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Srila Prabhupada on the Power of the maha mantra

Athopaspṛśya salilam: this mantra weapon is so strong that it can be manufactured simply by touching water with mantra. Just like we take mantra, apavitrah pavitro va sarvavasthaṁ gato 'pi va yah smaret puṇḍarikakṣaṁ sa bahya. The same process. Do not think that it is some ritualistic external. No. It has got meaning. If you can chant the mantra properly, if you follow the rules and... You must be expert in chanting mantra. Hare Krishna mantra we are chanting, and haridasa ṭhakura is also chanting. So haridasa ṭhakura, how advanced he was just imagine. He was a young man, and a very nice, beautiful prostitute came there at dead of night, wanted to enjoy his company, and he said simply, "very good idea. Please sit down. Let me finish my hare Krishna mantra." is it possible for ordinary man? No. It is not possible. That means he was expert, he was advanced. Caitanya mahaprabhu has advised, iha haite sarva-siddhi haibe tomara. Caitanya mahaprabhu has said, "simply by chanting you'll get all success of life." sarva-siddhi. It is caitanya mahaprabhu's blessing. Iha haite sarva-siddhi haibe tomara. By simply chanting one gets the highest perfection. That is caitanya mahaprabhu's blessing and gift. So we should be very careful and follow the regulative principles. Then automatically you'll be perfect. There is no doubt about it. Mantra... Just like sometimes the snake-charming mantra can be purchased in the market. But if you do not make yourself perfect about chanting the mantra, it will not be effective.
I'll give you one practical instance. It is not a story; it is a fact. It was spoken... Perhaps some of you know that my friend who came here, dr. Ghosh. He told me when they were students, there was a case. In lucknow university they were students. So there is a big building, and two, three snake-biting case happened. So some snake charmer was invited to find out the snake and take him. So he came. He came and took it away, the snake. Then this dr. Gosh and his class friends, they were medical students. Naturally, the so-called modern scientist, they do not believe in all these things. So they became very inquisitive. All of them went to that snake charmer-he was a muhammadan gentleman. So he knew that "these students, medical students, they have come to see the fun how the snakes are charmed." so he (they) inquired, "what is the matter? What is the magic that you can catch up snake and the snake cannot do any harm to you?" so he said it is possible by mantra. By mantra it can be done. So they challenged, "oh, your snakes, i think they are poisonless and they cannot bite. There is no poison. The poison teeth, the fang, is taken away." "no, no. They have got everything." so he took one and showed that "here is..." so to make a fun... He had many snakes. He let them all come out from the box. And immediately all over the courtyard, just like courtyard, they began to run over, and all these medical students, they became afraid. They were fleeing this side, that side, that side. So the charmer said, "don't be afraid. So long i am here they'll not bite you."
So this was spoken by dr. Ghosh, a personal experience. The mantra has got so much power. But not that you purchase the mantra and chant. That will not. You have to make it perfect. There is process, how to become perfect in chanting the mantra. Similarly... It is an ordinary, material mantra. This spiritual mantra... I have already explained. This hare Krishna mantra is spiritual mantra. It is not material. Therefore i've already explained, golokera prema-dhana hari-nama-saṅkirtana. It is not ordinary sound vibration, material sound vibration, radio. No. Spiritual. Golokera prema-dhana. So if we actually chant this hare Krishna mantra properly, without any offense, then once chanting is sufficient to make you free from the reaction of all sinful life. Once chanted. There is no question of chanting thousand times. It is said, eka hari-name jato papa hare, papi haya tato papa karibare nare(?). Once chanting of hare Krishna mantra can vanquish so many, so much accumulated reaction of sinful life that a first-class papi or a very expert papi, he cannot commit so many papa. You see. It is so powerful. So if we chant it properly, this chanting, daśa-vidha, ten offenses, without offenses... Nama-aparadha-śūnyam. Without any nama-aparadha, if we chant according to the principle, then the mantra will act. Mantra will act in so nicely that the mantra will keep you always in touch with the supreme personality of godhead. That is the power of mantra. Don't think it is a hobby or it is something superfluous. No. Actually, this mantra, Krishna, hare Krishna, Krishna himself.
So if you are allowed to keep yourself constantly in company with Krishna, then just imagine what is your position. If you keep yourself always near the fire, certainly you shall remain warm; there will be no attack of cold or anything like that. So if we constantly chant hare Krishna mantra, then we are not in this material world. But if we purposely again come to the material world... That independence we have got. But if we chant hare Krishna mantra according to the instructions... Saṅkhya-pūrvaka-nama-gana-natibhih. We have to practice. Because gosvamis, they kept a number, a numerical strength. Haridasa ṭhakura kept the biggest. Others, they also kept, but not so big. But according... Because, just like rūpa gosvami, he had to write so many books, so he was not keeping such a big number as three lakhs. But there was some numerical... Similarly, we must have some numerical strength. And we have minimized. I know that you are coming from a different source, so according to time, according to circumstances... Even there, there is no limit. You can chant more than sixteen-sixteen hundred times. There is no... But practically we see that even chanting sixteen rounds becomes difficult. So don't try to imitate, but do it properly, what is advised by your spiritual master, without any offense. That mantra will save you from the dangers of maya. That's a fact.
You see he manufactured this deadly weapon. It is material. Still, it is so deadly weapon, brahmastra. He was not working in a laboratory, finding out so many chemicals to make an atomic nuclear weapon. Simply water. You see. Here it is said, atha upaspṛśya salilam. Just like we do, oṁ apavitrah pavitro va sarvavasthaṁ gato 'pi. Then if we do it properly, then it has got immense potency. Immense potency.
(SB 1.7.20-21 Vrindavan Sept 17, 1976)


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