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from karma yoga to bhakti yoga with Deity seva along the way

Hare Krsna to All


Glories to Srila Prabhupada

 What follows below is a series of quotes where Srila Prabhupada tells us the difference between bhakti yoga and karma yoga. Some of us may be deluding ourselves thinking we are  completely in bhakti yoga, when in fact we may be only karmi yogis at best with a little touch of bhakti around the edges.Prabhupada explains thru Bhagavad gita teachings and his own statements (which are also sastra) that we must be very careful about day to day dealings with money, people, food, and idle talk. He gives us the idea of how everything must be used for the service of God, otherwise it will become karma bandhana-binding to us as karma, which again means rebirth. At the end of these statements we have included a few things about the importance of Deity worship which everyone, who considers himself a  devotee should be daily engaged in.    Hare Krsna Damaghosa das----------------------------------

741001SB.MAY                   Lectures                  214345/530501
Bhakti-yoga is the topmost yoga. There are different kinds of yogas:

karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, dhyana-yoga,hatha-yoga, many others.

Yoga means "contact" or "having connection." So bhakti-yoga means directly connection with Krsna, or God.

That is
bhakti-yoga. Other yogas, they are not directly connected.
   Karma-yoga... Yoga means connection with Krsna, or God, but when
there is the word karma-yoga, it is adulterated. It is not pure yoga.
Karma-yoga means,  

yat karosi yad asnasi
     yaj juhosi dadasi yat
          yat tapasyasi kaunteya
                       tat kurusva mad-arpanam That is karma-yoga. Whatever you doing... In the beginning one cannot
take to pure bhakti-yoga. Therefore karma-yoga is recommended
: "Never
mind whatever you doing. In that position you can become a devotee
Karma-yoga, that is. People are interested with different types of
work. So therefore Krsna says, yat karosi. "Never mind whatever you
are doing." So how it becomes karma-yoga? Now, kurusva tadmad-arpanam: "You give it to Me

Suppose you are doing business, and
you are earning lots of money. So Krsna says, "All right, go on. You
are attached to business. You go on doing that. But the money earned
out of your business, you give it to Me." This is karma-yoga, not that
you earn money and spend for your sense gratification.
That is not
. The rascals, they are saying this is karma-yoga. For sense
gratification they are using, and that is karma-yoga. No. That is not
karma-yoga. Here is karma-yoga: "It doesn't matter, whatever you are
doing, but the ultimate result, you give it to Me."

In another place, Krsna says, karmany evadhikaras te ma phalesu
kadacana: "You can go on. You can go on with your business, but don't
expect the fruit of the business
." Ma phalesu. He indirectly says,
"The fruit should be given to Me." Ma phalesu kadacana: "Don't expect
the fruit." Suppose you grow a nice mango tree, and there will be
fruit, nice fruit. So according to Bhagavad-gita, it is said, ma
phalesu kadacana: "You don't take the fruits." "Oh? Such a nice mango
tree I have nourished in so many years. Now the fruit is there, and
Krsna says, ma phalesu kadacana: 'Don't take the fruit.' Then who will
take the fruit? It is will rot? It will fall down on the ground, and
it will rot?" No. The idea is "You don't take, but you give it to Me."
This is karma-yoga
. It is not that it should be wasted. So that is
karma-yoga. So those who are karmis, very much attached to material
activities, for them, this karma-yoga is recommended
. Some way or
other, be connected with Krsna
. It is not so meant... It is very great
achievement that you work hard earn money and give it to Krsna. That
is a great sacrifice. So by karma-yoga, also, you can satisfy...


760314mw.may                Conversations               
Acyutananda: If a man says, "I am giving you this donation because it
is a spiritual organization," but if the money is misused, does that
man benefit?
Prabhupada: If money is misused, then both of them become implicated.
If it is not used for Krsna, then both of them becomes under the laws
of karma.-------------------------

NBS 13 P                 Narada-bhakti-sutra             
   If a diseased person is being cured of the symptoms of his disease
but does not care for the principles of healthy living, there is every
possibility of a relapse. Similarly, the neophyte devotee serious
about advancing in devotional service must carefully follow the
principles of regulative devotional service; otherwise there is every
possibility of his falling down
. Strictly speaking, if a devotee
ignores the regulative principles and acts according to his whims--if,
for example, he does not eat krsna-prasadam but eats anywhere and
everywhere, such as in restaurants--there is every possibility of his
falling down.
If he accumulates money without spending it for
devotional service, there is every possibility of his falling down
. If
he applies his energy not in the service of the Lord but in some
material activity, there is every possibility of his falling down.
the devotee does not engage himself always in hearing and chanting the
topics of Krsna and His activities but instead indulges in idle talk,
there is every chance of his falling down
. If a neophyte devotee does
not follow the orders of the spiritual master and simply officially
sticks to the principles, or if he does not strictly follow the
principles, there is every possibility of his falling down
. To become
greedy is another cause of falldown.

And to associate with persons whoare not in devotional service is the last word in maya's allurements
for causing a devotee to fall down. 

740930SB.MAY                   Lectures     

            For common men it is recommended in the sastra that "You take your bathing
in the Ganges." That will make him pious. If he simply takes his
bathing daily, regularly, automatically he'll be pious. Or go and see
the temple and offer your obeisances. Everything will be taken
   This small boy, he has nothing, no understanding what is Krsna, but
because he's dancing, because he's chanting, sometimes he's ringing
the bell, these are pious activities. Automatically they'll do
. So
many people. Therefore temple is required. Temple is required. The
innocent persons, those who are neophyte, for them, temple worship is
essential. By seeing the Deity, by offering obeisances to the Deity,
by taking caranamrta, by ringing the bell, by dancing, by taking
little prasadam, by touching the feet of Vaisnava or touching the body
of Vais..., in this way they're getting piety. This chance is given
therefore to the ordinary... There is no question of becoming muni in
the beginning. How it, one can be? It is not possible.
   Therefore Deity worship, temple worship, essential for the common
general people. Simply by their coming, visiting and doing something,
they'll be pious
. ... -------------------------------------------------------------

 730413SB.NY                    Lectures 

                .. So we should take to this Krsna consciousness movement according to
the sastra. Sri... I am very pleased that you are doing nicely,
dressing the Deity very nicely. More and more, in this way offer Krsna
nice prasadam, nice foodstuff, nice dress. Keep the temple very clean
Sri-mandira-marjanadisu. Marjana means cleansing. Either you dress
Krsna or cleanse the temple, the effect is the same. Don't think that
"I am a cleanser and he is a dresser." No. The dresser and the
cleanser are the same.
Krsna is Absolute. In any way, be engaged in
Krsna's service. Your life will be successful. This is Krsna
consciousness movement.
  ------------------------------------------------------------March 20, 1970
Los Angeles
Letter to Rukmini,

   "Deity worship means to be very, very clean. You should try to bathe twice daily. The Deities should never be approached without having bathed first and changed to clean cloths after passing stool, etc. Keep teeth brushed after each meal, fingernails clean and trim. Be sure that your hands are clean before touching anything on the altar or the Deities.

And cleanse the Deity room, altar and floor daily thoroughly. Shine the various Aratrik paraphernalia after Aratrik. This is described in the booklet for pujaris written by Silavati Dasi. The idea is summit cleanliness--that will satisfy Krsna."

AC Bhaktivedanta Swami----------------------------------------- 


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