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Belonging to Krsna's Family

Similarly, everything, everyone belongs to
Krsna's family, but we have to see what he's doing for Krsna. Just
like everyone is citizen of the state. Why a man is given high
position and big title? Why? Because he's recognized.
Sudama: Right.
Prabhupada: So one must give service. Simply to feel, "I belong to
Krsna's family," and doing nothing for Krsna, that is not...

Sudama: That's no good.
Prabhupada: That's no good. That is not good. That means he'll... Very
soon he'll again forget Krsna. He'll again forget Krsna.
Sudama: Actually, the other element is so powerful. These people here,
because, even though they are part of Krsna's family, but because they
have forgotten, then we become influenced by their forgetfulness
Prabhupada: Yes. Forgetfulness means maya.
Sudama: Yes.
Prabhupada: Maya is nothing. It is a forgetfulness. That's all. It has
no existence. Forgetfulness, it does not stand. But so long it is
there, it is very troublesome.
Sudama: I've been asked a question by some devotees sometimes that
they don't feel happy. So even if they are unhappy, mentally, should,
they still should continue in Krsna consciousness. I tell them, even
if one is unhappy...
Prabhupada: But you should show example. If you show example different
way, how they will follow you?
Sudama: Yeah.
Prabhupada: Example is better than precept. Why you are living
Sudama: Well, I...
Prabhupada: (break) ...last time I was so much deteriorated in health,
I had to leave this place. That does not mean I'll leave the Society.
I went to India and (sic:) recupitated. Or came to London. That's all
right. So health may be sometimes... But that does not mean we shall
give up the Society. If my health is unsuitable here, I go... I have a
hundred centers. And you'll not go out of this universe for your
health recouping. You have to remain within the universe. Then why do
you go out of the Society? (break) ...Sri Narottama dasa Thakura. We
have to live with devotees. Why I left my family? Because they were
not devotees
. Therefore I come... Otherwise, in old age, I would have
been comfortable. No. We should not live with the nondevotees, may be
family men or anyone.
Just like Maharaja Vibhisana. Because his
brother was not devotee, he left him, left him. He came to Ramacandra.
Vibhisana. You know that?
Sudama: Yes.
Hrdayananda: So Prabhupada, it says that a sannyasi should live alone.
That means only with devotees.
Prabhupada: Who...! Where it is said sannyasi should live alone?
Hrdayananda: I mean, sometimes in your books.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Hrdayananda: Sometimes in your books. So that means with devotees.
Prabhupada: In general, sannyasi may live alone. But sannyasi's duty
is to preach.
Sudama: That I don't ever want to stop.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Sudama: I don't ever want to stop preaching.
Prabhupada: Yes. Well, preaching, you cannot manufacture preaching.
You must do preaching according to the principles ordered by your
spiritual master. You cannot manufacture your own way of preaching.
That is required. There must be some leader. Under the leadership.
Yasya prasadad bhagavat... Why it is said? Everywhere, in the office,
there is some immediate boss. So you have to please him. That is
service. Suppose in office, in a department there is office
superintendent. And if you do in your own way, "Yes, I'm doing my
business," and the office superintendent is not pleased, do you think
that kind of service is nice? No. Similarly, we have got, everywhere
we have got immediate boss. So we must work. That is systematic. If
everyone manufactures, invents his own way of life, then there must be

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