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Deathlessness begins at initiation-SP

Hare Krsna to all


All glories to Prabhupada 
I was reading this yesterday morning in SB class---

That 11 book Set of all the SB classesis nothing short of nitya amrita--for those who constantly dive into it...

 Hari bol..Damaghosa

 740105SB.LA                    Lectures                  
   So mrtyu, death, is stopped as soon as you take Krsna consciousness
very seriously, immediately, from that moment, as soon as you are
. You promise before the spiritual master, "Yes, I am
initiated, I shall act like this," and if you follow, then your death
is stopped from that point. No more death. No more death
. Simply an
official business, just like you sleep and again you awake, similarly,
a devotee's death is like that. It is like sleeping, and next moment
in the spiritual kingdom, immediately. Immediately. When he will rise,
he will see that "I am with Krsna."
Devotees: Jaya! Prabhupada!
Prabhupada: This is the fact. So don't fall down. Don't be childish,
that "Yes, I have promised before spiritual master, before Krsna,
before fire. All right, that's all right. Let me break." No, don't do
that. Don't do that. Don't lose this opportunity. You are now on the
point of deathlessness
, but if you again commit... Bhajann apakvo 'tha
patet tato yadi. There is chance. If your execution of devotional service is not going perfectly,

so there is chance of falldown.... 

Therefore Yamaraja's duty... Yamaraja is Vaisnava. He wants to see that you do not die
again. He wants to see that you continue your deathlessness
. Now you
are engaged in krsna-kathamrtam vacah. So that is the point of... Just
like a diseased man. A diseased man, as soon as goes to the physician
and he gives the right medicine, and he takes it, that means his
diseaselessness condition has already begun
. It will take little time.
So in the meantime, in that treatment time, diseaselessness condition,
if you make another infection, that is your fault. Otherwise,
deathlessness begins from the day of initiation. Adau gurvasrayam. As
soon as you take shelter of a bona fide spiritual master, your point
of deathlessness begins immediately. Immediately
. And if you continue
the advice and instruction of the spiritual master, or the sastra,
then you become deathless. No more death. And Yamaraja wants to see
that actually you are continuing your deathlessness process. This
is... Krsna consciousness is so nice. Therefore it is advised.

 ...I am spirit soul, part and parcel of God. My only business is to
serve God, because I am part and parcel of God." Just like I have
given several times: the part and parcel of my body is this finger.
What is the duty? To serve the whole body. I ask the finger, "Come
here immediately. Do this." "Yes." Natural. If I am part and parcel of
God, then my only duty is to serve God. That's all. I have no other
 Prabhupada, our guru, pointing to the Original guru-NItyananda,who is lookingat us all...


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