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Which do we want? the Carrot (Mango) or the Stick??

Hare Krsna

Below are 3 different things Srila Prabhupada tells us--

1) Work in this world, clearly defined according to a Sanskrit verse in SB

2) How to avoid the worst of it and lastly,

3) How to really Enjoy Life !!

please read on if you are even remotely curious how to do it...

1)...720907SB.NV Lectures
Here it is said, dharmasya hy apavargyasya. Hy apavargyasya,
apavarga. This pavarga I have explained several times. In Sanskrit
grammar there are vargas, ka-varga, ca-varga, ta-varga, ta-varga,
pa-varga--five vargas
. So pa-varga means pa pha ba bha ma, five
letters. Pa means parisrama, hard labor. And pha means foaming.
Because when you work very hard, from your mouth some foam comes out.
Sometimes we see in the body of the horse, or any animal. Pa, pha, ba.
Ba means vyarthata, frustration. Instead of, in spite of working very
hard, there is frustration in this material world. Pa, pha, ba, bha.
Bha means bhaya, fearfulness. Although I am working very hard, still,
I am fearful what will happen. I am not sure that things will be done
properly, in spite of my working very hard. Pa, pha, ba, bha, and ma.
Ma means mrtyu, death. Working so hard, day and night, and still,
there is death.
Working so hard... The scientific world is working so
hard, but the scientist is dying himself. He cannot stop death. He can
create some atom bomb to kill, but he cannot create anything which
will stop death. That is not possible. Therefore, this pa, pha, ba,
bha, ma, these five letters represent five kinds of our activities in
this material world.

So apavarga, dharmasya hy apavargyasya. To make it nullified. No
more hard labor, no more frustration, no more fearfulness, no more
death. That is real problem. So to become religious, dharmic, means
how to nullify these five principles of material existence.
In the
material world, you have to work very, very hard. You cannot think
that "Oh, I am so great man. I'll not work." Na hi suptasya simhasya
pravisanti mukhe mrgah. Suppose the lion... Lion is supposed to be the
king of the forest. Still, he has to work. It is not that a lion will
sleep, and some animal will come, "My dear lion, please open your
mouth. I shall enter." (laughter) That is not possible.
Even he is
most powerful, even if he is... Just like your President. He is most
powerful man, but he's working hard, more than asses and hogs, to get
the post of presidency. So parisrama...
So nobody can say that "Without working hard, I shall achieve
something." That is not possible. But our tendency is that we do not
wish to work
; therefore, at the end of the week, we take some, I mean
to say, leisure, go out of the city, and try to forget all our hard

labor throughout the week. But on Monday, again we have to come back.
This is going on. Nobody actually... Because a living entity by
nature, being part and parcel of God, he wants also enjoy life without
work. That is his tendency. Just like Krsna.
Krsna is enjoying with
gopis, with Radharani. But He's not working. He hasn't got to work. We
don't hear from Bhagavatam, any Vedic literature, that Krsna has a
great factory, and He has to go office at ten o'clock, and then bring
money, and then enjoy with Radharani. No. (laughter) We don't want
that such kind of rascal God. (laughter) We want God who hasn't got to
work anything. That is God. Na tasya karyam karanam ca vidyate. That
is the Vedic information. God has nothing to do.
2)...751019mw.joh Conversations
These things are recommended,not that a brahmana should become very busy
whole day and night for getting food. So sastra says, "There is no use of becoming busy for
your food. Food is there already." Food is already there. He'll get
his food. That is arrangement by God. But they are busy fool. They do
not understand the God's arrangement. Only for food they are busy
whole day and night like cats and dogs.
Now this land is there. You
can... Everyone can grow food if he works for two months. Everyone can
grow his whole year's foodstuff. There is so much land. But no,
they'll not grow food. They will grow hammer, manufacturing it. You
Tire tube, then atom bomb, then this and that. They are busy.
They are busy fool. Actually they are fools, and they are very busy.
Everyone is busy. There are so many parts in the motorcar, three
thousand part, and they are busy in manufacturing three thousand parts
of motor parts. So everyone is busy in producing things unwanted. But
they have created a society in such a way that they have to do that.
Indian man (1): Otherwise they think that they not economically
Prabhupada: Huh? What is that economical progressing? So that means
busy fool. Fool, they do not know how to satisfy the economic problem.
That is recommended in the Bhagavad-gita, annad bhavanti bhutani: You
grow food grains. Then all economic question...
But why you are not
producing food grains? Why you are producing iron stools and
instruments and motor and tire and collecting petrol far away from
Arabia? That is... Krsna never says that "You do all this nonsense."
He said, "Grow food grains." Why don't you do that? That means fools.

After all, you have to eat. So you are not busy in growing your food,
but you are busy in producing tire tubes, motor cars, stools and
instruments. Then how you will get your food? Where is your economic?
First economic is, first necessity, you must eat.

3)...►SB Introduction " Creation"
... the house of Srinivasa Thakura while sankirtana was in full swing.
He asked the devotees what they wanted to eat, and when He was
informed that they wanted to eat mangoes, He asked for a seed of a
mango, although this fruit was out of season. When the seed was
brought to Him He ... to grow out of the seed. Within no time this
creeper became a full-grown mango tree heavy with more ripened fruits
than the devotees could eat. The tree remained in Srinivasa's yard, [for more than a year]
and from then on the devotees used to take as many mangoes from the
tree as they wanted.

Conclusion from the above three things--

The first one Prabhupada explains from the Srimad Bhagavatam how this material world works. In other words, everyone has to work. But how hard or how little depends upon ones personal Dharma performed.
If one ignores the instructions of the Lord and His pure devotees, then he or she has to work very hard in this world.

The second one Prabhupada give us the solution to this work business. In two months, thats right TWO months one can grow practically all his foodstuffs for the whole year. We have done it for years and this year I am keeping track of the actual amount of time it takes me to get our gardens up and running. But I know it doesnt even take two months of constant work, actually much less, AND it is very pleasureable work. No freeways, no smog,and no mudhas to answer to as your "boss"-- none of that sort.

And lastly, the daily mango eating festival at Srivas Thakurs ashram with Lord Gaura and all His devotees.
Contrast this daily event of total Bliss,with the All Beautiful Lord Gauranga and His beautiful devotees with our daily slog to "work".
This is the (carrot) Mango I hope we will all aspire for in this lifetime. Forget the stick.....go for the mango !!!

Hari bol

your humble servant
Damaghosa das

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