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An Appeal to Jayadvaita Swami

Jayadvaita Swami Is Not Appealing

It does not matter how many changes to Srila Prabhupada books that ISKCON and the BBT engage it. It does not matter that they may print millions of changed books. Those books have no potency whatsoever ( thank God for that ) and the evidence of such is there if one wants to see and search.
They will continue as a spoiled child continues in spite of being chastised by the learned parent. The worse thing you can do is to expose their nonsense to the world, that gives them more attention. ISKCON's changed books should and are being ignored. They are being ignored by scholars world wide and will continue to be ignored. ISKCON is hard pressed these days to get out these changed books. In fact there are a great many devotees of ISKCON gurus in Toronto who will only read and distribute the original Srila Prabhupada books.

The fact that recently ISKCON is reacting more vigorously against Srila Prabhupadas books is simply because they are loosing the battle for hearts and minds of the peoples of the world. They have no spiritual potency. The worse thing that ISKCON can do for themselves is to tell the people that Srila Prabhupada's original books are not good for them. Wanting to prevent the people of the world of having a choice of what version of Srila Prabhupadas books to read is feeding the worlds curiosity. In the short run ISKCON is closing the door to long term purchases of their "revised books" We encourage them to keep up with their high handed militaristic tactics of book banning as was similarly started in Berlin Germany May of 1933.

Investing in the stock market and precious metals to gain money for printing will soon collapse. Notice of course that always we see and hear the term "changed books" not "changed Srila Prabhupadas books"
Srila Prabhupada does not have any changed books. There are original books only and those are the books that the scholars and new disciples of Srila Prabhupada are studying and copying en masse. The original books of Srila Prabhupada are going on line as fast as possible...for free. Where on line do you get free "changed books"? You don't...so that gives you the motive...follow the money.

The BBT and ISKCON Changed Book manufacturers are simply that....manufacturers! They are interested in "manufacturing and making money" but now they are loosing money, that is their big secret. Their money will run out and their manufacturing will collapse.
I once asked the head of the BBT "Is the changed Gita from the 1972 edition as spiritually potent as the 1982 changed Gita?" His answer was "YES" So I responded...."Then why change it"?

There has always been and will continue to be interest in anything "original" by the world at large. Original artefacts, original cars, original records, photos, machines, art works of various kinds, pottery, furniture etc. People world wide in regards to books are especially very wary of the words "Abridged or Revised". Abridged or revised indicate that something is now missing
from the original, then why is there something missing? the question is asked. And where did the reviser and abridger get the right to do that?
ISKCON will continue on it's path of "revising and abridging" as long as they have the money to do so...but the money is running out folks. So pay them no mind...they love the attention. Take that energy and copy or purchase from KBI the originals anyway you can and preach from them. BBT sales are way way down, their profile is shrinking and their former supporters and even disciples are going to the original teachings and books. "ISKCON will continue to revise itself out of existence and who will ever notice their former presence"

Take heart :
"I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker."

Hellen Keller, who's books were burned by the facists in Berlin, Germany in May of 1933.
YS Hasti Gopala Dasa

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