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One MOON-is what Prabhupada wants

So if each and every man becomes like that... Of course, it is not expected that each and every man will become like that. At least, ten
percent of the population become Krsna consciousness--there is guarantee, peace in the world. Because ekas candra... We do not
require many moons in the sky. Only one moon is sufficient to drive away the darkness. Varam eka guni putra na ca murkha-satair api.
Canakya Pandita says, "It is better to have a qualified son than to have hundreds of fools." So the modern civilization is going on in
that way, godless civilization. If some percentage of the civilized human beings become Krsna conscious, that will bring forth peace.
Otherwise it is not possible.
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making any addition, alteration. Therefore I ... or alteration. And I see practically it has become successful. I have not bribed so many
Europeans and Americans. I am poor Indian. I came to America with forty rupees with me, and now I possess forty crores. So there is no magic. So this is the secret,... become guru honestly... If you want to cheat, that is another thing. There are so many cheaters.
People also want to be cheated. As soon as we say that "If you ... if I would have cheated like that. But I do not want that. I want one
student who follows my instruction. I don't want millions. Ekas candras tamo hanti na ca tara-sahasrasah. If there is one moon in the
sky, that is sufficient for illumination. There is no need of millions of stars. So my position is that I want to see that at least one
disciple has become pure devotee. Of course, I have got many sincere and pure devotees. That is my good luck. But I would have been
satisfied if I could find out one only. There is no need of so-called millions of stars.
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Prabhupada: (Hindi) If you agree to cooperate with me, you'll see immediately. Because I want to deliver the real thing, therefore in my
feeble health I am prepared to go. If one man can understand, that I want to see. I am traveling all over the world to see that at least
one man may understand. They have spoiled the whole situation by misinterpreting, by malinterpreting, and by bringing some rascal and pose as leader. The whole world is spoiled. If you want to preach some rascal philosophy, you do. Why you take Bhagavad-gita? That is cheating.

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