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Sane Preaching

Hare Krsna to All
All glories to Srila Prabhupdada
Below is a very nice morning walk in LA with Srila Prabhupada where he explains this Krsna Consciousness movement is for scientifically informing all  humans on this planet what is real religion, how this Devotional Service is Transcendental to mundane churchianity,how we should all be engaged in daily Deity worship to ensure our purity, and how we all should be engaged in some sort of preaching activity, otherwise our Deity worship program will detiorate due the lack of enthusiasm- which comes, directly from preaching.
He warns us to take care of his books,read and understand these books, and then preach  to others  what we have learned from these books. If not done, then in a few years there will be no more 'Hari Hari bol.'...
Srila Prabhupada admits that even he did not think he would be sucessful in preaching, but because he did so in the proper way, it became sucessful.
Separation of church and state is also a demoniac idea since God Himself takes the part of a ksatriya to enact His desires. That means politics. Everything, is included in Krsna Consciousness. The original document idea of this country was "In God We Trust" --so this is religion brought into politics. So where is the separation of church and state? Religion means to follow the laws of God.The politicians write "In God we Trust"-so do the politicians not abide in the orders of God? Then why write In God we Trust? Krsna Consciousness is the real religion for all since it is teaching practically and scientifically, one thing--Surrender to the Lord.
The actual fact is that we all are surrendered to God, but some just dont know it yet. Who can say he or she does not have to die, get old or disease? That means we are controlled at every step.That control is the power of God's external energy. How to get free of this control is Krsna Consciousness.And for that, generally speaking ,most of humanity needs a government that is God Conscious to guide them both materially and spiritually. 
Hari bol
your humble servant/Christmas day...2008
Damaghosa das
731212mw.la                 Conversations               
Umapati: ...I think that we were discussing the political
possibilities of putting devotees into office, and we came up with the
astounding discovery that we almost represent everything that is
against western values. We represent austerity. We represent God
consciousness. We represent restriction of sexual freedom,
intoxication. All the four regulative principles are almost totally in
opposite to western desires.
Prabhupada: That means western people are all demons.
Umapati: So the problem is trying to get into office under those
circumstances, to make that known that "We stand for this," and to
have anybody vote for you.
Prabhupada: (laughs) Nobody may vote but we must go on preaching. That
I have already explained, some of the university. The whole country is
illiterate. Does it mean university should be stopped? University must
be there. One who is fortunate will come and take education. It is not
an argument that "People are illiterate. They don't care for it.
Therefore let the university be closed." This is no argument.
Yasomatinandana: Gradually they will develop attraction.
Prabhupada: Yes, we have to work. That is preaching. You don't think
preaching is so easy going. Eating, sleeping, and sometimes chanting,
"Haribol," that's all. That is not preaching. We must be ready to
implant Krsna consciousness ideas, throughout the whole world
Umapati: That probably won't happen overnight, though.
Prabhupada: The Deity worship program is meant for us to keep us safe.
If we neglect Deity worship, we shall also fall
. But that is not the
all duty finished. Arcayam eva haraye pujam yah sraddhayehate. Arca
means Deity. If anyone is worshiping the Deity very nicely, but na
tad-bhaktesu canyesu, but he does not know anything more, who is
devotee, who is non-devotee, what is the duty to the world, sa bhaktah
prakrtah smrtah, he is material devotee. He is material devotee. So we
have to take the responsibility to understand who is actually a pure
devotee and what is our duty to the people in general, and then you
make advancement. Then you become madhyama-adhikari
Madhyama-adhikari, advanced devotee. Just like these people, either in
India or here, they remain simply churchianity, going to the church
without any understanding. Therefore it is failing. It is now...
Churches are being closed. Similarly, if you do not keep yourself fit
to preach, then your temples will be all closed in due course of time.
Without preaching, you'll not feel enthused to continue the temple
worship. And without temple worship, you cannot keep yourself pure and
clean. The two things must go on, parallel. Then there is success. In
modern time, either Hindus, Muslim or Christian, because in these
places there is no teaching of philosophy, therefore they are closing,
either mosque or temple or church. They will close.
Prajapati: They can show no good result for their activities.
Prabhupada: Yes. That is preaching. Therefore we are writing so many
books. Unless we take care of the books and preach and read ourself,
understand the philosophy, this Hare Krsna will be finished within few
years. Because there will be no life. How long one can artificially go
on, "Hare Krsna! Haribol!" That will be artificial, no life.
Yasomatinandana: That's right Prabhupada. We are so foolish, we never
realize anything unless you tell us like that.
Without preaching...
Prabhupada: Without preaching, without understanding philosophy, you
cannot keep your strength. Everyone should be thoroughly
well-conversed with the philosophy which we are putting... That means
you must read thoroughly every day. So many books we have got. And
Bhagavata is so perfect that any verse you read, you get a new
enlightenment. It is so nice. Either Bhagavad-gita or Bhagavata. But
it is not ordinary writing.
Umapati: I have tried to put your Bhagavad-gita into some schools, and
they say, "Well," some of them, if they do have a Bhagavad-gita, they
say, "Well, we have a Bhagavad-gita." I say, "This is an entirely
different understanding of the Bhagavad-gita," and they say, "Well,
it's just somebody else's opinion and we don't have that much interest
in a variety of opinions on the same book."
Prabhupada: It is not the opinion. We are placing the..., as it is,
without opinion.
Umapati: Well. Those are those terms. It is very difficult to overcome
Prabhupada: So preaching is always difficult. That I have repeatedly
saying. You cannot take preaching very easy-going. Preaching must be
fight. Do you mean to say fighting is easy thing? Fighting is not easy
thing. Whenever there is fight, there is danger, there is
. So preaching means... What is the preaching? Because
people are ignorant, we have to enlighten them. That is preaching
Nara-narayana: When you came to the western world, no one anywhere
believed that it would be successful I think. But actually, it has
become very successful, by preaching.
Prabhupada: I myself did not believe I shall be successful, what to
speak of others, but because I did in the proper line, so it has
become successful.
Yasomatinandana: Yes, Krsna is so kind that we expect something and He
gives us hundred times more.
Prabhupada: Oh yes.
Yasomatinandana: So if we simply follow your instructions, then I am
sure that it will come out glorious.
Nara-narayana: So if we are in the proper line, then our political
activities also can become successful?
Prabhupada: Oh yes. Why not? Krsna was in politics. So Krsna
consciousness means all-round: social, political, philosophical,
religious, cultural, everything. It is not one-sided
. They take it
as... They do not know. Therefore they are thinking it is a religious
movement. No, it is all-including, all-including, all-pervasive
Umapati: Well, they have incorporated a particular philosophy into the
constitution requiring separation of church and state, what they call
separation of church and state in this country.
Prabhupada: Yes, this is... We have already separated. Catur-varnyam
maya. Brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, sudra. That is already separated.
Umapati: So there are certain restrictions about religious
organizations entering politics.
Prabhupada: So what does it mean? Christians, they do not take part in
Umapati: Well, they can't do it as...
Karandhara: Not the churches.
Prabhupada: No, not the churches. Our grhasthas will take part. The
sannyasis will give advice. Directly the grhasthas will fight.
Grhastha, not grhastha. There should be an administrative class. That
is... Now it is prescribed in the Bhagavad-gita. There should be four
classes: brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, sudra. Now, it is spoken by God.
Therefore it should be rejected? Does it mean? God is for everything.
What is this nonsense? And Krsna acted as ksatriya. Therefore He
should not be God? Is that very good argument? God is all-inclusive.
And religion means God's word, carrying out God's word. That is
religion. So how you can make separate?
Karandhara: Well, you can't, but they do.
Prabhupada: They do everything, but they are demons. They do mental
Karandhara: Basically, they want (indistinct).
Prabhupada: Why these politician says, "In God we believe, we trust"?
Why this nonsense?
Umapati: They fear theocracy. They fear being ruled by a priestly
class. That is a very old fear in the west.
Prabhupada: No, no, that's all right. But if the politicians,
administration, trust in God, that becomes religious. How they
separate? Currency note is economic problem. So how they are mixing
with God? They are contradictory. You cannot separate God from any
field of activities.
And religion, they do not know what is the
meaning of religion. Our definition of religion is to abide by the
order of God. So does it mean, the politicians they do not abide by
the orders of God? Then why do they write, "In god we trust"?
Karandhara: Well before, traditionally...
Prabhupada: Not before or now. What we are speaking on the actual
fact, that how they are writing, "In God we trust." As soon as you
bring in God, that is religion. That is general meaning
Karandhara: There is a movement to take that off the money.
Prabhupada: Therefore we have to start this movement seriously, not to
take that. You cannot change it. Then you become demons. Therefore I
am warning you that before they, these rascals change, you take the
advantage of it, that "You cannot change. Then you become demons, you
(are) animals. If you withdraw your trust from God, then you are
animals. So we are not going to be governed by the animals." That
should be the people's voice.
Educate people to become Krsna conscious
and they will yell, "No, we are not going to be governed by the
animals. We want real men." That should be your demand. Therefore I am
warning you, that before they do that, you become strong, so that they
cannot do it
. Rather, they may understand, "Yes, what we are speaking
is all right." That is preaching.
Nara-narayana: Actually, when they formed the country and made the
constitution, the concept was they were basically they believed in
God, but they were afraid that some religion would become politically
powerful and disturb the...
Prabhupada: So what does...? But that means they do not understand
what is meant by religion. They are thinking religion means some
fanatical faith. They are meaning that. That is the whole world
conception of religion. But actual religion we are now preaching,
actual, what is religion. Religion means... Just like Krsna says,
sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam: "Give up all rascal religion.
Surrender unto Me." So who is a sane man who will deny, "No, I don't
surrender to God"? Who is a sane man? He must be insane. Anyone who
says that "I don't like God, I don't like to surrender unto Him," then
he must be insane. He has already surrendered. He is going on under
the condition of surrender, but it is not done very... Just like a
prisoner. He is already surrendered to the government. Still, he says,
"I don't care for government." This is the position. He's a madman.
The state arrests him, kicks him, and puts him in the jail. Still, he
says, "I don't care for government."
So what can be done? "We don't
care for the government." Just like Gandhi started civil disobedience
movement, disobedience to the government laws, but all the whole stock
was put into jail and they were beaten with shoes. But still, they
said, "No, we are..." This is an example. Similarly, everyone is
obeying, surrendering to God. But because they are rascal and fools,
they are denying that we have surrendered. This is their position,
madness. nobody can stay without surrendering to God. It is not
Umapati: Well, in a madhouse, a sane man is the only one considered
Prabhupada: Yes. So, "It is folly to be wise where ignorance is
bliss." That is already there. So we have to act by the order of
Krsna, not by the votes of the madmen. Just see the fun. Everyone is
under control. Who is free? It is simply illusion. They are thinking,
"I am free." Nobody is free. Under the stringent laws of nature, and
still, he is thinking, "I don't care for God." This is madness. This
is madness. Already under the laws of God, but still, he's protesting,
"No, I don't care for God. There is no God." So we have to save these
madmen from further deterioration. This is Krsna consciousness

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