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Dharma without Material Motives

Srila Prabhupada:  Bhagavata says that for economic solution... religion is not meant for economic solution. Economic solution is there, either you be religious or not religious. In God's kingdom there is wheat, there is rice, there is water, rainfall, and
the production. Everything is there. There is fruit, there is flower. So either you be religious or not religious, it doesn't matter. Your
economic problem is settled already. Just like in the prisonhouse, they are all criminals. That does not mean they will starve to death.
The government has all arrangement to feed them. Similarly, although this material world is prisonhouse, all criminals are here, revolt, to
a person are here, those who do not care for God. But still, their fooding problem, their lodging problem is there by arrangement of God. Everything is there. So Bhagavata says, dharmasya hy apavargyasya nartho 'rthayopakalpate. Don't execute religious principles for making your economic problem solved. Then? "We require some money." Yes. "What for?" Narthasya dharmaikantasya kamo labhaya hi smrtah. And even if you get money, that is not for your sense gratification. Narthasya
dharmaikantasya. If you are religious, really, actually, a man of religiosity, then your money is not for sense gratification, as we are
teaching our boys. They are working hard, they are getting money and they are spending for Krsna. You see? Because they have understood that "My energy spent for Krsna's cause is really utilized. And if I utilize my energy for sense gratification, then I am cats and dogs."
... What is your main business?
Jivasya tattva-jijnasa nartho yas ceha karmabhih. Your only business is to understand what you are, what God is, what is this world, what is your relationship. This is your main business. This is your main business. Not that you earn money and employ it for sense gratification, as it is going on in this materialistic way of life.


Srila Prabhupada:  I shall give you another example. Suppose you have stolen something from somebody's house or some friends. You will not be happy, even possessing that thing, stolen property. But if someday you come to return that thing to that friend, you will be happy. What do you think, Hayagriva?
Devotee:  Yes.
Srila Prabhupada
: Yes. Then you will feel relieved. So therefore the real thing is that everything belongs to Krsna. We are artificially
enjoying the stolen property. Therefore if you go on enjoying like that, then this frustration will come.
But before coming to that
frustration, if we return this property to Krsna, then we become happy. So best thing is to return everything to Krsna. This is Krsna
consciousness. And you will not be a loser. You will be gainer, just like Bali Maharaja.
.... You have now purchase Me. You have now purchased Me. So I shall remain your doorman here, standing always to give you protection." So Krsna became purchased by him, and He remained his doorman. Just see His mercy. Dvara. Dvari. Dvari means doorman. So by serving Krsna, nobody is loser; he is gainer. He is gainer permanently, eternally. We do not know what is the value of that gain now. Because we are materially covered....
Srila Prabhupada: Spiritual master is the representative of God, or Krsna. Just like if you work in some office, so there is one head man,
representative of the proprietor of the company. You have to work under him. If you satisfy that person who is in charge of that
department, that means you are satisfying the proprietor of the company. Is it clear
? And he can give you direction how to work nicely because he's experienced. The boss. So spiritual master is external manifestation of God. God is within and without. Within, He is Supersoul. He will give you... If you are sincere, He will give you good counsel, "You do like this." You'll get dictation ... without. Within, as Paramatma, and without as spiritual master. Both ways. As soon as you are sincere, then God will send you to somebody who is His bona fide spiritual representative.... like a person going, or a boy going to a school, he's getting training in the school as well as home, both sides. Then his chance is very good. So we have to take bothwise: from inside, from outside. You are doing some things in the service of the Lord. How you'll know that you are doing it properly or improperly? This you will know from the spiritual master. If he says, "It is all right," then it is all right. If he says, "It is not good," then it is not good. Just like the same way. The officer in charge, if he is satisfied (with) your work, that means you have satisfied the government or the supreme company, arranger, with whom you have no direct connection. Yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasado. Therefore ...  And if you have not satisfied your spiritual master, then you must know that you are, what is called, there is no certainty about your whereabouts, what you are doing. Na gatih kuto 'pi. Therefore, dhyayan stuvams tasya yasas tri-sandhyam vande guroh sri-caranaravindam. So
spiritual master is necessary and his direction is necessary. That is the system of disciple succession.

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