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Sri Govardhana Puja Festival-Sedro Woolley Wa 2009

Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Giri Govardhana
On sunday  Oct  18, 2009 at Sri Sri Gaura NItai Mandir in Sedro Woolley Wa, some of the local devotees observed the annual and always very blissful Sri Govardhana Puja Festival which honors the Supreme Lord, when He was only 6 or 7 years "old" by lifting the mountain Govardhana with the little finger of His left hand for 7 days thereby protecting His devotees from the unseasonal wrath of King Indra.
The kirtans were sweet, and the feast was very tasty due to the variety and nutritiousness as most of it was grown locally. Prabhupada once said, that food grown in your own garden is a hundred times better than store bought food, so we try to do that here as well. And anybody can taste the difference as there is just no comparison to fresh vegetables, grains and fruit products. Below are some pictures of our Govardhana hill with two of our Govardhana silas atop-- Sri Sri Radha Girihari Manohara
Our Govardhana Mountain was offered halava, sweet rice, pusphana rice, eggplant/pepper/tomato subji, eggplant pakoras, tomato chutney,all kind of fruits, bada, sambar, chapatis, baked parsnip roots, blueberry cobbler, slathered in whipped cream, a separate dish of only whiped cream, sweetballs with coconut , pineapple and ginger,a baked dish of pumpkin bread,and many many other preps, sorry I cant remember them all.
And the good news this year is that nobody got bit by any of the snakes on Govardhana hill-at least we have not heard of it yet....
Hari bol
Damaghosa das 
notice the cows lining up at the sweet rice kunda.....who says they dont like milk products?

watch out for Dvidvid gorilla and the snakes on Govardhana hill

thats a a yogi meditating in his cave wondering when he will ever get gulab jamuns again?

below are some nifty cups with ghee wicks that Kanhaiys family made for the
Damodara astakam offerings

Radha Giri Govardhana and a visiting Govardhana sila as well....

Yes, you guessed right--Chanting Hare Krsna here.....

offering a candle to Sri Govardhana

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