Stopping the repitition of birth and death–SP

December 5, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa


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So if you want to stop these varieties of body,  then you should give up all these nonsense desires.  Anyabhilasita-sunyam jnana-karmady-anavrtam. You are jnani, you are karmi,  you are yogi, but your desires are all different. One yogi wants that “I  shall fly in the sky.” One yogi wants, “I shall walk on the water.” One  yogi thinks, “I shall create gold and show magic to the rascal people  that I am God.” This is going on. One jnani, he is speaking something,  one karmi… This is going on. Therefore there are varieties, varieties  of desires. You have to stop these nonsense desires. That is  wanted. Otherwise, you are implicated. You are implicated. So, therefore  you can stop your desires only by becoming Krsna conscious.  Otherwise, they will go on. Svamin krtartho ‘smi varam na yace. This is  Dhruva Maharaja said. He had desires, very, very great desires that “I  shall have, I shall possess a kingdom greater than Brahma, greater than  my father.”
He was insulted by his stepmother. This is desire. This is  We are Action and reaction. So he desired that “I shall have a  great kingdom–greater kingdom than my father.” He went to the forest and  he underwent very severe austerities, a five-years-old boy. He saw,  Krsna came. So when He wanted to give him, fulfill his desires, he  said, svamin krtartho ‘smi varam na yace: “No, no, no, no. I have nothing  to ask from You.” This is Krsna consciousness. No more  desires. Otherwise, karmi, jnani, yogi, and bhakta. Akamah sarva-kamo  va moksa-kama udara-dhih. Moksa-kama, the jnanis they want moksa, to merge  into the existence of Brahman. The yogis, they want siddhis, some  perfection, material perfection, to show some magic. And the karmis, they  want sense gratification. Therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu said that karmi jnani yogi sakali asanta. Asanta, they cannot be at peace  because they are desiring. So long you want, you desire, there will be no  peace. Krsna-bhakta–niskama, ataeva santa.    So this is  the recommendation, nunam pramattah kurute-vikarma. They are mad after sense  gratification and doing everything nonsense which is forbidden in the sastra.
You know, those who are too much after fulfilling desires, they even kill his  own men. He’ll kill his own child. Because the mother desiring that “I have  become pregnant. It is botheration. It will check my sense gratification.  Kill.” Vikarma. Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma. He doesn’t see that what will  be the result of it. Vikarma. Karma, vikarma, akarma. Karma means  prescribed duties, according… Just like law. “You keep to the right,” this  is law. And as soon as you keep to the wrong side, left, it is  vikarma. This is karma and vikarma. But for sense-gratification  we execute vikarma. So therefore we are implicating and we are  preparing for the next life. Yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajaty ante  kalevaram: at the time of death these desires become prominent. Even  without desire we get so many ideas and dream at night. So at the time of  death, on account of our vikarma, we shall create a situation, and the next  life we get a similar body. That’s all. Nunam pramattah kurute. Na  sadhu manye yata atmano ‘yam.    I have got already one body  which is klesada. Everyone has got experience. No one is here who can say  that “My body is very nice. There is no klesa.
There is no pains and  pleasure. I am very perfect.” That is not possible. As soon as you get a  material body, it must be subjected to so many sufferings: adhyatmika,  adhibautika, adhidaivika. Tribulations there must be. Material body means  klesada. Therefore the Vedic civilization is to stop getting this material  body. That is Vedic civilization. Not that increase. That is explained in  the Bhagavad-gita. Two things are there. You must accept, you must  get the service of Krsna. Otherwise you go on in this  way. Mrtyu-samsara-vartamani. Asraddadhanan purusa dharmasyasya  parantapa mam aprapya. If you don’t get Krsna, then there is no other way.  There is no other alternative. The only alternative is
mrtyu-samsara-vartmani. You get one body and again you die, again  get another body. This will go on. Therefore we should not Na sadhu  manye. Rsabhadeva, boys, said, “This is not good.” Na sadhu manye yata  atmano ‘yam asann api klesada asa dehah.    So this  culture, this education, is practically nil. Especially in Kali-yuga, it is  very regrettable. But the informations are there, the science  is there. If one is intelligent, he can take advantage of this science, Krsna  consciousness, and mold his life accordingly so that he can stop this process  of accepting a body which is klesada. Klesada. That is the perfection of  life. And that can be simply done very easily if you simply study Krsna, if  you come in this temple and see Krsna. Very simple method. Mayy  asakta-manah partha yogam yunjan mad-asrayah.
These are not our manufacture;  Krsna says. You come here. The temple is meant for this purpose: that you  come, see Krsna, and be attached to Krsna. The more you become attached  to Krsna, that is called bhakti-yoga.
 mayy asakta-manah  partha
yogam yunjan  mad-asrayah
asamsayam samagram mam
yatha jnasyasi…
Then what will be the benefit? Suppose I understand you very perfectly.  Then what will be the result? The result is,
    janma karma ca  divyam
me yo janati  tattvatah
tyaktva deham punar  janma
naiti mam eti
Simply. If you simply know Krsna, then this business, repetition  of birth and death, will stop. It is so simple thing. So we should  take advantage of it and utilize our human form of life  perfectly.    Thank you very much. (end)