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the karma of taking that which does not belong to us-SP

741029SB.MAY                   Lectures                 
   Besides that, as soon as one is born, he becomes debtor to so many

devarsi-bhutapta-nrnam pitrnam
                    na kinkaro nayam rni ca rajan
                   sarvatmana yah saranam saranyam
                    gato mukundam parihrtya kartam

We become debtor to the demigods as soon as we are born on this earth.
As a human being, not as cats and dogs
. Cats and dogs, they are not
debtor to anyone because they have no sense, nonsense. So first of all
we become debtor to the demigods--the sun, moon, the Indra, Candra and
many others. So how we become debtor? Because the sun is giving
sunshine. We are taking advantage of the sunshine. Unless there was
sunshine, you could not live even. Sunshine is so important
. It is
said that little this side or that side of the orbit of the sun makes
the whole world frozen or blazing. Sun is so important thing. It has
got an orbit. Yasyajnaya bhramati sambhrta-kala-cakro govindam
adi-purusam tam aham bhajami. Sun is very powerful planet, very
important planet, of all the other planets. Raja, it is the king of

planets. Yac-caksur esa savita sakala-grahanam raja: the sun is the
king of all planets. Because without sun all planets will be frozen,
or if the sun becomes too much bright, then everything will be ablaze.
At the last stage of annihilation the whole universe will be ablaze by
the scorching heat of the sun, and then there will be torrents of
rain. For one hundred years the whole universe will remain ablaze. And
then for one hundred years there will be heavy rain. In this way the
creation will be annihilated.
   So we are so much indebted to the sun, to the moon, to the heavenly
king, because they are supplying our necessities. The Indra sends the
cloud. By the electrical action... We have got experience. And the
cloud gives you sufficient rain
. Ghanavad vatarhit(?). Most
munificent. The cloud gives you rain even where you do not require. On
the hill you do not require, on the ocean you do not require, but when
there is cloud, there is no miserly behavior. "Take even samudra, you
take." Therefore one who is very charitable and munificent, he's
compared with the cloud. If you want to sprinkle water even a few
yards, you have to take so much trouble. But you see the cloud
distributes rain like anything. More than sufficient. Even on the
hill, even on the sea. So we are indebted to the demigods. Just like

water department. You have to pay tax. Or the light department, you
have to pay tax. If you don't pay the bill of the electrical
department, it will be cut off, will be discontinued. But we are not
paying any bill to the sun-god. Just see
. We are taking advantage of
the sunshine, but what payment we are paying? Nothing. Therefore this
yajna is recommended.
Saha-yajnah prajah srstva, in the Bhagavad-gita
it is said. Saha-yajnah prajah srstva. You are born with the
responsibility of performing yajna
. If you perform yajna or if you
perform sacrifice in the name of Surya, in the name of Candra, in the
name of Indra, Vayu, then they will be pleased and will give you
regular sunshine, regular moonshine, regular rain. Then you'll be
happy. Therefore in the Vedas this deva-yajna is recommended.

...So in this way, you are all indebted. You cannot take any service
from anyone without being indebted. You cannot take. You must be... So
we are becoming entangled, complicated with indebtedness. That is
called karma. If you don't pay bill, then you have to suffer. Then you
have to suffer because you are taking simply
. These rascals, they do
not know. They are so much ungrateful. They are taking milk from the
cows, and when the milk is no more supplied, "All right, send it to
the slaughterhouse." Once he has taken milk, he's indebted; again, it
is being killed by him. So how much he has become entangled in his
karma he does not know. Mudha. Duskrtino mudhah
   Those who are addicted to commit sins, they are all mudhas. They do
not know. So therefore, because they are mudhas and because they are
duskrtina, they cannot understand Krsna. ...........

730510SB.LA                    Lectures                 
   So our intelligence is, if we have to work for others and sacrifice
this body for others, why not for Krsna
? That is our philosophy. If I
am whole time, whole duration of life, I am working for others...
Others means, ultimately, my senses. The senses are others.

... Just like people, they are doing so many sinful activities for maintaining this body.

But at the ultimate analysis the body belongs to somebody else. So we are fool, that I am
doing so much sinful activities for others. This is sense. But one...
Everyone is under this ignorance. Although he is working for others,
he is thinking "I am working for myself, for my interest
." Na te viduh
svartha-gatim hi visnum. These rascals, they do not know what is
actually his self-interest. He is working for other's interest, but he
is thinking that "I am working for my interest." This is ajnana

  So therefore Yudhisthira Maharaja says, aho me pasyata ajnanam:
"Just see how much foolish I am. I am foolish, I am." This body... I
may be king, but this body, although I am king, if I do not discharge
my duties nicely, president or king or very big man, immediately votes
will be against me. So I am working for others....

 Actually, you have to work for others. That is your
business. And that other is Krsna, not this material world
. I have to
work for others. Because I am servant originally.
Jivera svarupa haya
nitya-krsna-dasa. That is the constitutional position of every living
entity, a servant. He cannot be master. If you don't become servant of
Krsna, then you have to become a servant of maya. You cannot be master
of maya. That is not possible. Master of maya is Krsna
. Mama maya.
Daivi hy esa gunamayi mama maya. A master can control maya, but we are
not master. We are servant. How we can control maya? It is impossible.
But if you become servant of Krsna, maya will not touch you
. That's
all. Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te. You cannot control
maya. That is not possible, because you are servant. If you don't
become servant of Krsna, you must become servant of maya.

a couple days ago, early morning, I was picking some tulsi manjari leaf for our Salagrams in the temple room, and saw about 4 cows ambling thru our front yard and on the road outside. It happened so fast

that I only could get a couple of shots of it. Here's one of them from the front porch... They had gotten loose and decided to go for a walk.... 

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