultimate realization-servant of the servant of the servant of Krsna

Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

What follows below is a section of verses taken directly out of the Caitanya Caritamrta Adi lila part One.
Therein Krsnadas Kaviraj, its author, explains in detail how everyone is serving Krsna (directly or indirectly) and how the mentality of service to this Lord Krsna constitutes the highest level of spiritual happiness, so much so that the Personality of Godhead Himself and all His direct incarnation expansions also want to taste this mellow of Rasa. God Himself admits that He cannot understand this very intimate "taste" that His devotees experience in His company, as His servants, so He must transform Himself into one of them (a Bhakta-as Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu) in order to feel what His devotees feel by serving Him, the Supreme Being. Please read on.....

Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das

Servant of the servant of the servant- is the highest spiritual realization

Adi 6.40…Thinking "He [Sri Advaita Acarya] is a disciple of Sri Madhavendra
Puri," Lord Caitanya obeys Him, respecting Him as His spiritual
Adi 6.41….To maintain the proper etiquette for the principles of religion,
Lord Caitanya bows down at the lotus feet of Sri Advaita Acarya with
reverential prayers and devotion.
Adi 6.42…Sri Advaita Acarya, however, considers Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu His
master, and He thinks of Himself as a servant of Lord Caitanya
Adi 6.43…. He forgets Himself in the joy of that conception and teaches all
living entities, "You are servants of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu."
The transcendental devotional service of the Supreme Personality of
Godhead is so ecstatic that even the Lord Himself plays the part of a
devotee. Forgetting Himself to be the Supreme, He personally teaches
the whole world how to render service to the Supreme Personality of
Adi 6.44….The conception of servitude to Sri Krsna generates such an ocean of
joy in the soul that even the joy of oneness with the Absolute, if
multiplied ten million times, could not compare to a drop of it.
Adi 6.45 ….He says, "Nityananda and I are servants of Lord Caitanya." Nowhere
else is there such joy as that which is tasted in this emotion of
Adi 6.46…The most beloved goddess of fortuneresides on the chest of Sri
Krsna, yet she too, earnestly praying, begs for the joy of service at
His feet.
Adi 6.47…All the associates of Lord Krsna, such as Brahma, Siva, Narada,
Suka and Sanatana, are very much pleased in the sentiment of
Adi 6.48…Sri Nityananda, the wandering mendicant, is the foremost of all the
associates of Lord Caitanya. He became mad in the ecstasy of service
to Lord Caitanya.
Adi 6.49-50 …Srivasa, Haridasa, Ramadasa, Gadadhara, Murari, Mukunda,
Candrasekhara and Vakresvara are all glorious and are all learned
scholars, but the sentiment of servitude to Lord Caitanya makes them
mad in ecstasy.
Adi 6.51…Thus they dance, sing and laugh like madmen, and they instruct
everyone, "Just be loving servants of Lord Caitanya."
Adi 6.52…Sri Advaita Acarya thinks, "Lord Caitanya considers Me His
spiritual master, yet I feel Myself to be only His servant."
Adi 6.53…Love for Krsna has this one unique effect: it imbues superiors,
equals and inferiors with the spirit of service to Lord Krsna.
Adi 6.54…For evidence, please listen to the examples described in the
revealed scriptures, which are also corroborated by the realization of great souls.
Adi 6.55-56…Although no one is a more respected elder for Krsna than Nanda
Maharaja in Vraja, who in transcendental paternal love has no
knowledge that his son is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, still
ecstatic love makes him, what to speak of others, feel himself to be a
servant of Lord Krsna.
Adi 6.57…He too prays for attachment and devotion to the lotus feet of Lord
Krsna, as the words from his own mouth give evidence.
Adi 6.58-59…"My dear Uddhava, please hear me. In truth Krsna is my son, but
even if you think that He is God, I would still bear toward Him my own
feelings for my son. May my mind be attached to your Lord Krsna.
Adi 6.60…"May our minds be attached to the lotus feet of your Lord Krsna,
may our tongues chant His holy names, and may our bodies lie prostrate
before Him.
Adi 6.61…"Wherever we wander in the material universe under the influence of
karma by the will of the Lord, may our auspicious activities cause our
attraction to Lord Krsna to increase."
Adi 6.62 …Lord Krsna's friends in Vrndavana, headed by Sridama, have pure
fraternal affection for Lord Krsna and have no idea of His opulences.
Adi 6.63…Although they fight with Him and climb upon His shoulders, they
worship His lotus feet in a spirit of servitude.
Adi 6.64…”Some of the friends of Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, massaged His feet, and others whose sinful reactions had been
destroyed fanned Him with hand-held fans."
Adi 6.65-66…Even the beloved girlfriends of Lord Krsna in Vrndavana, the gopis,
the dust of whose feet was desired by Sri Uddhava and beyond whom no
one is more dear to Krsna, regard themselves as Krsna's maidservants.
Adi 6.67 …"O Lord, remover of the afflictions of the inhabitants of
Vrndavana! O hero of all women! O Lord who destroy the pride of Your
devotees by Your sweet, gentle smile! O friend! We are Your
maidservants. Please fulfill our desires and show us Your attractive
lotus face."
Adi 6.68…"O Uddhava! It is indeed regrettable that Krsna resides in Mathura
Does He remember His father's household affairs and His friends, the
cowherd boys? O great soul! Does He ever talk about us, His
maidservants? When will He lay on our heads His aguru-scented hand?"
Adi 6.69-70…What to speak of the other gopis, even Sri Radhika, who in every
respect is the most elevated of them all and who has bound Sri Krsna
forever by Her loving attributes, serves His feet as His maidservant.
Adi 6.71…"O My Lord, O My husband, O most dearly beloved! O mighty-armed
Lord! Where are You? Where are You? O My friend, reveal Yourself to
Your maidservant, who is very much aggrieved by Your absence."
Adi 6.72 …In Dvaraka-dhama, all the queens, headed by Rukmini, also consider
themselves maidservants of Lord Krsna.
Adi 6.73…"When Jarasandha and other kings, bows and arrows upraised, stood
ready to deliver me in charity to Sisupala, He forcibly took me from
their midst, as a lion takes its share of goats and sheep. The dust of
His lotus feet is therefore the crown of unconquerable soldiers. May
those lotus feet, which are the shelter of the goddess of fortune, be
the object of my worship."
Adi 6.74…"Knowing me to be performing austerities with the desire to touch
His feet, He came with His friend Arjuna and accepted my hand. Yet I
am but a maidservant engaged in sweeping the floor of the house of Sri
Adi 6.75…"Through austerity and through renunciation of all attachments, we
have become maidservants in the home of the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, who is satisfied in Himself."
Adi 6.76… What to speak of others, even Lord Baladeva, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, is full of emotions like pure friendship and
paternal love.


Although Lord Baladeva appeared before the birth of Lord Krsna and
is therefore Krsna's worshipable elder brother, He used to act as
Krsna's eternal servitor. In the spiritual sky all the Vaikuntha
planets are predominated by the quadruple expansions of Krsna known as
the catur-vyuha. They are direct expansions from Baladeva. It is the
singularity of the Supreme Lord that everyone in the spiritual sky
thinks himself a servitor of the Lord. According to social convention
one may be superior to Krsna, but factually everyone engages in His
service. Therefore in the spiritual sky or the material sky, in all
the different planets, no one is able to supersede Lord Krsna or
demand service from Him. On the contrary, everyone engages in the
service of Lord Krsna. As such, the more a person engages in the
service of the Lord, the more he is important; and, conversely, the
more one is bereft of the transcendental service of Krsna, the more he
invites the bad fortune of material contamination. In the material
world, although materialists want to become one with God or compete
with God, everyone directly or indirectly engages in the service of
the Lord. The more one is forgetful of the service of Krsna, the more
he is considered to be dying. Therefore, when one develops pure Krsna
consciousness, he immediately develops his eternal servitorship to Krsna.
Adi 6.77…He also considers Himself a servant of Lord Krsna. Indeed, who is
there who does not have this conception of being a servant of Lord
Adi 6.78…He who is Sesa, Sankarsana, with His thousands of mouths, serves
Sri Krsna by assuming ten forms.
Adi 6.79…Rudra, who is an expansion of Sadasiva and who appears in unlimited
universes, is also a gunavatara [qualitative incarnation] and is the
ornament of all the demigods in the endless universes.
Adi 6.80…He also desires only to be a servant of Lord Krsna. Sri Sadasiva
always says, "I am a servant of Lord Krsna."
Adi 6.81… Intoxicated by ecstatic love for Lord Krsna, he becomes overwhelmed
and incessantly dances without clothing and sings about Lord Krsna's
qualities and pastimes.
Adi 6.82… All the emotions, whether those of father, mother, teacher or
friend, are full of sentiments of servitude. That is the nature of
love of Krsna.
Adi 6.83…Lord Krsna, the one master and the Lord of the universe, is worthy
of being served by everyone. Indeed, everyone is but a servant of His
Adi 6.84….That same Lord Krsna has descended as Lord Caitanya, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead. Everyone, therefore, is His servant.
Adi 6.85…Some accept Him whereas others do not, yet everyone is His servant.
One who does not accept Him, however, will be ruined by his sinful


When a living entity forgets his constitutional position, he
prepares himself to be an enjoyer of the material resources. Sometimes
he is also misguided by the thought that service to the Supreme
Personality of Godhead is not absolute engagement. In other words, he
thinks that there are many other engagements for a living entity
besides the service of the Lord. Such a foolish person does not know
that in any position he either directly or indirectly engages in
activities of service to the Supreme Lord. Actually, if a person does
not engage in the service of the Lord, all inauspicious activities
encumber him because service to the Supreme Lord, Lord Caitanya, is
the constitutional position of the infinitesimal living entities.
Because the living entity is infinitesimal, the allurement of material
enjoyment attracts him, and he tries to enjoy matter, forgetting his
constitutional position. But when his dormant Krsna consciousness is
awakened, he no longer engages in the service of matter but engages in
the service of the Lord. In other words, when one is forgetful of his
constitutional position, he appears in the position of the lord of
material nature. Even at that time he remains a servant of the Supreme
Lord, but in an unqualified or contaminated state.
Adi 6.86…"I am a servant of Lord Caitanya, a servant of Lord Caitanya. I am
a servant of Lord Caitanya, and a servant of His servants."

Saying this, Advaita Prabhu dances and loudly sings. Then at the
next moment He quietly sits down.
Adi 6.88…The source of the sentiment of servitude is indeed Lord Balarama.
The plenary expansions who follow Him are all influenced by that
Adi 6.89…Lord Sankarsana, who is one of His incarnations, always considers
Himself a devotee.
Adi 6.90…Another of His incarnations, Laksmana, who is very beautiful and
opulent, always serves Lord Rama.
Adi 6.91…The Visnu who lies on the Causal Ocean is an incarnation of Lord
Sankarsana, and, accordingly, the emotion of being a devotee is always
present in His heart.
Adi 6.92…Advaita Acarya is a separate expansion of Him. He always engages in
devotional service with His thoughts, words and actions.
Adi 6.93 …By His words He declares, "I am a servant of Lord Caitanya." Thus
with His mind He always thinks, "I am His devotee."
Adi 6.94 ….With His body He worshiped the Lord by offering Ganges water and
tulasi leaves, and by preaching devotional service He delivered the
entire universe.
Adi 6.95…Sesa Sankarsana, who holds all the planets on His head, expands
Himself in different bodies to render service to Lord Krsna.
Adi 6.96…These are all incarnations of Lord Krsna, yet we always find that
they act as devotees.
Adi 6.97…The scriptures call them incarnations as devotees [bhakta-avatara].
The position of being such an incarnation is above all others.


The Supreme Personality of Godhead appears in different
incarnations, but His appearance in the role of a devotee is more
beneficial to the conditioned souls than the other incarnations, with
all their opulences. Sometimes a conditioned soul is bewildered when
he tries to understand the incarnation of Godhead with full opulence.
Lord Krsna appeared and performed many uncommon activities, and some
materialists misunderstood Him, but in His appearance as Lord Caitanya
He did not show much of His opulences, and therefore fewer conditioned
souls were bewildered.Misunderstanding the Lord, many fools consider
themselves incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but the
result is that after leaving the material body they enter the species
of jackals. Persons who cannot understand the real significance of an
incarnation must attain such lower species of life as punishment.
Conditioned souls who are puffed up by false egoism and who try to
become one with the Supreme Lord become Mayavadis.
Adi 6.98… Lord Krsna is the source of all incarnations, and all others are
His parts or partial incarnations. We find that the whole and the part
behave as superior and inferior.
Adi 6.99…The source of all incarnations has the emotions of a superior when
He considers Himself the master, and He has the emotions of an
inferior when He considers Himself a devotee.


A fraction of a particular thing is called a part, and that from
which the fraction is distinguished is called the whole. Therefore the
fraction, or part, is included within the whole. The Lord is the
whole, and the devotee is the part or fractional part. That is the
relationship between the Lord and the devotee. There are also
gradations of devotees, who are calculated as greater and lesser. When
a devotee is great he is called prabhu, and when he is lesser he is
called bhakta, or a devotee. The supreme whole is Krsna, and Baladeva
and all Visnu incarnations are His fractions. Lord Krsna is therefore
conscious of His superior position, and all Visnu incarnations are
conscious of Their positions as devotees.
Adi 6.100…The position of being a devotee is higher than that of equality
with Lord Krsna, for the devotees are dearer to Lord Krsna than His
own self.
The conception of oneness with the Supreme Personality of Godhead
is inferior to that of eternal service to the Lord because Lord Krsna
is more affectionate to devotees than to His personal self. In
▼Srimad-Bhagavatam (9.4.68) the Lord clearly says:

sadhavo hrdayam mahyam
sadhunam hrdayam tv aham
mad anyat te na jananti
naham tebhyo manag api

"The devotees are My heart, and I am the heart of My devotees. My
devotees do not know anyone but Me; similarly, I do not know anyone
but My devotees." This is the intimate relationship between the Lord
and His devotees.
Adi 6.101… Lord Krsna considers His devotees greater than Himself. In this
connection the scriptures provide an abundance of evidence.
Adi 6.102 …"O Uddhava! Neither Brahma, nor Sankara, nor Sankarsana, nor
Laksmi, nor even My own self is as dear to Me as you."
Adi 6.103…. The sweetness of Lord Krsna is not to be tasted by those who
consider themselves equal to Krsna. It is to be tasted only through
the sentiment of servitude.
Adi 6.104…This conclusion of the revealed scriptures is also the realization for experienced devotees. Fools and rascals, however, cannot understand the opulences of devotional emotions.
Purport--When a person is liberated in the sarupya form of liberation,
having a spiritual form exactly like Visnu, it is not possible for him
to relish the relationship of Krsna's personal associates in their
mellow exchanges. The devotees of Krsna, however, in their loving
relationships with Krsna, sometimes forget their own identities;
sometimes they think themselves one with Krsna and yet relish still
greater transcendental mellow in that way. People in general, because
of their foolishness only, try to become masters of everything,
forgetting the transcendental mellow of servitorship to the Lord. When
a person is actually advanced in spiritual understanding, however, he
can accept the transcendental servitorship of the Lord without
Adi 6.105-106…Baladeva, Laksmana, Advaita Acarya, Lord Nityananda, Lord Sesa and Lord Sankarsana taste the nectarean mellows of the transcendental
bliss of Lord Krsna by recognizing Themselves as being His devotees
and servants. They are all mad with that happiness, and they know
nothing else.
Adi 6.107 …What to speak of others, even Lord Krsna Himself becomes thirsty to
taste His own sweetness.
Adi 6.108… He tries to taste His own sweetness, but He cannot do so without
accepting the emotions of a devotee.
Adi 6.109…Therefore Lord Krsna accepted the position of a devotee and
descended in the form of Lord Caitanya, who is complete in every
Adi 6.110… He tastes His own sweetness through the various emotions of a
devotee. I have formerly explained this conclusion.
Lord Caitanya, who is known as Sri Gaurahari, is complete in
relishing all the different mellows, namely, neutrality, servitorship,
fraternity, parental affection and conjugal love. By accepting the
ecstasy of different grades of devotees, He is complete in relishing
all the mellows of these relationships.
Adi 6.111…All the incarnations are entitled to the emotions of devotees.
There is no higher bliss than this.

All the different incarnations of Lord Visnu have the right to play
the roles of servitors of Lord Krsna by descending as devotees. When
an incarnation gives up the understanding of His Godhood and plays the
part of a servitor, He enjoys a greater transcendental mellow taste
than when He plays the part of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Therefore it is said, that-- the Highest realization-- is to become the servant of the servant of the servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

C.C. Madhya 13.80
naham vipro na ca nara-patir napi vaisyo na sudro
naham varni na ca grha-patir no vanastho yatir va
kintu prodyan-nikhila-paramananda-purnamrtabdher
gopi-bhartuh pada-kamalayor dasa-dasanudasah

" 'I am not a brahmana, I am not a ksatriya, I am not a vaisya or a
sudra. Nor am I a brahmacari, a householder, a vanaprastha or a
sannyasi. I identify Myself only as the servant of the servant of the
servant of the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krsna, the maintainer of the
gopis. He is like an ocean of nectar, and He is the cause of universal
transcendental bliss. He is always existing with brilliance.' "

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