Prabhupada tells a cartoon story

June 22, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa

740524r2.rom                 Conversations                Prabhupada: There was a cartoon. When I… One leader is  approached for food, that “We are in scarcity of food.” The leader says,  “Of course, it is very difficult to assure you for food grains. But  from next week you will have television.” (laughter) Next week you will have television. So these improvements are going on,  television, but they are starving. This is going on. Advancement of knowledge  and learning is going on in discovering television, but there is no  food. This is the mismanagement of the leaders. Dishonest.  There is enough food. Punjab still produces food grains. Bengal still  produces rice, but they are stocked by government men, and they are mishandling. They are lying on the station for dispatch, but they will not  be dispatched. They are rotting. Rainy season spoiled the whole  stock; still, they are not dispatched. Official: “There is no dispatch  order. There is no wagons available.” Simply mismanagement or bribe. This  is going on. And people are suffering.
…Somebody approached some politician, and he said, “Yes, I know there is food problem. So I cannot say what can I do for you, but  from next week, you will have television.” This is their program, “From  next week you will have television.” As if television will minimize  my hunger. This is the civilization. Hare Krsna. So you ask problem,  I will answer. Your energy, problems of energy, petrol, it will  be automatically solved. If we are localized, there is no question  of petrol.
Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
The above tells the story of kali yuga-because we are so “machine oriented”  practically everyone is forgetting the basic necessities of life-like FOOD  !!
I just read today an article about a study asking people how they would  value losing their cell phones.
The reply was that most of them would rather not have sex than lose their  cell phones. Others replied they would rather lose their wedding rings or wallet  than their cell phones.
This is how attachment works.
SB 4.22.31    When one deviates from his original  consciousness, he loses the capacity to remember his previous position or  recognize his present one. When remembrance is lost, all knowledge acquired  is based on a false foundation. When this occurs, learned scholars consider  that the soul is lost.
The last point Prabhupada mentions in the above statement is that if we are  localized, meaning if we grow our own foodstuffs, then all the problems  associated with petrol prices , war and dependance are gone.
And besides that, this is how the Lord wants all of us to live-depending  upon Him, and Mother Nature for all our needs. “Sarva kama dughi mahi….” One  time in India on a trip I saw for myself in Calcutta where there are  thousands of people living on the streets in cardboard houses,  yet they have a TV set sitting inside their “home”. They have  practically nothing, but they have a TV set. This is kali yuga.
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