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Proposal for Starting a
Preaching Center

Dear Prabhus:
PAMHO, AGTSP, and Hare Krishna.

This is a “Proposal for Starting a Preaching Center”.

Towards that end, I am presenting below “My Current Situation” for consideration by like minded devotees and for their valued input/suggestions.

(1) I have a paid up house and a well paying job in Dallas and I intend to stay here as long as I have a job. I am 60 and may not look for another job if this one is lost. We have a "Dollar Store" which we are in the process of closing.

(2) I would like to support a preaching center with focus on Book Distribution in Dallas if 4 or 5 devotees come together and want to do it.

(3) The reason I insist on staying here is that I have lot of friends in Indian Community and they may help me if I have some thing to show - in terms of devotees and facilities - some thing visible that they can grasp and relate to. They helped me in past and I hope they will do it again provided I have some thing to show. I can donate money on a monthly basis and I can help physically. That is what I can do now in regard to preaching center.

(4) In few years I will have income from Social Security and I am willing to use it to support preaching programs.

(5) So if 4 or 5 like minded devotees come together, I will be happy to have their association and I will try my best to provide as much help as I can in establishing such a preaching center.

That is my situation. I have tried to be as much open and forthcoming as possible in presenting above information. Please share your situation with me if you so desire. Please email your valued input/suggestions to gordhan.goyani@yahoo.com or contact me at 972-492-0188.

Please consider above points and see if we can come together and help each other in service to HDG Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna.

Wishing You All Well,

YS- Gadadhar Dasa

Dear Prabhus:

PAMHO, AGTSP, and Hare Krishna.

I am looking for followers of Srila Prabhupada who are interested in starting a preaching center in Dallas, Texas. I have done some research and I feel confident that if 5 devotees come together then this project is very easily possible. Plus, I am willing to provide substantial financial support for the project. 

The main purpose of this preaching center is to bring devotees together for enlivening association and help each other in our spiritual lives. Second objective is to distribute Prasadam, Harinama, and Books. 

To soften the heart of the masses the weapon of choice will be "Distribution of Prasadam" in mass quantities to have the maximum impact.

Let us move in a positive, constructive, and practical way to make Srila Prabhupada most famous and respected person in the world, his books a desired food for the heart and minds of the people, and Lord Krishna a household deity in every town and village.
I have found 65,000 sf land across a High School in Dallas for only $39,000. That is a lot of land.
Back side are brand new houses - some sold and some for sale.  One side is an apartment complex and other side is High School Parking Lot.

Across the street is a very big High School Compound ( 1/4 mile x 1/2 mile)

Only a mile away from the freeway.
Mixed neighborhood - spanish, black, and white.  

Neighborhood consists of small single story houses. It is lot better than ISKCON Dallas Neighborhood.

Let us come together, cooperate, and move forward in decisive way.

Please contact me at gordhan_goyani@yahoo.com for details.

Wishing You All Well,

YHS - Gadadhar Dasa

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