Springtime–a time for hope

March 30, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa

Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
For those of you who read that dire report sent yesterday from the  Indian writer about the degraded conditions present now in India, this  report will cheer you up !
Most people can understand and see that the governments of the world are  corrupt and getting worse as we speak. But most people don’t see any  solution to these complex problems thinking, “what can I do?”
(that answer at the end of this report)
Fortunate for those who are fortunate and listen to the perfect words of  advice given by the Lords pure representatives, such as Srila Prabhupada His  Senapati Bhakta, for those of us who do listen to his instructions, we will get  the material and spiritual benefits-right now in this lifetime and the  next one for sure.
I was reading over some past articles this morning and saw two that caught  my eye because it totally related to the one sent yesterday. Doom and gloom  yesterday and today- how to solve it. There is only one sure way to  solve material problems. We have to go to the only One who can alleviate  these problems which we create.
Isvara parama Krsna-that supreme controller, Lord Brahma says is Krsna,  Govinda, Shyamasundara, our only real friend in times of need. So please  consider these words of advice from Srila Prabhupada and the photos I have  included at the end are one major way we can solve these problems.  Practical, simple and a lot of fun doing it.
Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das
740928SB.MAY                    Lectures
 They have now discovered this democracy. Democracy… “Demon-cracy.”  Shortcut of “demon-cracy” is “democracy.” All the demons and rogues, they  gather together, somehow or other votes, and occupy the seat, and the  business is plundering. The business is plundering. If we talk very  much upon this, it will not be very favorable, but according to sastra…  We, we talk according to sastra, that the democracy means assembly of  rogues and plunderers. That is the statement in the  Srimad-Bhagavatam. Dasyu-dharmabhih. The  government men will be all dasyu. Dasyu means plunderer.  Not pickpocket. Pickpocket, somehow or other, if you do not understand, takes  something from your pocket, and the plunderer, or the dasyu, he catches you  and by force, “If you don’t spare your money, I shall kill you.” They are  called dasyu.   So the, in the present age of Kali, the  government men will be dasyu. This is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam.  Dasyu-dharmabhih. You can, we can see practically. You cannot  keep your money. You earn with hard labor, but you cannot keep gold, you  cannot keep jewelry, you cannot keep money. And… They will take it away by  laws. …
…Anyone who is within this material world, he is condemned.  Simply there is division. Just like in jail also, there are first-class  prisoners, there are second-class prisoners and third-class prisoners. The  first-class prisoners, they are given some facilities. Just like political  prisoners, they are given separate bungalow and servants, newspaper, book.  But they cannot go out of the prison. That is called first class. Similarly,  there are second class. And third class, ordinary.
   So it is the duty of the representative of Krsna to  reform these condemned persons to Krsna consciousness. This is their  duty. Krsna wants that “These rascals, these condemned persons, who are  suffering in this material world, and they cannot understand that ‘We  are suffering…’ They are making plan. No plan will be successful.”  Daivi hy esa gunamayi mama maya duratyaya. You can make your plan, but  it will never be successful. The only plan will be successful. What  is that? Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te. That is the  only plan. There is no other plan. But these rascals,  they are being put into severe penalties. Duhkhalayam asasvatam. More and  mo… The more they are forgetting God, they are put in, they are put into  more and more miserable condition. Practically we see, with the  advancement Kali-yuga, people are forgetting his relationship with Krsna, and  the price of commodity and the food grains, the price is increasing.  They cannot eat sufficiently. So many people are dying of starvation.  If they cannot eat, how they will live?   Therefore Krsna gives His instruction. He’s the supreme  ruler. He gives this order: annad bhavanti  bhutani: “You require food  grains.” This is practical. Who will disagree with Krsna,  that “We don’t require food grains; we require bolts and nuts in the  factory“? Who will say? This is practical. So they do not… Just like we see  here that, that they do not grow food grains. They are growing jute  because they will get some money, more money. But the rascal does not  know that “I will get more money, and it will be taken away next by  the food grain seller.” So similarly, we are interested in industry,  in plan-making, this, that, so many things. But Krsna does not say  that “You open slaughterhouse and industries and brothels and cinema.”  No. Krsna does not say.Krsna says, “Grow  more food, rascal! You’ll eat and become strong.” And nobody is obeying  Krsna. Is it not? Practically try  to understand Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavata. Not by  sentiment. And preach this philosophy all over the  world.   What Krsna says, that is practical. Annad  bhavanti bhutani parjanyad anna-sambhavah.
…   So people are so rascal, they will not even chant Hare  Krsna mantra… Personally He’s teaching us, “Perform this yajna,  you rascal, and you’ll get everything. You’ll get  everything.”
. I simply request you, “Chant Hare Krsna mantra sixteen times please!”  But you… We are not even following that. This is the only remedy.  Yajnaih sankirtana-prayair yajanti hi sumedhasah.    So Krsna is  the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Isvara. He’s teaching us this yajna. He’s  giving us the hint. Yajnad bhavati parjanyah. If you do not accept  this movement, then you’ll go on suffering, suffering, suffering, suffering.  If you don’t accept this principle, then your future is simply  suffering.
prayenalpayusah  sabhya
kalav asmin yuge  janah
mandah  sumanda-matayo
manda-bhagya hy upadrutah
This is the symptoms of Kali-yuga. Manda-bhagyah, all unfortunate.  All unfortunate. Everyone must suffer. This is the position. But if  you chant Hare Krsna maha-mantra, perform the yajna… Because this is  the instruction by the Supreme Person. Purusam tva adyam. Adyam  purusam, the original person. The origin of everything. Janmady asya yatah.  The Supreme Person from whom everything has come down. That is the  order.
So Caitanya Mahaprabhu taught us that harer nama harer nama  harer namaiva kevalam,… We are certainly in difficult position, but  the only remedy is that we must chant the holy name of the  Lord repeatedly. And that will solve all the problems. You preach  this cult all over the world.
750304mw.dal                 Conversations
In the material energy everyone is ignorant and they have to work.  Karma. Karma means working. Avidya-karma-samjnanya trtiya. So here you have  to work. Without working, you cannot get your… The things are ready, but  you will have to work. So they have increased the working capability.  That is civilization. Just like in the prisonhouse you have to work. Eh?  So they think this working is civilization. This is avidya. So  therefore they have created more work. From early morning, five o’clock,  till ten o’clock, simply working. They do  not know that “This working is our punishment.” But because ignorant, they think that “Working  is life.” This is called ignorance. He does not know, “This  working is my punishment. How to get out of this work?” No. To increase the  work more, complicate, that is civilization. This is called  avidya. Avidya-karma-samjnanya. Our tendency is not to work but  get things. Therefore he has asked that question. Because he has to  get cloth by working, therefore he asking, “Why God has not created?”  That means tendency is not to work. That is spiritual tendency.  Everything, necessities, automatically available. That is our… Therefore  as soon as one man becomes rich, he does not work. He gets his thing  by working others. The tendency is there, to retire from  work. They go to a solitary place. They retire. They do not go out.  Weekly, at least, they want to stop worker, working. So why this  tendency? He does not want to die. He  does not want to work. This is spiritual. Why man should work  like… Therefore real civilization is that minimize  work. Minimize work, save time, and go back to your spiritual life. That  is civilization. And this is not civilization, to get the  necessities of life, sense gratification, and work like hog and dog. That  is condemned. Nayam deho deha-bhajam nrloke kastan kaman  arhate vid-bhujam ye. This human life is not meant for working so hard  for sense gratification which are done by the dogs and hogs. Human life  is meant: tapo divyam putraka yena sattvam suddhyed. Human life is  for tapasya. Why tapasya? Yena sattvam suddhyed: their existence will  be purified. Then you will get unlimited pleasure. Yato  brahma-saukhyam anantam. We are seeking after unlimited pleasure. So that is  not possible in this material life. And we are thinking, “By working  very hard, like hogs and dogs, we will get happiness.” This is… The  dogs and hogs, they work day and night for searching out where is  stool, and as soon as he gets stool, he becomes very strong and stout.  Then sex. Never mind, the mother, sister, daughter. This is hog life.
Therefore this particular animal has been… Kastan kaman  arhate vid-bhujam ye. Vid-bhujam means this hog, stool-eater. So this  human life is not meant for imitating the stool-eater hogs. This is in  the Bhagavata.
Ramesvara: But most people have jobs. Prabhupada: Eh? Ramesvara: Many  people already have their jobs and their families. Prabhupada: All right, let  them not come, but those who are unemployed, let them come. Ramesvara: But  what…? For those people who already have their jobs, instead  of… Prabhupada: That job… They will be very soon jobless. Don’t worry. (laughs) They will come. They will be obliged to come.  Now they have got job, but as the days are advancing in Kali-yuga, they’ll  be jobless. Hari-sauri: So we can expect that material conditions  are going to become very much worse than this. Prabhupada: They  may come or not. We don’t care for it. Let us establish an ideal  society.
OK, here is the promised answer–Grow your own food !!! This is  part of the
establishment of an ideal society he calls for  above.
In the above conversations Srila Prabhupada has kindly pointed out to
those who will hear-that the remedy to joblessness, the remedy to high  food
prices, the remedy to most of our material problems is first of all take  control
of YOUR life and grow YOUR own food. Become more independent from the
corrupt system of doing things in Kali yuga.
Its spring time now,  a time of renewal, a time of hope for the future  and the best time
of the year for all of us who are dedicated gardeners !! As they say, hope  springs eternal !
Below is our greenhouse which came thru the winter with a lot of hope  !
Within this house is 4 kinds of radishes, spinach, regular large  collard greens, Indian mustard greens, 5 kinds of lettuce,multi colored  collard greens, arugula, mizuna, peas,(from last year and present), siberian  kale, Russian kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and  more…
this is one cauliflower type I am hoping will soon show its “fruit”
peas that seeded themselves from last summer. Also new ones are coming  up
spinach and next to them is siberian kale, and peas coming up in the  pots
these beets are reaching for Vivaswan
redbor kale
backyard plum tree covered in blossums
tomato, pepper, eggplant and greens trays all seeded and ready to serve  Krsna