How to solve all ones economic problems-SP

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Hare Krsna
Pranams to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Below are some excerpts from various conversations wherein Srila Prabhupada explains
very nicely how anyone can live easily without much anxiety  in this world, grow his or her
own food for his family, and have more than ample time for spiritual life.
This lifestyle is contrasted with modern city living where one has to work  most of the day, drive for hours back and forth to work, be in total anxiety all  the while, and in the end get ulcers, headaches, or some
other serious disease for your reward for all this work.
Krsna does not want His part and parcels to suffer like this. He gives us  the recommendations
for how to live in this or any age.
Every once in a while I get some negative feedback where a devotee will say  to me-so I am in ignorance if I dont grow my own food? How can I possibly live  in the country if I have so many obligations here in the city?
Who is going to afford this place?
All these questions are answered below by Srila Prabhupada.
One who thinks a little soberly about these things will ask  himself-what does it mean to live simply with high thinking? Isnt this  supposed to be the motto of all Hare Krsna devotees? If so, then why do the  majority of them not do it? Do we just read these words from our Acarya and  think they are meant for someone else?
They will say-I am not a farmer, I am an engineer, or a Doctor, or a  technologist, or whatever. I have so many responsibilities in this city. How can  I possibly leave all this? And furthermore, why should I ? I can hear them  all now.
One point Prabhupada is trying to make in all these talks is this- we, as  spirit souls really dont belong here, and the work we do to sustain  ourselves for the most part does not further the betterment of human society  towards the goal of liberation. Present day society is a nuts and bolts  conglomeration of humanity which produces unfit humans for any kind of  progressive path towards ultimate liberation of the soul from the material  tabernacle. Nobody knows the actual goal of human life, except for the devotees  of the Lord. And what do the devotees do as work which practices what we  preach? We work right along side of the karmis whom we will criticize in our SB  classes.
And yet we have all the answers to all the problems. Prabhupada many times  has said, that any question you may encounter in preaching about Krsna  Consciousness can be answered from Bhagavad Gita.
OK, do we accept that?
Then what does Krsna tell us about how  to solve all our economic  problems? Annad bhavanti bhutani
750524BG.FIJ                    Lectures                      Nowadays they are facing a scarcity of food. The solution is there in the  Bhagavad-gita. Krsna says, annad bhavanti bhutani: “Bhutani, all living  entities, both animal and man, they can live very nicely without any  anxiety provided they have got sufficient food grains.” Now what  is your objection to this? This is the solution. Krsna says, annad bhavanti  bhutani. So it is not utopian; it is practical. You must have  sufficient food grain to feed the human being and the animal, and everything  will be peaceful immediately. Because people, if one become hungry, he is  disturbed. So give him food first of all. That is Krsna’s injunction. Is  that very impossible, impractical? No. You grow food more and distribute.  So much land is there, but we are not growing food. We are growing or  busy in manufacturing tools and motor tires. Then now eat motor  tires. But Krsna says that “You grow anna.” Then there is no  question of scarcity. Annad bhavanti bhutani
So to sum up what you will read  below–
Srila Prabhupada  tells us  —
….how to make the transition from city to  rural life.
….tells us    that everybody should grow  food
…shows us how important and sacred are  grains
…self preservation is the first law of nature  and the fear of not having food, or being unable to afford it for daily  sustenance is eliminated by growing owns own
…having owns own food source means you become  independent of the karmis rat race
..growing owns own food is “our  mission”
…how to start this? he  started his movement under a tree!
..everyone should live on farms, not just  householders
..Indian farmers are clever-they move to city,  get a job and send
most of the money back to the family, Then when  they have enough money-quit their
job, buy land and start to grow their own  food and become independent !!
…and  more….
Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das
1)                 Conversations
Prabhupada: (Sanskrit) From our childhood, if there was a rice  grain on the floor, my father, er, my mother would ask me, “Take it  and touch it on your head.” Dr. Patel: We were advised not to tread on the  grains. (break) Prabhupada: Because by chance, if the grain is struck with  the leg, she asked, “Take it and you touch it on the head.” Dr. Patel:  That is the culture. That is real culture. Prabhupada: Means from the  very beginning he understands anna-brahma. Dr. Patel: Even it is not  spoken, you practice it. Prabhupada: Yes, practice it. According to Vedic  culture, the higher class, in every home there is narayana-sila for worship,  especially of the brahmanas.
2)  761029SB.VRN                    Lectures                     There are, for the materialistic person, there are two varieties  of self-interest. One is concentrated interest and other is  expanded interest. Just like a child, if you give him some foodstuff, a  cake, he will immediately eat himself, and if he is little liberal, then  his other friends also, he will give. First of all, first is, he wants  to eat, and then the other friend, “Oh you are eating, give me something.”  Alright you also take. So, this is called extended interest and the  beginning is self-interest, anna brahma(?), I shall… Self-preservation is the first law of nature. …
3) TQK 18    It is by ignorance that people think that by  opening factories they will be happy. Why should they open factories? There is no need. There is so much land, and one can  produce one’s own food grains and eat sumptuously without any factory.  Milk is also available without a factory. The factory cannot produce  milk or grains. The present scarcity of food in the world is  largely due to such factories. When everyone is working in the city to  produce nuts and bolts, who will produce food grains? Simple living and high  thinking is the solution to economic problems. Therefore the Krsna consciousness movement  in engaging devotees in producing their own food and  living self-sufficiently so that rascals may see how one can live  very peacefully, eat the food grains one has grown oneself, drink milk,  and chant Hare Krsna.
4)  740928SB.MAY                    Lectures                      Therefore Krsna gives His instruction. He’s the supreme ruler. He gives this  order: annad bhavanti bhutani: “You require food grains.” This is practical.  Who will disagree with Krsna, that “We don’t require food grains; we require  bolts and nuts in the factory”? Who will say? This is practical.
5)  741015SB.MAY                    Lectures                     Here it is said that avidya-kama-karmabhih. By ignorance, they  are thinking by opening factories they will be happy. That is avidya. He does not know that this is ignorance. Why you should open  factory? That is… This is called ugra-karma. There is no  need of opening factory. You have got land. Here are so many lands. You  produce your food grains. Annad bhavanti bhutani. You eat sumptuously food  grain, milk, and that will be available without any factory. The  factory cannot produce milk or food grain. The present scarcity of  foodstuff means everybody is engaged in the city, producing bolts and nuts.  Who is producing food grain? This is the solution of economic  problem. Annad bhavanti bhutani. Therefore we are trying to  engage our men to produce their own food. Be self-sufficient so that  these rascals may see that how one can live very peacefully, eating the food  grains and milk, and chant Hare Krsna. This is our  mission. We don’t deny this food.
6)  740419mw.hyd                 Conversations                Mahamsa: I don’t think we can start building until we finish  this temple. Prabhupada: No, you can start in a  cottage. Mahamsa: Yes, small way. Prabhupada: Yes. Mahamsa: And  then develop. Prabhupada: Building is not very important. Work is  important. Activity is important. I started my movement not with buildings,  but real activity. So building is opulence. You can do without  opulence. You can start anything, even underneath a tree.  There is no difficulty. (break) .
7)                 Conversations                concerned about their business and industry. If these young men are held  up in plain living, then where their industry…? Industry means to exploit  the work of others and give them one dollar and make profit ten dollars. This  is industry, at the cost of others some capitalist gaining huge profit. This  is industry. “And let them live in a hellish condition, go to hell. Never  mind. You work in the factory, and we make profit.” The Communist is trying  to take over the industry and get the whole profit. (laughs) That’s all. The  condition remains the same–hellish. But… What is called…? Complacent,  he’s satisfied that “I am getting the profit.” All foolish. The Iran is  also imitating European method of exploiting. They’re bringing men  from village. In India also, British period, they used to, that,but Indian people are little clever. They would come from  the village to the city alone, not with family. They earn money and send  to the family. And whenever they like, they go away. They’re not  dependent. And if you bring family, you have to work. That system  is still going on. The village men, they come but they do not bring their  family. Family remains in the village. He earns, he lives some way or other  and sends money there, and the wife who is intelligent. He (she) accumulates  the money and when there is enough money he (she) purchases  land,
investment. So… In after few years, when they have got enough  land, they do not come back. They produce their own necessities. Very  nice. Hare Krsna. As soon as they are self-sufficient from the land they  no more work. That’s a good idea. Remain in the village with  family.
8)  770111tt.ida                                             Hari-sauri: To enter into a city is so imposing on your  consciousness. Prabhupada: Up to that point, simply rubbish, all papers  thrown here and there. People are living in… Now see here, how it is open  and pleasing. Organize this farm project. Farm. (background  talking) Hari-sauri: He’s just saying that in the West one requires a  great deal of capital. To start a farm, to get the land, you need a lot  of money because land is very expensive. And also we have to use  modern farming techniques because we have so few men to run the  farms. Prabhupada: No, you show example. People will do automatically.  When the people find it is very nice, they will take. Hari-sauri: Should we try to make an effort to have our householders go and live  on the farms, a special effort? If it’s ready to do that? Prabhupada: Why  householders? Everyone. Hare Krsna. (japa) Ramesvara: In America  there is a very big emphasis on getting people to join us by moving into our  temples. The temple presidents are very eager to get as many people to move  in as possible, but in the long run most people cannot come up to the  standard. Prabhupada: Therefore I am… Farms. Ramesvara: But  what…? For those people who already have their jobs, instead  of… Prabhupada: That job… They will be very soon jobless. Don’t  worry. (laughs) They will come. They will be obliged to come. Now they  have got job, but as the days are advancing in Kali-yuga, they’ll  be jobless. Hari-sauri: So we can expect that material conditions are  going to become very much worse than this. Prabhupada: They may come or  not. We don’t care for it. Let us establish an ideal society. That is  the…
9)  750514mw.per                 Conversations                Prabhupada: The solution is there. They won’t take it. Solution  is there, that everyone produce your own food. There is so much  land; utilize it. The solution is there. No. They want to sit down on  the table, chair, in a very nice compartment, and making solution.  They won’t go. Amogha: He was saying that your solution was too simple. He  said that people will not accept it because it is too simple. Prabhupada: That is his ignorance. They will say it is primitive. That is the only  solution. According to the Vedic system, you cannot use anything which  you cannot produce. Suppose this we are using, but according the Vedic system  we should not use it because I cannot produce it. Then the whole solution is  there. Nobody will manufacture this because there will be no customer. If I  refuse this use of this machine, thinking that “I cannot produce it; I should  not use it,” then where is the customer? The so-called industry will  automatically stop, and he has to go to the village outlying. Paramahamsa:  Some of the orthodox hippies have this philosophy, and they reject all  machines and things that they cannot make themselves. Prabhupada: That is  natural. That is natural. It is good. But they are not led by good  leader. Otherwise next alternative is this, that you
have to give up this artificial way of civilization. Now  this land is vacant. We can produce so much food grains if it is  utilized.
10)                 Conversations                Prabhupada: That should be stressed. First business is the  neighboring village people, they should come, chant and take prasada.  And gradually, when they become interested, then they come, live with  us, work with us. In this way they should be induced, bare living  and chanting.
Jagadisa: As in Hyderabad. Prabhupada: Yes. Then our movement is  success. Our only motive is how people become interested in Krsna  consciousness. We have no other motive. No economic problem… Economic  problem is… What is economic problem? We produce our own food and cloth,  barely, and spiritual life… On the farm it is easier. And if they are  dispatched to the city for livelihood, there are big, big roads and big, big  cars and big, big anxieties. Then wine, meat, and so on, so on…,  suicide, their spiritual life finished. …. So write  very elaborately how to do this. Increase. And in your country, we increase  this farm project any unlimited number… So much land is lying  vacant.