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Srila Prabhupada conversation, New Mayapur, France on August 2 ,  1976.  


Srila  Prabhupada: I was astonished, that how these children take me as friend.
Devotee: I don't think that's too difficult. You're the best friend for everyone.
Srila Prabhupada: No, but after all, they are children. How they can take it as it is? So they are fortunate children, and their parents and everyone should take care of them. A very difficult age.
Devotee: You always said they're our asset for the future.
Srila  Prabhupada: If they can be trained up, they can become very good preacher, each one of them. And they can make hundreds of devotees. In this way we can expand. Are you realizing that there is no civilization? Actually civilization we are introducing. Except Aryan civilization, Vedic civilization, there is no civilization-animal society. What do you think? Are you convinced about it?
Devotee: Oh, yes, every time I walk out the door I'm convinced. And when you come back to the temple, it's marvelous, the spiritual world. No matter what going on, may be bad, may be good, doesn't matter. It's very relieving.
Srila  Prabhupada: Civilization means to push the man forward for perfection. That is civilization.
Devotee: Development.
Srila  Prabhupada: Yes. Society and economic condition, everything should be so arranged that this human child should be gradually pushed for perfection of life, go back home, back to Godhead. This is civilization. And modern civilization is "Don't care for what is going to happen. So long you live, eat, drink, be merry, enjoy," that's all. Sense gratification. This is called nastika-vada. Very dangerous. And that is going on all over the world. How a gentleman can live in that society?
Devotee: They can't. Gradually people...
Srila Prabhupada: Therefore my Guru Maharaja used to say,"This is not a place for a gentleman." Formerly,therefore,they used to go away from the society,go in the forest,TO GIVE UP THIS BAD ASSOCIATION. Live alone.
Devotee : Practically speaking, that's what we've done. By YOUR establishing these temples,it's given US someplace to go where WE(as in ALL of HDG'S disciples) can get out of Kaliyuga. 
Srila Prabhupada: Therefore our temples should be VERY CAREFULLY MANAGED. IT MAY NOT BECOME AGAIN ANOTHER PANDEMONIUM(!!!!!). 
Devotee: Pan-demon. Pan-demon-ium. 
Devotee: Says that in the dictionary. 
Devotee: Place of demons. 
Srila  Prabhupada: Krsna has given us many nice places. People can live very comfortably. There will be no scarcity. Cultivate Krsna consciousness very seriously. That is wanted. Therefore in this old age I am struggling so much to see that things are going on nicely. So far I have seen, it is going on nice. But maybe the management is lacking. It may be the maya is very strong. So be careful. All,you are old students,and try to organize more and more soilidly. The children should be taken, you can give lectures to the mothers, that children should be taken care of. They are future hopes. Child is the father of man.


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