Some Canakya pandit sayings

December 9, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa


Canakya Pandit was a great moralist, strategist and Brahmana Vaisnava. He  left behind him some wonderful sayings that we can readily apply to our daily  lives and more so, Srila Prabhupada used to quote him frequently.
So here are just 21, of many, which I am sure most of those who take  the time to read them will gain valuable insight in human nature and be able to  apply these to our daily association with Vaisnavas, and others..
Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das
1. Separation from chaste wife, insult by ones own kinsmen, an enemy who is  saved in battle, the service of a wicked king, poverty, and the assembly of  egotistical people, burn the body without fire.
2. The duty of a gentleman is that he should give his daughter in marriage  to one who is born in a high family and engage his son in learning higher  knowledge, and inspire his friends for religious and pious activities.
3.The beauty of a cuckoo bird is her sweet voice. likewise the beauty of  a  woman is her chastity, along with her love for her husband. And the  beauty of an ugly person is his knowledge and the beauty of an ascetic is his  power of forgiveness.
4.If by abandoning one person the whole family can be saved, then one must  abandon him gladly. If by abandoning a family the whole village can be saved,  then the family has to be sacrificed. If the district is in danger and by  abandoning one village the district can be saved, then the village must be  sacrificed without hesitation. And for the  welfare of ones self, the  entire world should be abandoned cheerfully.
5.Queen Sita was stolen away due to her extreme beauty. Ravana was banished  due to his extreme vanity. Bali maharaj was tied with a rope due to his being  the extreme donor. Therefore a gentleman should not be an extremist.
6.Just as one single tree with one single blossum perfumes the entire  forest , in the same way one single
devotee born in a family enlightens the entire history the race. And  everyone enjoys the fragrance of his love enlightenment.
7.Nothing can be a burden for a powerful man. No country is far away for a  man of efforts. No country is foreign for an educated person and  no one is  a stranger who has developed the habit of speaking sweet words always.
8.In the country where the foolish people are never respected, where the  grain is stored in full capacity, where the husband and wife do not quarrel,  there take it for granted, the Goddess of Fortune resides.
9.Most son’s friends and kinsmen are against the devotees of the Lord, but  there are a chosen few who understand and associate with them. Only through this  way of living does the human become sanctified.
10.As long as the body is health and death is far away, one should fulfill  the purpose of life by culturing and developing Krsna Consciousness (God  Consciousness), for what can be done at the time of death?
11.Residing in the village of wicked persons, serving the low born master,  quarrelsome wife, foolish son and a widow daughter, all these five fry the body  without fire.
12.One must abandon that religion in which mercifulness is not instructed  and the spiritual master who is not knowledgeable and the wife who remains   angry all the time and the kinsmen who have lost natural affection.
13.The rascals are envious of the wise, the poor are envious of the  prosperous, the prostitutes are envious of the chaste ladies, and the ugly are  envious of the beautiful , anywhere and always.
14.Knowledge is maintained by practice, the family is maintained by   humility, a man is recognized by his qualities, and anger is recognized by  looking at the eyes.
15.Offering donations destroys ones poverty, humility destroys ones  degraded state, discretion destroys ignorance, thoughtfulness destroys  fear.
16.Wealth is moving, turbulent, soul is also moving. This life and  residence is also turbulent. What more to say the whole brahmanda/world is  turbulent and moving. Only religion is non moving and it is immovable and eternally permanent.
17.The king suffers the results of sins done by the state.  The kings  sin is suffered by his family priest, and a husband suffers the sins of his  wife, and the guru suffers the sins of his disciples.
18. A father in debt, a corrupt mother, a beautiful wife who is turbulent  and a rascal son are the great enemies of human society.
19.One should subdue the greedy by giving him some money, and the egoist by  flattering him with folded hands and the foolish by satisfying his desire and  the genius by speaking our facts.
20.It is better to have no administration than to have a bad  administration. It is better to remain without friends rather than to have  friends of low character. It is better to be uninitiated than  to be  initiated and be a bad disciple.  It is better to remain without a wife  rather than to marry someone of low character.
21.One ought to be satisfied with these three- With ones own wife, food,  and wealth. One should never be satisfied with these three-study, chanting and  offering charity.