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Photo Essay-Your Morning Oatmeal-from field to bowl

Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Below you will find a very informative photo story on how to make your own oatmeal--
Thats right-from growing the oats, to cutting them, to threshing them, separating chaff from grain, and finally rolling them flat for cooking.Everything you need to know, is below...

We begin with our small oat field out back, sown with hulless oats (this is important), wait a few months for them to grow, then cut them with a hand sickle, dry them for a day or two in the sun, thresh them in our homemade thresher machine,(this can also be done by hand if you dont have such a handy machine), then separate the grains from the hulls (chaff) with a fan (or wind power if you prefer), then flatten them inside your ashram or house with the grain roller. The oat flakes can then be cooked for about 5 minutes with other pleasurable additions like sesame seeds, sunflowers seeds, raisins, cinnamon and ghur (raw Indian sugar) . This tasty and nutritious foodstuff alone gives so much energy to the body I was told, that the work gangs that built the railroads across America were fed this every day because it gave them so much energy. And since I eat it every day, I know this to be a fact. " ... annand bhavani bhutani" (Bhagavad gita)--all living beings subsist on food GRAINS.

For those who are somewhat serious about self sufficiency and independance, from the gross materialistic lifestyle, this is one of the more important things to do. Its very practical and more than that, ordered by the Supreme Being Himself.
Don't brush this one off--its full of important information...

Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das

Below in the first picture is one of our small experimental grain fields-this one is hulless oats.

After cutting the grain with a small hand sickle, I lay it out to dry for a day or two.
Below is about half of what I grew this past summer, which will provide us for a year
of morning oatmeal.

Next I push it all into the hopper of the converted garden chipper, which now acts like
a small thresher for all my grains.(someone gave me this)

next I winnow it or separate the grain from the chaff. This is usually done in the wind in
India, but hey, we are here in the west, and the electricity always works !!

The finished product--hulless oats for a hardy breakfast meal all yearlong !!!

the last thing, is one has to grind the oat groats (seeds) flat for a quicker cooking
oatmeal. This handly little machine grinds all types of grain into flakes or flour.

Here is the internet link for this hand crank garin roller if you want to have one yourself
(my thanks to Vyapaka prabhu for this info)

And here is the name of the company and phone number of where to buy hulless oats.
Falk's Seed Farm--320-875-4341

below are several statements by Srila Prabhupada which clearly detail the Vedic outline
for all human society as to how to live in this world very nicely, easily,happily, and advance in
spiritual life as well.

731125SB.LON Lectures
Just see how the economic problems will be solved
simply by one movement, this Krsna consciousness movement. Try to
understand. Mahi.[earth] Because mahi will produce everything. Just like here
in this Letchmore Heath there are so many, so much land lying vacant.
You produce you own food. Why you are going to London, to the
factories? There is no need. This is wrong civilization. Here is land.
You produce your food. If you produce your food, there is no need of
going hundred miles, fifty miles on your motorcycle or motor to earn
your livelihood. Why? There is no need. Then you require petrol. And
petrol there is scarcity. Then you require so many parts, so many That
means you are making the whole thing complicated unnecessarily.
Unnecessarily. There is no need. Simply you keep to the land and
produce your food, and the cows are there. They will supply you milk.
Then where is your economic problems. If you have sufficient grains,
sufficient vegetables, sufficient milk from the land where you are
living, where your economic problem? Why you should go to other place?
That is Vedic civilization. Everyone should remain in the spot and
produce everything as he requires, and God will help you. Because you
can produce from the land anywhere. The rainfall is there. If you have
got land and the rainfall is regular, then you can produce anything.
Kamam vavarsa parjanyah. And how the rainfall will be possible? How
regular rainfall? That is described in the Bhagavata. Yajnad bhavati
parjanyah parjanyad anna-sambhavah ....

3 August, 1975
Letter to Mahamsa Swami

"The village organization is that the local people produce their necessities like grain, vegetables, milk, and cloth; and for recreation they have the chanting of Hare Krishna. They should live there comfortably and have spiritual recreation. They should not come to the cities.

I wish to introduce this ideal now. Then if we are successful this cheating civilization will stop. They have made these cities as hell. If people do not cooperate with them, then how will the factories run on? And, if the people are satisfied by this arrangement, then what will the communists do?"
►720527SB.LA Lectures
... you can say that "If we are engaged in real business, then how the
economic question will be solved? We have to work." That's all right,
you work. But ... there is milk, there is fruit, there is flower.
Anywhere, you can live peacefully. Whole economic question is solved.

►750403mw.may Conversations
Prabhupada: Yes. Why don't you solve? There are so many land. Come
here and grow food. Grow fruit. That is... That is the desire of
Krsna. Annad bhavanti bhutani. Produce food and ... ask, "You have to
pay this price." And you have to pay. And if you grow your own food,
there is no such question. The simple economic problem, solution, this
rascal cannot take…..

►750801SB.NO Lectures
... a nice place. And the grhasthas may come here, have some small
cottage, and grow your own food grains, vegetables, and have your
cow's milk. Get nice foodstuff, save time. Why should you go ... and
again hundred miles come back and take unnecessary trouble? Stick to
this spot and grow your own food, your own cloth, and live peacefully,
save time, chant Hare Krsna. Very nice program. …….

►751002SB.MAU Lectures
... I see in your this Mauritius land, you have got enough land to
produce food grains. You produce food grain. I understand that instead
of growing food grains, you are growing sugar cane for exporting. Why?
And you are dependent on food grains, on rice, wheat, dahl. Why? Why
this attempt? You first of all grow your own eatables. And if there is
time and if your population has got sufficient food grains, then you
can try to grow other fruits and vegetables for exporting. The first
necessity is that you should be self-sufficient. That is God's
arrangement. Everywhere there is sufficient land to produce food
grains, not only in your country. I have traveled all over the
world--Africa, Australia, and other, in America also. There are so
much land vacant that if we produce food grains, then we can feed ten
times as much population as at the present moment. There ... purnam
adah purnat purnam udacyate, purnasya purnam adaya purnam
evavasisyate. If we don't produce food grain--you require it--and put
unnecessarily men into scarcity, that is sinful. ………….

690323LE.HAW Lectures
We have created a civilization that one must earn thousands of dollars, then he can
live like a gentleman. Is that successful life? And for earning that
thousands of dollars he has to work so hard, just like animal, beast.
No. That is not successful life. Successful life is that, that we
should make our bodily necessities of life as far as required, not
more than that. I want to eat something. God has given sufficient
food. You grow. You live anywhere. You grow foodstuff. You grow
grains. You grow fruits. You grow vegetables. Keep cows. Take milk.
You can live anywhere. You haven't got to go fifty miles off with a
car to attend your office at six o'clock with velocity of hundred
miles' speed. Is that successful life, do you think? So where is
successful life? We are proposing successful life.

730722rc.lon Conversations
Prabhupada: And yajnad bhavati parjanyah. And when we regularly
perform yajna, then there is regular cloud in the sky. And when there
is cloud in the sky, there is regular rainfall, and when there is
regular rainfall, there is sufficient production of food grains,
fruits and other vegetables so that both the animal and the human
beings, they eat sufficiently, they grow strength, they become happy
and again perform yajna. And the animals supply, the cow supplies
milk. In this way, the whole society becomes happy. These are the
prescriptions, or directions, given by the Vedic literature. So if
people take advantage of this instruction, as you have mentioned in
your article "The Great Seers," so if we follow their instruction, the
whole history of the human being can be changed. There is no
difficulty. But whether the people will accept or not, that is the
business of the leaders of the society.

751028mw.nai Conversations
Prabhupada: If you open farm for financial help, then it will not be
successful. You should take to farming for supporting yourself. That's
all. Grow your own food. Grow your own cloth. There is no need of
financial help from outside. You get your food grains sufficiently,
rice, dahl, wheat, vegetables, milk, sugar. Bas You get everything.
From these five, six items you should be economically free. That you
have to do, not for trade to get money. Then it will be failure.

740314mw.vrn Conversations
Prabhupada: Business means if you have got extra grains or extra
foodstuff, you can sell where there is necessity, there is want. That
is business. We are not going to open mills and factories and... No.
We are not going to do that. That is sudra business. The real business
is that you produce enough food grains, as much as possible, and you
eat and distribute. That's all. This is business. He does not require
any so high technical education. Anyone can till the ground and grow
food. Is it difficult? This is the business. The first thing is that
everyone, man and animal, especially the cows, they must be properly
fed so become very stout and strong. Cows will supply milk, and man
will work hard, without being suffered by dysentery. He must work
hard. Any capacity. Work as a teacher or work as a ksatriya, work as a
ploughman. Or work as general assistant. He must work. Everyone should
be employed. And his employment will be provided from any of these
groups, according to his capacity. Either as a brahmana, or as a
ksatriya, or as a vaisya, or as a sudra.

751019mw.joh Conversations
Lazy intelligent means brahmana, and busy
intelligent means ksatriya. So the catur-varnyam maya srstam. The
society should be divided into four classes. The sudras, they are busy
fools. Therefore they are to be guided. They are to be guided. If
there are, hundred workers are there, then one leader must be there to
give the direction: "Why you are doing this? Why you don't do this?"
Otherwise he'll create havoc. Busy fool. So the whole world is full of
busy fools. That's all. In the Bhagavad-gita you will find that for
brahmana, samo damah satyam saucam titiksa arjavam, jnanam vijnanam
astikyam brahma-karma sva... There is no recommendation that "You work
hard day and night." The brahminical qualification is controlling the
senses, controlling the mind, truthful, clean, knows everything
nicely, practical application of the knowledge, full faith in sastra
and Bhagavan. Jnanam vijnanam astikyam. These things are recommended,
not that a brahmana should become very busy whole day and night for
getting food. So sastra says, "There is no use of becoming busy for
your food. Food is there already." Food is already there. He'll get
his food. That is arrangement by God. But they are busy fool. They do
not understand the God's arrangement. Only for food they are busy
whole day and night like cats and dogs. Now this land is there. You
can... Everyone can grow food if he works for two months. Everyone can
grow his whole year's foodstuff. There is so much land. But no,
they'll not grow food. They will grow hammer, manufacturing it. You
see? Tire tube, then atom bomb, then this and that. They are busy.
They are busy fool. Actually they are fools, and they are very busy.
Everyone is busy. There are so many parts in the motorcar, three
thousand part, and they are busy in manufacturing three thousand parts
of motor parts. So everyone is busy in producing things unwanted. But
they have created a society in such a way that they have to do that.

Prabhupada: Yes. Farm project is very nice. Krsna gives.
Krsi-go-raksya-vanijyam vaisya-karma svabhava-jam. This is economic
problem solved. And brahmana, brain problem solved, and ksatriya,
protection problem solved, and sudra, labor problem solved. Four
things combined together, live peacefully, happily. Chant Hare Krsna.
Introduce this farm project. In America there is enough scope. So much
land is lying vacant

As Krsna says, catur-varnyam maya srstam guna-karma. There must be ideal
brahmana, ideal ksatriya, ideal vaisya, as Krsna says. That is Krsna
consciousness movement. It is all-inclusive. Economic question? Annad
bhavanti bhutani. Grow food. Practical. Just like when I was going to
the pandals, millions of clerks were coming--"Education. Educated."
And who is growing food? And they have to be provided in these pigeon
holes and depend on ration. Is that civilization? And throngs of
people are coming, just like machine, ants. Ants are coming. I saw
like that. And go to the village side--all vacant land. Nobody's
interested to produce food. Everyone is interested to live within the
city, in these pigeonholes, and go to the cinema and go to the
brothel, go to the club and learn how to drink, how to become
gentleman. Is that civilization? Human life's aim is lost. You do not
know why you are going to the office, why you are eating, why you
are... Keeping them all pet animal's mentality, doggish mentality.

SB 7.14.5 P Ideal Family Life
A wise man, however, learns from the sastras and
guru that we living entities are all eternal but are put into
troublesome conditions because of associating with different ... under
the laws of material nature. He therefore concludes that in the human
form of life he should not endeavor for unnecessary necessities, but
should live a very simple life, just maintaining body and soul
together. Certainly one requires some means of livelihood, and
according ... is the basic principle of Vedic civilization. One
should be satisfied with whatever means of life comes automatically.
The modern materialistic civilization is just the opposite of the
ideal civilization. Every ... the so-called leaders of modern society
invent something contributing to a cumbersome way of life that
implicates people more and more in the cycle of birth, death, old age
and disease.


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