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Otherwise it is all Humbugism as Prabhupada calls it..

Therefore the conclusion is--Devotional service to the Lord is our real business-99% of the time. I will grant you 1% of time for the other things. At least in principle we should accept this, even if we cannot do it practically. We should accept the principle of spiritual life as the ONLY real life and material life is all temporary and miserable.
Ok, now consider these very telling letters and statements by Srila Prabhupada where he clearly tells us all,   NOT to worry about war, neighborhood fighting, rising gas prices, etc but instead we should STICK to our regular program of hearing chanting, worshipping etc--that is devotee and a person who has imbibed the essence of his teachings.  Otherwise it is all Humbugism as Prabhupada calls it..
Hari bol-hope you are well and distributing thousands of "bombs" into the laps of the conditioned souls...
Damaghosa das
Ramesvara: ...that if there is a war between Russia and America, there
would be a nuclear war and they would pollute the whole atmosphere
with radioactive particles which would kill everyone.
Prabhupada: It is already polluted.
Ramesvara: They say that this radioactive fall-out...
Prabhupada: The whole material world is polluted. Who will live here?
A little, say, twenty years before, dying. After all, you have to die,
twenty years after or twenty years before. So it is already polluted.
That is humbugism. They will die at the end, but still they are trying
to live.
(kirtana in background growing progressively louder as
Prabhupada approaches temple)
Tamala Krsna: Like they're creating their own...
Prabhupada: This is the difference between man of knowledge and
without knowledge.
A man of knowledge will think, "After all, I have
to die. So what is the difficulty, dying a few days more or before?"
That is knowledge. And those who are not in knowledge, they are afraid
of death
Best business is before the death comes let us finish our
Krsna consciousness perfectly. That is wanted. Death will come. You
cannot avoid it.
Ramesvara: They say that this radioactive fallout will pollute the air
Prabhupada: That's all right. You shall die without food. Be(cause)
after all, the death. In Bengal, it is called: more bhera ghalne (?):
"The most misfortunate thing is death." That will come. Therefore the
best intelligence is how to avoid death.
Rupanuga: Become immortal.
Prabhupada: Yes. That is real intelligence, not to be bothered by
these trifle temporary things that "I am dying twenty years before. If
the situation was better, I would have lived more twenty years." What
is this mentality?
Devotee: Back to Godhead.
Ajata-satru: Yes, we can go back to Godhead. (Prabhupada enters
temple, kirtana very loud) (end)

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