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The Curious Story of A1 Milk

by Narasimha das

For many years devotees have wondered about the growing number of health care researchers who claim that cows' milk is unhealthy for humans and that many people are lactose intolerant and many if not most people, from all parts of the world, experience adverse health affects from drinking milk daily.

Rather than falling into the dangerous trap of thinking the Vedas and Krishna are wrong for glorifying the cow and cow's milk so highly, I have always assumed the researchers were wrong, biased, brainwashed, or motivated for some false motive. I speculated that their findings against milk were related to the fact that almost all milk drinkers are also meat and junk food eaters. Yet ongoing research has linked milk consumption directly to increased risks for heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

A few years ago in New Zealand the largest dairy farmer in NZ and Australia became convinced that milk consumption was unhealthy and that the reason was that almost all milk in modern countries came from A1 cows, rather than A2 cows, the original ancient breeds. He convinced the New Zealand Dairy Board to fund research to prove this hypothesis and to help register patents to capitalize on future A2 certification and testing procedures. Initial research conclusions and further tests by top scientists pointed to mutated protein molecules in A1 milk as the probable cause of its adverse affects on human health. Further research in nations such as Iceland, where most milk is A2, and Finland, where most milk is A1, further confirmed the hypothesis that A1 milk was the problem and that A2 milk was not only safe but could in fact reverse some of the negative affects of consuming A1 milk.

All this is described in a report called “White Mischief” that recently aired on the Documentary Channel. When the New Zealand Dairy Board was pressured by special interests in the US and Britain, they stopped funding the research. The prospect of changing the bulk of the world's milk production from A1 back to A2 was too staggering for the global dairy industry. Thus, this valuable research was shut down.. To this day, the main camps are only two: those who say all milk is good and those who say all milk is bad. The third camp, which says A1 milk is bad and original A2 milk is not only healthy but medicinal is almost unheard of.

Devotees can rest assured that A1 cows that have been genetically manipulated for centuries are the reason why so many people seem to be adversely affected by milk. Krishna's original pure breeds don't produce unhealthy milk. For obvious reasons, greedy demons aim to block this knowledge for their own convenience and profit. Other fools blame Krishna and the Vedas for promoting unhealthy habits in human society. Devotees should understand, however, that milk is the best and most versatile food, especially when it comes from breeds created by Lord Brahma rather than the American Breeders Association.

Regarding the “animal rights” zealots, they are among the worst enemies of cow protection. Their ideas that cows should not be raised for dairy and that bulls should not be used for work leads to increased cow slaughter rather than increased animal protection. Srila Prabhupada prophetically warned the leaders of NV, “If you make no arrangement to use the bull, you will make arrangement to kill it.”

My wife and I are raising A2 cows and bulls, a rare and original breed of Brahma cows from India, known as Red Sindhi. I have been involved with cows and cow protection since 1972, but I have never been around cows like these. They are incredibly beautiful, gentle, affectionate, sensitive, intelligent and peaceful. Just seeing them softens ones heart. They love their carts, cars and yokes. Oxen love to use their strength. They are most happy working hard every day. Red Sindhi milk is like ambrosia.

Regarding Western breeds, it was said in this documentary that original Guernsey cows, from Guernsey England, are mostly A2 cows. New Zealand and Australia are the only places thus far where A2 milk is available commercially, and the Dairy Board there is trying to block its sale. Many people say all their problems with milk stopped immediately when they began drinking only A2 milk.

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