Prabhupada on importance of SB and reading SB

March 28, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa

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For those of you who receive these nectar emails-they will be seen  as poison if
one has little or no taste for hearing the words received from  the Lord’s pure devotee.
But for one who has gotten a little mercy, these words from the lotus
mouth of a pure devotee are pure nectar for they relieve the burning  of the heart.
See below what Prabhupada says about Srila Vyasadeva and how he got  chastised by
his guru Narada Muni for writing so many “nonsense books”-called the Vedas  !!
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Damaghosa das
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 That is advised by Narada Muni to his disciple Vyasadeva: “What you are  writing, all these nonsense books? You…” What is called? Jugupsitam.  Jugupsitam. He instructed Vyasadeva that “Whatever literatures you  have produced…” Means up to that time he produced Vedanta-sutra. He wrote  up to Vedanta-sutra, which is considered to be the topmost philosophical  thesis in the world, Vedanta-sutra, all over the world, the Vedanta  philosophy. So he finished that Vedanta-sutra. Still, he was not happy. And  his spiritual master Narada chastised him, “What nonsense books you have  written?” First of all he was not happy, so Narada came, and he  asked him that “Why you are not happy? You know everything, but why you are  not happy?” So he submitted, “Yes, my master, I know everything, and I think  I have done everything, writing all these books. But still, I am not  happy. So why I am not happy, that you can tell because you are my  master.”    So, “Yes, I can tell you.” And then he said that “You have labored so much for writing all these nonsense books, but  you have not said anything of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore  you are unhappy. Therefore I advise you that now you write one book which  is simply the transaction of the Supreme Personality, nothing  else, nothing of this material world, sacrificing, this religious,  and this unreligious, ‘this is good, this is bad,’ nothing of the sort. Simply write about the pastimes of the Supreme Lord. Then you will  be happy.” Then he wrote Srimad-Bhagavatam. And when he wrote,  began writing Srimad-Bhagavatam, he writes in the beginning,  dharmah projjhita-kaitavo ‘tra: “All these cheating type of religious  system, I kick it out, this ism, that ism. I kick out all them.It is this book, especially meant for paramo nirmatsaranam satam,  those who are simply paramahamsas. It is meant for them. It is not for the  ordinary men. I have kicked out all the  so-called religious system, dharma artha kama.” People are very much Nowadays  they are not even for dharma or artha. They are simply kama, sense  gratification. Sense gratification because every one of us, we come  here for sense gratification.
…so many literatures, still we want. The maya is so strong.  Atma-mayam rte rajan parasyanubhavatmanah. Therefore one should take little  risk in order to enter into the eternal life, blissful life. One  should take a little risk. That is advised by Narada. And the  same instruction, while he was giving, that First of all he said, “All  this nonsense, that jugupsitam: They are abominable. Because you  are writing books, dharma artha kama moksa, so later on You are  authority, Vyasadeva. People will stick to this. And if even Krsna  says, sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam, ‘You give up all  this nonsense, you simply surrender,’ they will not hear because you  are writing so many nonsense books.” He chastised him like  that. Jugupsitam, this very word. Jugupsitam. “You are  authority, so you have done such, so many nonsense  books.” He wrote Mahabharata, he wrote Astadasa-purana, he  wrote, I mean to say, Upanisad, and after all, Vedanta-sutra, all these books  which are so highly recognized all over the world. Still,  that was condemned, “But you have written all these nonsense books.”  Jugupsitam. “Because you are authority, they will stick to it.” “Oh, here  is.”   Because in Upanisad the negating, that negation,  negation of the material form… Therefore it is described in an impersonal  form.
These nonsense are sticking to that impersonal form.  Impersonal–there is no form. Really, Veda says, apani-pada javano  grahita: “The Supreme Absolute Truth has no legs, has no hands, but He  accepts whatever you offer.” Now, how He accepts? He has no hand; then how  He accepts? But they have no brain. They have no brain. When it is said that  “He has no hand,” it is said that “He has no hand like you.” When he says  that “He has no leg,” it means that “He has no leg like you.” If he has  no hand, then how Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita, patram puspam  phalam toyam yo me bhaktya prayacchati tad aham asnami bhakty-upahrtam: “If  I accept them”? If He is far away within the Goloka Vrndavana, goloka eva  nivasaty akhilatma, but He has got such a hand–although He is living  in Goloka Vrndavana, far, far away, He will immediately Whatever you offer,  He will take. That kind of hand, not your three feet hand. If  somebody offers me downstairs, “Prabhupada, take this flower,” but I am here.  How can I take? But He can take. He can take. That is called apani-pada  javano grahita pasyaty acaksuh.
…Surabhir abhipalayantam. Here you have got a hobby to keep dogs,  “gow, gow, gow!” And Krsna has no hobby? He has got hobby, to keep  cows. Surabhir abhipalayantam. You have  imitated that hobby, and instead of keeping cows, they are keeping, “how!,  how!,” dogs. That is your capability, a nonsense which is untouchable. Dog is  untouchable according to Vedic literature, and they are being  kept. And cows? Killed. And cruelty to animals means not to  be cruel to the cats Not cats. Yes, cats and dogs. And for the cows, “Oh,  there is no question of cruelty. He has no soul. Kill him.” This  is your civilization, Dog civilization. You see? You keep dogs, “gow! gow!  gow!”, and if somebody comes to your home, to your country, you also make  “gow! gow! gow! Why you have come?” Immigration department.  “Please go out. Please go out.” This is civilization.
tasyaiva hetoh prayateta  kovido
na labhyate yad bhramatam  upary-adhah
tal labhyate duhkhavad anyatah  sukham
kalena sarvatra gabhira-ramhasa
You should read all this. You don’t  read. In the first volume of Bhagavata these things are  explained. But I don’t think you read all these things. Do you read? So if you don’t read, then you will feel restless:  “Oh, let me go from Japan to India, from India to Japan.” You are  restless because you don’t read. I am laboring so hard for you, but you don’t  take advantage. Don’t take advantage of eating and sleeping. Take  advantage of these books. Then your life will be successful.My duty–I have given you so valuable things, day and night trying  to convince you, each word to word. And if you don’t take advantage of this,  then what can I do for you? All right. (end)