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Glories of Lord Nityananda
Prabhu Avadhuta

Advaita Acarya said, "You are a reject paramahamsa, and You have accepted the renounced order of life just to fill up Your belly. I can understand that Your business is to give trouble to brahmanas."


There is always a difference of opinion between a smarta-brahmana and a Vaisnava gosvami. There are even smarta opinions and Vaisnava gosvami opinions available in astrological and astronomical calculations. By calling Nityananda Prabhu a bhrasta avadhuta (a rejected paramahamsa), Advaita Acarya Prabhu in a sense accepted
Nityananda Prabhu as a paramahamsa. In other words, Nityananda Prabhu had nothing to do with the rules governing smarta-brahmanas. Thus under pretense of condemning Him, Advaita Acarya was actually praising Him. In the avadhuta stage, the paramahamsa stage, which is the supermost stage, one may appear to be visayi, on the platform of sense
gratification, but in actuality he has nothing to do with sense
gratification. At that stage, a person sometimes accepts the symptoms and dress of a sannyasi and sometimes does not. Sometimes he dresses like a householder. We should know, however, that these are all joking words between Advaita Acarya and Nityananda Prabhu. They are not to be taken as insults. 

Madhya 3.92   Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu' s Stay

In this way, by submitting various humble requests, Advaita Acarya made Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda eat. Thus Caitanya Mahaprabhu fulfilled all the desires of Advaita Acarya.
         Again Nityananda Prabhu jokingly said, "My belly is not yet filled up. Please take away Your food. I have not taken the least of it."
      After saying this, Nityananda Prabhu took a handful of rice and threw it on the floor in front of Him, as if He were angry.
     When two or four pieces of the thrown rice touched His body,
Advaita Acarya began to dance in various ways with the rice still stuck to His body.
   When the rice thrown by Nityananda Prabhu touched His body, Advaita Acarya thought Himself purified by the touch of remnants thrown by Paramahamsa Nityananda. Therefore He began dancing.
     Advaita Acarya jokingly said, "My dear Nityananda, I invited You, and indeed I have received the results. You have no fixed caste or dynasty. By nature You are a madman.
       "To make Me a madman like Yourself, You have thrown the remnants of Your food at Me. You did not even fear the fact that I am a brahmana."
    Nityananda Prabhu replied, "These are the remnants of food left by Lord Krsna. If You take them to be ordinary remnants, You have committed an offense."         
     Srila Nityananda Prabhu continued, "If you invite at least one
hundred sannyasis to Your home and feed them sumptuously, Your offense will be nullified."
      Advaita Acarya replied, "I shall never again invite another
sannyasi, for it is a sannyasi who has spoiled all My brahminical
smrti regulations."
      After this, Advaita Acarya made the Lords wash Their hands and mouths. He then took Them to a nice bed and made Them lie down to take rest.

In The Caitanya Bhagavata by Vrndavana das Thakur and translated by Purnaprajna das,there are many stories about  Lord Nityananda and His "Unusual Ways."
While Lord Nitai was residing at Srivas Thakurs house He used to like drink Malinis breast milk, whose breasts long ago dried up since she was an older woman. But when Nitai who presented Himself like a little boy at times, got up on her lap she would breast feed Him !! Lord Caitanya told everyone present NOT to tell anyone about this incident.
Sometimes Gauranga would chastise Nitai for fitghting so much with others or causing arguments. Nitai objected saying you cannot find another person so well behaved as I Lord Gaura said No I know you very well.  Nitai said alright let me hear you point out my faults or ill behavior.  Smiling Lord Caitainya said first of all you throw rice on everyone and everywhere in Malini and Srivas's home. Lord Nityananda replied--This is the work of a madman and must be stopped. Is it that you do not want to feed me? If you want to eat everything Yourself, thats alright, but why do you defame me before everyone? Lord Caitanya said I feel ashamed to rectify your misconduct, but still I am trying to correct You.
Lord Nityananda said this is good You should always teach Me when You see Me misbehaving. You have rightly ascertained that I am  the culprit!

After saying this Lord Nityananda laughing started taking off His clothes and tied them around His head and stood naked before all.  He then pranced around while bubbling over with laughter and sometimes staggering like a drunken man.  Lord Visvambhara held Nityananda and said What are you doing? Such behavior is inappropriate in a householders residence.
You just assured me that you are not mad but then the next moment you contradicted your statement.  In this way the two Lords would jokingly interact with each Other.

One time a crow came and stole Malinis ghee jar and she cried and cried knowing her husband would be very angry.  Nitai asked Malini what was the problem  and then found that crow and asked him to return that ghee pot. He did and Malini was a bit amused. But then she said to Nitai, that You, Lord Nityananda are holding the entire universe on your hoods as Sesa Ananta, you reside in everyones heart as Supersoul, and once you even dragged the Yamuna river to You for disobeying your order, so whats so wonderful for you to make a simple crow bring back a pot of ghee?

One time Lord Gaurasundar was enjoying his wife Visnupriyas company one evening and she was feeding Him some betel nuts when Lord Nityananda showed up--naked!
Lord Gaura said-Nityananda why are you without clothes?
NItyananda replied with a smile-I am leaving today.
Lord Caitanya asked Why? Nitai said I cannot eat more. Gauranga said When I say something why do you answer with a completly different subject?  Nitai replied I want full attention. Lord Caitanya said-It is not my fault Nitai replied My Lord Sachi Devi is not here.  Lord Caitanya said Be merciful and put on your clothes. Nitai replied I will eat . So like this the two Lords joked with each other and laughed heartily.

Another time Lord Caitanya was sitting in meditation when Lord Nityanands showed up again, and again was naked.
Lord Gauranga was amused at this sight and then began to smear sandlewood paste and oils all over Nityanandas body and decorated Him  with a flower garland and quickly  took His own cloth and wrapped it around Nitai's body. Then He told all the devotees present, after asking Nitai for his kaupins, to take these kaupins and tear them into strips and wear them on your heads as they are most worshippable objects even for Lord Siva what to speak of others. One can attain the exhalted poisition of a pure devotee only by the grace of Lord Nityananda as He is the embodiment of all of Krsna Transcendental energies and Krsnas direct identical and immediate expansion.   So all of you take these strips and put them on your heads and take them home and worship them with great care and attention.
There is another pastime when Haridas Thakur and Lord Nityanada were being chased  the first time they met Jagai and Madhai and they were having a  joking conversation in which Haridas was complaining that this was his punishment for following such a madman as Nitai!!
Now he was about to be killed or at  least pounded to a pulp by these dacoit fellows just for asking them to chant  the names of Krsna! and Lord NItyananda said, hey dont blame me- its our master Lord Caitanya -He is the one who told us to go door to door and do this sankirtan business anyway!!

So, these pastimes are eternal, and are going on somewhere, eternally. Let us all pray for that day when we can see them or even take part in them!!
The Transcendental Trouble Maker Lord Nityananda KI JAYA!!! 
If you all have not noticed by now, on our altar are two vases-one on the left is labeled "trouble maker" and the one on the right side is labeled Innocent bystander-
this refers to the two Lords Nityananda and Gaurahari.
Hari bol
Damaghosa das

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