Wednesday March 7th -The appearance day of Lord Gaurahari

March 6, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa

Adi 4.40   Thus He spread kirtana even among the  untouchables. He wove a wreath of the holy name and prema with which He  garlanded the entire material world.
Adi 4.41  In this way, assuming the sentiment of a devotee, He  preached devotional service while practicing it Himself.
   When Rupa Gosvami met Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu at  Prayaga (Allahabad), he offered his respectful obeisances by submitting  that Lord Caitanya was more magnanimous than any other avatara of  Krsna because He was distributing love of Krsna. His mission was  to enhance love of Godhead. In the human form of life the highest  achievement is to attain the platform of love of Godhead. Lord Caitanya  did not invent a system of religion, as people sometimes assume.  Religious systems are meant to show the existence of God, who is then  generally approached as the cosmic order-supplier. But Lord Sri  Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s transcendental mission is to distribute love of  Godhead to everyone. Anyone who accepts God as the Supreme can take to  the process of chanting Hare Krsna and become a lover of God.  Therefore Lord Caitanya is the most magnanimous. This munificent broadcasting  of devotional service is possible only for Krsna Himself. Therefore  Lord Caitanya is Krsna. Read the rest of this entry →

8 different forms of Lord Gauras Names

March 5, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa

Hare Krsna to All
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
As Most of you know this Wednesday is the appearance day of Lord  Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
Below is some more nectar that can be realized from His  inexhaustible glories.
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Eight Forms of Gaura’s Name by Sri Raghunandan  Goswami
The following verse gives Gaura’s name in the eight cases of  Sanskrit Grammar:

gauraù sac-caritämåtämåta-nidhir gauraà sadaiva stuve gaureëa  prathitaà rahasya-bhajanaà gauräya sarvaà dade gauräd asti kåpälur atra na  paro gaurasya bhåtyo ’bhavam gaure gauravam äcarämi bhagavan gaura  prabho rakña mäm

(1) Gauraù — Gaura’s ecstatic transcendental pastimes are  like an ocean of nectar. (Gaura as the subject)
(2) Gauram — It is Lord  Gaura who is eternally worshipable. (Gaura as the object)
(3) Gaureëa — It  is through Gaura that the confidential secrets of krsna-bhajana  were revealed. (Gaura as the instrument of action)
(4) Gauräya — Unto  Gaura everything should be given. (Gaura as the recipient of action)
(5)  Gaurät — No one is more merciful than Gaura. (Gaura in a comparative  sense) Read the rest of this entry →

The Branches of Lord Chaitanya’s Movement

February 13, 2012 in Articles, Narasimha Dasa


I have been reading in Sri Caitanya-caritamrta (Madhya 10) about some of the main branches of Lord Chaitanya’s sankirtana movement. Srila Krishnadas Kaviraja Gosvami describes nearly eighty main branches of the movement of Sri Chaitanya and then states at the end of the chapter that the branches and sub-branches of Lord Chaitanya’s tree are unlimited and produce unlimited fruits and flowers. Lord Nityananda Himself forms the topmost, main branch of this tree, and in the next chapter (Madhya 11) Krishnadas Kaviraja describes this branch and some of its sub-branches. Some branches and sub-branches are considered especially important but all are totally spiritual and full of potency. Each branch is connected to the Complete Whole, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, through the mercy of at least one of His nitya-siddha associates.

“Each and every branch of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s tree has unlimited spiritual power and glory. Even if one had thousands of mouths, it would be impossible to describe the limits of their activities.” (Cc. Madhya 10.162)

Many of Lord Chaitanya’s personal associates are capable of liberating fallen conditioned souls simply by glancing at them or touching them. Lord Nityananda was such a great personality that by His desire even the most wretchedly fallen souls were liberated immediately– by His sweet will alone. In this connection Srila Prabhupada comments that it is by Lord Chaitanya’s mercy that so many western people have been able to take up the mission of Krishna consciousness. Because Srila Prabhupada received the full blessings of Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya, he was able to spread the sankirtana mission worldwide, in this most fallen age, within 11 years.

Some nitya-siddha devotees of Lord Chaitanya are considered most important and most merciful. Srila Vasudeva Datta, the nineteenth branch of the “Chaitanya Tree”, is one these great personalities. Krishnadas Kaviraja concludes, “One could not describe his qualities even with thousands of mouths.” (Cc. Madhya 10.41) Srila Prabhupada confirms Vasudeva Datta’s glories as follows: “He was the most exalted personality to ever show mercy to the conditioned souls. This in not an exaggeration of his transcendental qualities. It is perfectly true. Actually there cannot be any comparison to Vasudeva Datta… The entire world is purified simply by the appearance of such a great devotee. Indeed, by his transcendental presence the whole world is glorified and all conditioned souls are also glorified.” (Cc. Madhya 15.163, Purport)

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