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"Everything is perfectly being done by nature"-SP

Hare Krsna to all


Glories to Prabhupada

 Below is part of one SB lecture by Srila Prabhuapda where he tells us of how ayurvedic  herbs can cure toothaches and practically any disease, how mass sankirtan got rid of a plague in Calcutta once,and how the chanting of the Holy name can get you anything you want, but that is nama aparadha, and not what it is intended for. Hare Krsna Damaghosa das----------------------------

730620SB.MAY                   Lectures                 
Prabhupada: So everything in nature has to give something. That is the
. Everything that we see, nadyah, the river... Why God has
created the river? It has got a function
. Similarly samudrah, the
oceans, similarly the hills, mountains, girayah, savanaspati,
vegetables. All these vegetables which are growing, each and every
vegetable, creeper, has some service, we do not know. Because we do
not know the use of these vegetables, creepers, we go to the doctor,
physician. Otherwise, if somebody is ill, the medicine is there. We do
not know how to utilize it. Still in remote villages, in forest, they
do not come to the physician, doctors
. The bils, the aborigines, they
know so many drugs. For toothache, we go to the dentist and they
extract the teeth, but I have read in Ayurvedic medicine, there is a
drug, a root. Only if you touch this side of the mouth, all the germs
collected within the teeth will come out. I have seen it. Sometimes in
the year 1931 or '32 I had a very severe tooth pain. So I was taken by
my servant in the jungle to some, this vaidya. They cured me, and the
dentist could no
t. I attended so many times to the dentist. I have got
my practical experience. And in the Ayurvedic literature there is
mention some drug, the root only if you touch here, the germs
collected in the teeth, they will come out in the corner of the teethsome germs--

sometimes it is itching; there is all germs--so they will
come out
. Sometimes pains in the toe. All they are germs. The germ
theory is all right, but they want to cure these germs in different
way. But by nature's way there are so many drugs and roots and
creepers that can cure all the diseases
   Similarly the river, the river has its function to supply water all
the year. During rainy season the water is collected on the top of the
hill. It is stocked there by God's arrangement, and they come down.
Just like we, by power pump, we get water down to the top of the roof
and stock there. Similarly, on high level of hills and mountains water
is stocked. Sometimes they are stocked in ice form, not in liquid
form. So according to the seasonal changes the ice becomes melted and
the water is supplied. It comes through the river. The same thing is
there, but because we have now turned to become demons, the river
sometimes overfloods, killing so many men and animals, at the loss.
Actually everything is meant for kamam, for supplying our necessities.
And as soon as you are disobedient to God, demons, nature will give
you punishment. Instead of supplying you water, water is there, it
will overflood. You will be in trouble
   So these rascals, they cannot see how nature is strong and it iscontrolling everything

prakrteh kriyamanani
          gunaih karmani sarvasah
     kartaham iti manyate 

Everything is perfectly being done by nature. Nature is appointed by
. Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita, mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate
sa-caracaram: "Under My control." So prakrti will work very nicely
provided you are also nice, Krsna conscious. If you are not nice, then
daivi hy esa gunamayi mama maya duratyaya
. "My maya, My prakrti, My
energy, is very strong, duratyaya." These rascals, they are trying to
control this flood, government. So much money they have wasted, but
still in this quarter there are havoc. Therefore daivi hy esa gunamayi
mama maya duratyaya. You cannot control the nature's way. That is not
   How nature can be controlled? Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam
taranti te. This is the law of nature. If you become disobedient to
God, then prakrti or nature will give you trouble in so many ways.

And as soon as you become submissive, surrender to Krsna, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, there will be no more natural disturbances
. I
have heard in 1900, 1898--I was born in 1896--so I have heard, I have
seen also, I remember, in Calcutta there was a very virulent type of
plague epidemic in 1898. So Calcutta became devastated. All people
practically left Calcutta.
Daily hundreds and hundreds of people were
dying. I was one year old or one and a half year old
. I have seen what
was happening, but there was plague epidemic. That I did not know. I,
later on, I heard from my parents. So one babaji, he organized
sankirtana, Hare Krsna sankirtana. When there was no other way, so he
organized sankirtana all over Calcutta
. And in the, in sankirtana, all
people, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi, everyone joined
. And they
were coming, they were going road to road, street to street, entering
in every house. So that Mahatma Gandhi Road, 151, you have seen. The
sankirtana party we received very nicely. There was light, and I was
very small, I was also dancing, I can remember. Just like our small
children sometimes dances. I remember. I could see only up to the
knees of the persons who were joined. So the plague subsided. This is
a fact. Everyone who knows history of Calcutta, the plague was
subsided by sankirtana movement.

Of course, we do not recommend that sankirtana should be used for
some material purpose, that is nama-aparadha, nama-aparadha
. Shama sa
bhakti kriya (?) pramana. Sankirtana, you can utilize sankirtana for
some material purpose, but that is not allowed. That is nama-aparadha,
because nama, the holy name of Krsna, and Krsna, they are identical.
You cannot utilize Krsna for your personal, material benefit. That is
Krsna is the Lord. You cannot engage the Lord for your
service. Similarly you cannot utilize the holy name of the Lord for
some material purpose. That is not allowed. So anyway, because ye
yatha mam prapadyante. If you wanted some material benefit by chanting
Hare Krsna mantra, you'll get it, but that is nama-aparadha
. You won't
get the ecstasy of loving God. That is the aim of chanting Hare Krsna
mantra: how you shall elevate yourself to the platform of loving God.
That is required. Sa vai pumsam paro dharmo yato bhaktir adhoksaje.
Not for utilizing the holy name for some material purpose. But this
happened, we have got experience, I have heard, I have seen.
   So, everything--the rivers, the seas, oceans, the mountains, the
hills, the forest, the creepers, the vegetables--sarvah kamam anvrtu,
according to seasonal changes everything has got meaning.

So if we are
, if we are, because the, just like in prison house, jail,although the prisoners are criminals, condemned, still there is
arrangement for your comfort also, by the government. There is
arrangement of supplying food and all other necessities of life.

below--garden #1 includes corn, basil, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, kohlrabi, radish, daikonradish, chards, beets, mustrad greens, dill, peas, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli,and more

here below in foreground,  is hard red winter wheat surrounded on both sides by  potato plants-8 kinds

early morning shot of garden # 3 with spuds, then wheat then spuds at the endthose two "things" poking up are platforms with radios and lights and motion detectors which go offwhen anything like coyote or elk happen to pass by-scares them off-- real good !! 

spuds and wheat

climbing pole beans, bush beans and winter squash behind them  garden # 2 

here I am, happily chanting early one morning in the greenhouse which has tomatoseggplant, peppers, and melons-I just yanked out the last of the winter/spring peas yesterday which grow along the walls

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