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The Inconceivable Power of God, Krsna--SP

Hare Krsna To All


Glories to Srila Prabhupada

 Here is a short talk where Prabhupada explains nicely howinconceivable power is inherent in God, and to a minute degreeourselves. He gives the examples of Krsna lifting a huge mountainwhen only 5 years old, Lord Rama making a miles long bridge madeour of rocks float on the ocean, and Krsna swallowing a huge forest firewhen only a small child. Let all the modern day "pseudo gods" do somethinglike this !! And this is all Myth? Then why would such great Acaryassuch as Valmiki, Vyasadev, etc., involve themselves in such useless pursuits as Myth? And then he talks about fingernails coming out of our handexactly like the previous one, all without our knowledge of how thisis taking place. Inconceivable power within us all. And withoutthe sanction of Paramatma, supersoul, we cant even exist withinthis body, what to speak of having any intelligence to do anythingor even speak. Conclusion-Ultimately all work and its accomplishments,comes from God, Krsna. Hare KrsnaDamaghosa das------------------------------------- 730517mw.la                 Conversations                335528/530501
Therefore you have to accept inconceivable power. And without
accepting this principle of inconceivable power, there is no meaning
of God
. Not like that Bala-yogi became a God. So these are for the
rascals, fools. But those who are intelligent, they will stress the
inconceivable power. Just like we accept Krsna as God--inconceivable
power. We accept Rama--inconceivable power. Not so cheaply. One rascal
comes and says, "I am incarnation of God." Another rascal accepts. It
is not like that. "Ramakrishna is God." We do not accept. We must see
the inconceivable mystic power.
Just like Krsna, as a child, lifted a
hill. This is inconceivable mystic power. Ramacandra, He constructed a
bridge of stone without pillar. The stone began to float: "Come on."
So that is an inconceivable power
. And because you cannot adjust this
inconceivable power, when they are described, you say, "Oh, these are
all stories." What is called? Mythology.
But these great, great sages,
Valmiki and Vyasadeva and other acaryas, they simply wasted their time
in writing mythology? Such learned scholars? And they have not
interpreted that it is mythology. They have accepted it as actual
There was forest fire. All the friends and cowherd boys, they
became disturbed. They began to see towards Krsna: "Krsna, what to
do?" "All right." He simply swallowed up the whole fire. This isinconceivable mystic power. That is God.
Aisvarya-vairagya-yaso-'vabhodha-virya-sriya. These six opulences in
full. That is God. That inconceivable power, inconceivable energy or
mystic power, we have got also. Very minute quantity. So many things
are going on within our body. We cannot explain
. The same example. My
nails are coming exactly in the form. Although it is spoiled by
disease, again it is coming. I do not know what machinery is going on,
and the nail is coming, exactly fitting the position and everything.
That is coming from my body. So that is mystic power. Even it is
mystic power for me and to the doctors, everyone... They cannot
Krsna-kanti: The doctors are marvelling at the complex nature of the
human brain. They are amazed.
Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. But they are rascal. It is not the brain that is
working. It is the spirit soul that is working
. The same thing: the computer machine. The rascal will think that a computer machine is
working. No. The man is working. He pushes the button, then it works
Otherwise, what is the value of this machine? You keep the machine for
thousands of years, it will not work. When another man will come, put
the button, then it will work. So who is working
? The machine isworking or the man is working? And the man is also another machine.
And it is working due to the presence of Paramatma, God. Therefore,
ultimately, God is working
. A dead man cannot work. So how long a man
remains living? So long the Paramatma is there, atma is there
. Even
the atma is there, if Paramatma does not give him intelligence, he
cannot work.
Mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca. God is giving me
intelligence, "You put this button." Then I put this button. So
ultimately Krsna is working
. Another, untrained man cannot come and
work on it because there is no intelligence. And a particular man who
is trained up, he can work. So these things are going on. Ultimately
comes to Krsna. What you are researching, what you are talking, that
is also Krsna is doing. Krsna is giving you in... You, you prayed for
this facility to Krsna. Krsna is giving you. Sometimes you find
accidentally the experiment is successful. So when Krsna sees that you
are so much harassed in experimental, "All right do it." Just like
Yasoda Ma was trying to tie Krsna, but she could not do. But when
Krsna agreed, it was possible. Similarly, this accident means Krsna
helps you: "All right, you have worked so hard, take this result."
Everything is Krsna. Mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca. Everything is
coming from Krsna.
 below is a drawing done by my son Gaura Purnima-one of Krsna's eyes....seethe cosmos within....a tear is also falling out below....sorry, its a bad photo of a beautiful picture...

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