Srila Prabhupada’s SB classes-summary file–VOLUME 5 P:II

February 29, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Damaghosa dasa

Hare Krsna to All


All glories to Srila Prabhupada


Below we have part 2/of 4 parts of Vol 5 of the Srimad  Bhagavatam lectures by Srila Prabhupada.

I am sending this out in 4 parts so as not to overwhelm  anyone by the sheer masiveness of the siksa contained in our Jagat Gurus bhasyas  of this sacred and ancient text.

So here it is…..

Damaghosa das


Some topics covered below:


* Scientists dont pray to God for permission to go  to moon planet,

  but when in personal danger-THEN they  pray.

  German women  prayed to God for their menfolk  to come back from the war-but did

  not come back, so they became atheists.

* car civilization they think is so advanced, but comes  with millions of major problems.

  Happy  village life with pracically no  problems they call that “primitive”. 

* vedic civilization had no petrol or food  problems

* Evolution means evolution of consciousness

* devotees who preach are the Lords weapons

* How to overthrow the govt

* before coming to KC look at a photo of your face and  compare to now

* Vedic life-regulated-now nobody is regulated therefore  so many diseases, problems

* Vedic life was one of independence.

* material opulence not good for spiritual  life

* namabhasa stage(without offense in canting) is  mukti



740709SB.LA                    Lectures                 

Prabhupada: When they are in danger they pray to God  for safe and

sound, but when they go to the moon planet: “We are  scientist.”

(laughter) Just see how much foolish they are!  When they go to the

moon planet, at that time, “God give us permission, we  may go”? No.

We are scientists. (laughter) We don’t care for God.”  But when they

are in danger, “God save us.” (laughter) Just see what  kind of

scientists they are. This is practical. I am very  glad that our Doctor

Svarupa Damodara has mentioned this in his book,  Scientific Basis of

Krsna Consciousness….

Saba means “all.” At that time… Just like in the last  war,

Second…, last war, when everything was in danger, Mr.  Churchill

started this movement B(?), and they were all going to  churches–when

the situation was very grave. And in Germany especially,  because war

was very, going on very seriously, so there was no men,  so all the

women, they went to the church and pray God, somebody…  Woman means

husband, son or father… Prayed, “Let my father come  back” or “Let my

husband come back” or “my son.” But nobody came back.  So they became

atheist. This is the version of my one German Godbrother  friend. So he

said that all of them became atheists. Why? They prayed  so much to get

back their husband or son or father: nobody came back.  “Then there is

no God.” This is their conclusion. That means, “God is  our order

supplier. God is our servant.” Just like I ask my  servant or my

disciple, “You do this,” and he must do it. We cannot  accept God like

that. God is neither going to be your  servant.

   So  those who are going to religious life, making God as  their

servant, they will be failure. You must approach God as  master. You

should become servant. The so-called  religionist, they accept God as

their order-supplier servant: “I must pray to God.”  Whenever there is

some inconvenience, “I must pray,” or “I must… ” Not  “must.” “At

that time I shall pray, and then I shall finish that  prayer, and God

must supply. If God does not supply, then there is no  God.” This is

the general attitude. But that should not be done. The real religion

is, as Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita, is sarva-dharman  parityajya

mam ekam. First of all surrender. Then talk of mercy and  this or that.

Also, although God is very merciful, even those who are  simply asking

from God, not prepared to give anything, God is merciful,  even though



740117SB.HAW                   Lectures                  217739/530501

They’re  dealing with petrol

problem. Just see. Petrol problem, you have created  another problem.

Already there is problem. You have created, by  so-called civilization,

petrol problem. Before these motorcars, the people were  living very

happily. They were transporting. But there was no such  civilization

that for your earning livelihood you have to go hundred  miles away

from your home to work there. Therefore you require  vehicle. Then you

require petrol. Then you require so many nice  road. So many things

will be. But formerly, it was village. They will  take it, “This is

primitive.” But remaining primitive, you were more happy  than becoming

so-called civilized, creating so many  problems. You have already

problems, but people are so rascal, so blind, they do not  see to the

real problem. They artificially create problem and try to  solve it.

Instead of touching the real problem, that is set  aside….

   This  question I asked…  Professor

Kotovsky. I asked him that “Where is the difference of  philosophy

between your Communist philosophy and our Krsna  consciousness

philosophy? You have to accept one chief man,  that Lenin or Stalin,

and we have also selected one chief man, or God,  Krsna. So you are

following the dictates of Lenin or Stalin or Molotov or  this or that.

We are following the philosophy or the instruction of  Krsna. So on

principle, where is the difference? There is no  difference.” So the

professor could not answer that. You cannot conduct  your daily affairs

without being dictated by somebody else. That is to  be accepted.

   So  that is the law of nature. So nityo nityanam cetanas  cetananam.

Then why don’t you accept the supreme authority? This  subordinate

authority… We have to accept somebody as our leader.  It is not

possible that we can live without leadership. That is not  possible. Is

there any party, is there any school, or is there any  institution that

they’re conducting without any chief leader or director?  Can you show

me any instance throughout the whole world? Is there any  instance? No.

Just like from our camp somebody has left, but he has  accepted

Gaurasundara or Siddha-svarupa Maharaja as chief. The  principle is

there, that you have to accept one chief. But  intelligent is that

which, what kind of leadership we shall accept. That is  knowledge. We

have to accept the servitorship or underhand, to become  underhand of

some person. So the intelligence is that “Whom we have to  accept?”

That, there lies intelligence: “What kind of leader we  shall accept?”

   So our principle is that Krsna  should be accepted as the leader

because Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita, mattah parataram  nanyat

kincid asti dhananjaya. Krsna is the supreme  leader. Eko bahu…,

…And why father is the leader? Because he earns, he  maintains the

children, wife, servant, and establishment; therefore  naturally, he’s

accepted the leader of the family. Similarly,  you accept the President

Nixon as the leader of your country because in dangerous  time he gives

direction, in peace time he gives direction. He’s  always busy how to

make you happy, how to make without any cares, anxiety.  This is duty

of the President. Otherwise, why you select one  President? Any man can

live without any President, but no, it is  required.

   So  similarly, the Veda says, nityo nityanam cetanas cetananam.

There are two sets of living entities. One… Both of  them are nitya.

Nitya means eternal. And cetana means living entity. So  nityo nityanam

cetanas cetananam. This is the description of God, that  God is also a

living entity like you and me. He’s also living entity.  Just like you

see Krsna. What is the difference between Krsna? He has  got two hands;

you have got two hands. He has got one head; you have got  one head.

You have got… He has got two legs; you have got two  legs. You can

also keep some cows and play with them; Krsna also. But  the difference

is there. What is that difference? Eko yo bahunam  vidadhati kaman.

That one Krsna, although He’s similar in so many ways  with you,

similarity, but one difference is there–He is  maintaining every one.


…   So  in the Vedic civilization there was no such problem as  petrol

problem and food problem or… No. The problem was  whether the

civilization was going nicely, whether the human  civilization is

making progress toward the ultimate goal of life, not to bother with

the temporary problems. Temporary problems  has been described in the

Bhagavad-gita, tams titiksasva bharata. Matra-sparsas tu  kaunteya…

…equire so many. So problem is there. So Krsna is saying,  “My dear

arjuna, problems there will be.” This is material world.  You cannot

avoid problems. But you should tackle with the main  problem, not the

insignificant or temporary problem. That is the  instruction of


  The main  problem is janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi. That is main problem.

o our cultivation of knowledge, advancement of  civilization, should

e on the basis of solving the main problems,  janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi,

ot the temporary problem. For the temporary problems, it  is advised

hat the temporary problems, they come and go. Just like  nowadays

here is the petrol problem. Petrol is there, but because  the Arabians

re restricting supply, it has become a problem. So there  are, as soon

s there will be some peace agreement between the Arabians  and others,

his problem will be solved. Take for example. Best  example is given

n the Bhagavad-gita, sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah. You can  solve your

etrol problem, but you can never solve the problem of  winter and

ummer. That will come and go. So it is not that winter  will remain

or good, or the summer will remain for good. Agamapayino  ‘nityah.

hey will come and go away. So don’t be bothered about  them. If you

eel botheration, just try to suffer or  tolerate….

…in the Bhagavad-gita, sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah. You can  solve your

petrol problem, but you can never solve the problem of  winter and

summer. That will come and go. So it is not that winter  will remain

for good, or the summer will remain for good. Agamapayino  ‘nityah.

They will come and go away. So don’t be bothered about  them. If you

feel botheration, just try to suffer or tolerate. That is  not your

real problem. Real problem is how to stop the birth,  death, old age

and disease, and that is Vedic civilization, and that is  depending on

the brahminical culture.


740118SB.HAW                   Lectures                  217832/530501

   So  the evolution means developed consciousness, and according  to

the developed consciousness, one gets a particular  type of body. This

is nature’s law. Prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani  sarvasah,

ahankara-vimudhatma kartaham… The evolution means  evolution of

consciousness. The same child, when he’s… He’ll  get a different

body. Just like a female child. By evolution, means  when she gets

another body, youthful body, her consciousness is  different. If you

get the body of a pig, your consciousness is different  from the

consciousness of a man. A pig will very easily eat stool,  but a human

being will not eat. Similarly, in every behavior… Just  like we,

Krsna conscious people, we have given up intoxication.  Now, if

somebody comes and bribes and offers some money that “You  take this

one thousand dollars and drink,” you’ll not agree.  Because your

consciousness is developed. So evolution is not of the  body. Evolution

of consciousness. And as your consciousness develops, you  get a

particular type of body. Yam yam vapi smaran  bhavam tyajaty ante

kalevaram. Therefore, the evolution should be of the  consciousness.

And this is Krsna consciousness. When you come to Krsna  consciousness,

then your life is perfect. And fully Krsna conscious,  then you, after

giving up this body–tyaktva deham punar janma naiti, no  more material body.


…   So  this is going on. This is called illusion. He has no connection

with all these things. When one realizes that “I have  no connection

with this body, this country, this wife, these children,  this soc…

They’re all illusory,” that is called liberation.  That is called

…some way or other. Now, in this age, they’re already  dead. So if Krsna

comes to kill them with sudarsana-cakra and sword, they  will not be

profited. Therefore, these are the astras, these are the  swords: the

devotees of Lord Krsna who are preaching Krsna  consciousness. They are

the Lord’s weapon. And they’re getting  victory.

Sangopangastra-parsadam. So those who are intelligent,  su-medhasah,

they will worship this form of God in this Kali-yuga. And  what is the

process of worshiping? Yajnaih  sankirtana-prayaih.


…740118SB.HAW                   Lectures                  217845/530501

Devotee– So is it not possible in this age for  devotees to

overthrow government?

Prabhupada: Yes, if you become all devotee, it is very  easy. Because

nowadays, the “government of the people, by the people.” So if the

people are Krsna conscious, naturally the government will  be Krsna

conscious. And if you are fools and rascals, the  government will be

fools and rascals. Because government is the  representative of the

people. You have got the opportunity because  nowadays, democracy, that

“government for the people, by the people.” Is not that?  So if you are

Krsna conscious, naturally the government will be,  because government

is by the people, for the people. So not that kind of  revolution. So

if you make a revolution of this sankirtana movement,  everyone

chanting and dancing, the government will be changed  immediately. So

push this movement.


Prabhupada: Before coming to Krsna consciousness, see  the photograph

of your face and now see. Practical. But if you deviate,  if you fall

down again, that is your business. But if you strictly  follow the

rules and regulations and chant Hare Krsna, you’ll go  forward, nobody

can check it. Thank you very much.  (end)


740712SB.LA                    Lectures                  217859/530501

In this Kali-yuga everything is topsy-turvied. The Vedic  way of

life… For living condition, we require to eat, we  require to take

bath, we require to sleep, we require to have sex also.  Everything

must be in regulative principle. Because human life means  regulative

principles. Unfortunately, the human life has become  irregulated than

the animals. This asana, pana, vasah, and snana, and  sexual

intercourse, there is, at the present moment, there is no  regulative

principle. The Vedic principle is early in  the morning one must take

bathing, then worship the Deity, read Vedic literature,  mantra, then

offer foodstuff to the Deity, then take prasadam.  Everything is

regulative principle. And it is the duty of the  government to see that

these regulative principles are being observed by the  citizens. This

is government.


740712SB.LA                    Lectures                  217860/53050

higher class, brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, sudra. Sudra  cannot live

independently. That is sudra. Nowadays the education is  that nobody

can live independently. Higher education means if he does  not get a

suitable service, then it is useless. Nobody. The  education means

nobody can live independently. So one takes  titles in education

degrees, “agriculturist.” But he does not go to the field  actually to

act as agriculturist, krsana, no. He is finding some  job in some

school, college, how to teach agriculture. Nobody goes to  the land

practical, how to plow the land, how to produce  foodgrains. Simply

theoretical knowledge. “I am teaching you; you are  teaching,” that’s

all. This is going on. No  independence….

…government officers. And further it is explained in  the

Srimad-Bhagavatam, Twelfth Canto: kriya hina… They are  not following

the rules and regulation of ksatriya or brahmana. Still  they are

claiming to become brahmana, ksatriya or vaisya. And  there is a

mercantile class nowadays, interested in business, but  business is one

of the items of the vaisya. The first business is to  become

agriculturist. Vaisya. Vaisya class, they are meant for  making

arrangement for our eating. That is also required.  Ksatriya is meant

for give us protection. And the brahmana means to give us  the ideal

life, what is the goal of life, and sudras, they cannot  do anything of

these… Therefore they are  sudra.

   So in  the Kali-yuga the sudras… Sudra means the last. Less than

sudra, the candala, they are taking the part of ksatriya  or brahmana

or vaisya. That is the effect of this Kali-yuga. Therefore it is very



740119SB.HAW                   Lectures                  217890/530501

Because here in this material world, the more we possess  material

wealth, it is our bondage. Aham mameti. Because our  bondage is we are

entrapped here by material opulences. Material  opulences are not very

good for spiritual advancement.Just  the Western people, they are

materially advanced. They possess… They do not possess,  but their

energy is utilized for converting things from one shape  to another,

that much, the energy being wasted. It is good credit for  you,

materially, that you have so nice cars, nice skyscraper  buildings, and

so many nice things you have created. That is good  credit–good credit

materially. Spiritually, it is not good credit.  Spiritually, it is

waste of energy, waste of energy. Because however nicely  you have made

all these material facilities, amenities, you cannot  stay here. You

cannot… You have got a certain amount of energy. So  that energy is

meant for some other purpose. So your energy not being  utilized for

the real purpose of life, if you utilize it for  increasing your

so-called material happiness… Actually, they have not  become happy.

Otherwise, why so many young boys and girls, they are  disappointed?

Because  this kind of advancement will not make us happy. That is a

fact. Therefore, if you waste your energy for things  which are not

wanted, then you are not advancing, you are being  defeated. That they

do not know.

   That  is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Parabhavas tavad

abodha-jato yavan na jijnasata atma-tattvam. Parabhava. Parabhava

means defeat. Tavat, “so long.” All activities of the  materialistic

person are simply defeat. Parabhavas tavad  abodha-jatah. Abodha.

Abodha means fools, rascals, ignorant, born foolish  rascals, ignorant.

We are all born foolish. So if we are not properly  educated, then we

remain fools and rascals, and the activities of fools and  rascals,


bhagyavan jiva. We are placing our program… Because His  name is

anumanta. Without His sanction, you cannot have anything.  Just like I

am moving this hand. It is by His sanction. As soon as He  stops His

sanction, immediately paralyzed. And still, we are  proud, “I have got

my hand. I have got my eyes.” What is the use of your  eyes? Unless God

helps you to see, what is the value of your eyes?  Practically you see.

Unless there  is sunshine, what is the value of your eyes? So but

still, are so fool, we are thinking, “Can you show me  God?” And what

power you have got to see. First of all consider. Then  you’ll see God.

You cannot see even what, ordinary things, what to  question of seeing


   So  this is called foolishness. He does not consider that “I  am

seeing under certain conditions, and if still…, I am so  much proud

of possessing my eyes.” This is called foolishness,  abodha-jatah. And

In the Upanisads it is said that “When God sees, you can  see….


….740119SB.HAW                   Lectures                  217908/530501

Bali-mardana: I believe I’ve heard you said in other  lectures that a

person who takes prasadam, even a plant or a…, any kind  of living

entity who takes prasadam or hears the name, that it will  come back at

least to human form of life. Is that  correct?

Prabhupada: No, if he’s devotee, then he’ll come.  But this taking of

prasadam, or hearing Hare Krsna mantra is advancement for  becoming a

devotee. But if he takes prasadam not as ordinary  prasadam, foodstuff,

he believes that “This is remnants of foodstuffs given to  God,” if he

understands this philosophy, then guaranteed.


Devotee (2): Prabhupada, how can one know whether  he’ll be going back

home to Godhead in this  life?

Prabhupada: Yes, believe in Krsna. He gives His  word. Janma karma ca

me divyam yo janati tattvatah. Krsna says, “Anyone who  understands Me

in truth,” tyaktva deham punar janma naiti, “he doesn’t  accept any

more material body; he comes to Me.” That’s it. The  guarantee is

there. So you try to understand Krsna. If you do not  understand

anything more, if you simply accept it without any  hypocrisy, that

“Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He’ll  protect me. Let me

serve His lotus feet as far as possible,” this much  qualification is

sufficient. But if you have got still doubt about Krsna,  then you try

to understand Krsna. Be without any doubt that Krsna is  the Supreme

Personality of Godhead. Then your everything is  guaranteed. Tattvatah.

Therefore Krsna says, yo janati tattvatah. Where is  Bhagavad-gita?

Here? Eh? You should keep all these books ready for  reference.


740713SB.LA                    Lectures                  217941/53050

wife, she’s also… Actually, according to strict moral  instruction..

Why strict? Ordinary. Any woman except his own wife is  mother. Any

woman. It doesn’t matter whether she is elderly or young.  No. That is

the way. Still in India, any woman by unknown person, he  can address

any woman “Mother.” The first relationship is  mother. Now they have

introduced “Sister,” “Bahinaji.” No, that is not Vedic  etiquette. No

bahinaji. Bahinaji means sister. Mother. Everyone should  be addressed

We should learn this. Except one’s one wife, all women  should be

addressed as “Mother.” This is civilization. Then there  will be no

corrupt relation. If you, from the very beginning, you  establish your

relationship with other women as mother, then there is no  question of

other relationship.


740713SB.LA                    Lectures                  217950/530501

kaunteya sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah. The, the worldly pains  and

pleasure–what is due to? It is due to this material  body.

Matra-sparsah. Matra means the skin. Because we have got  this skin, in

winter, the water is there, we feel pain, pinching. And  because it is

summer, the same water–pleasing. So the condition of  the skin,

according to the season, is changing. Therefore we are  feeling pains

and pleasure. Otherwise there is no pain, pleasure. Just  try to

understand. Because we are covered by the skin, therefore  we are

feeling pains and pleasure. If you become uncovered, free  from the

skinly covering, then there is no pains and  pleasure.

   So  that is our main business, how to get out of this material  body

of skins and bones. That is real business. But  these rascals, they do

not know what is real business. They want to  maintain the skin and

bone by another skin and bone. That is their program. So  it is foolish



740121SB.HAW                   Lectures                  218048/530501

parityajya mam ekam saranam… Sarva-dharman. This is  also dharma. So

just like people are engaged formally. Their temple,  church, is

sometimes, simply formality. Real, their real business is  how to

satisfy their senses. “If for satisfying my senses I’ll  have to pose

myself as a religious person, so let me do that.” That is  their

religion. But that is not religion. Real religion is no  sense

satisfaction, simply to satisfy the Supreme Lord. That is  real

religion. …..


740121SB.HAW                   Lectures                  218054/530501

is dharma, discipline, to abide by the state laws. There  must be some

discipline. Similarly, to make yourself advanced in  spiritual life,

you must have to observe the discipline. Without  discipline, it is not

possible. Adau gurvasrayam. Therefore Rupa Gosvami  says in his

Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu that discipline means, one who  observes

discipline, he is called disciple. Everyone knows it.  Disciple means

one who observes discipline. If one does not observe  discipline, then

he is not a disciple. And one who is not a disciple, his  life is

chaotic. He cannot be happy. Therefore Vedas say that  “You must accept

a bona fide guru and become disciplined under his  instruction.” Then

you’ll know the higher system of knowledge, the necessity  of life, and

thus you become happy.


740121SB.HAW                   Lectures                  218065/530501

   So  tad-vijnanartham sa gurum evabhigacchet. So there, how to  learn

from guru, that is also stated. Tad viddhi: try to learn  from him…

Tad viddhi pranipatena. First of all surrender  yourself. You cannot go

to any person for learning anything where there is no  sense of

surrender. I accept a guru, but in my mind I remain  independent, “Oh,

why shall I abide by the orders of guru?” That means  there is no

surrender. There is no surrender. It is false. It  is just to satisfy

some motive, but that will not help. If you have got any  duplicity in

your mind, then you’ll never be successful in any field  of activities.

So the process is… Tad viddhi pranipatena. Must be  surrendered.

Pranipata means prakrsta-rupena nipata. And therefore,  unless you find

somebody where you can fully surrender, don’t accept  guru. That is

cheating. Unless you are fully confident that “I am  surrendering to

this person. He is… Actually he is superior to  me. He can give

proper knowledge…”

….begins with the tongue. Just see. Atah sri-krsna-namadi  na bhaved

grahyam indriyaih. You cannot understand what is God,  what is Krsna,

His name, His activities, namadi… Namadi means name,  form,

qualities, activities, pastimes, entourage, so many  things, adi.

Therefore… Just like we are chanting Hare Krsna, but  we cannot

understand what is the meaning of Hare Krsna. We  cannot understand.

Namadi. Na bhaved grahyam indriyaih. Indriyaih means the  senses. There

are so many people are hearing this sound vibration, but  why they’re

not becoming Krsna conscious? Because there is no seva,  there is no

service. Therefore it is said, atah  sri-krsna-namadi na bhaved grahyam

indriyaih. But how it will be perceived by the indriyas?  Sevonmukhe hi

jihvadau. By service. And wherefrom the service  begins? It begins

jihvadau, beginning with the tongue, beginning with the  tongue. This

is the service.

   So it  is a great science, how by tongue… Actually, our, this

Krsna consciousness movement is to teach people how to  engage the

tongue in the service of the Lord. This is Krsna  consciousness. We are

requesting everyone, “Chant Hare Krsna.” That is  beginning with

tongue. “And take prasadam and go home.” That’s all.  Philosophy later

on. Philosophy later on. Because, unless one has got  clear brain,

unless has actually the senses, purified, one cannot take  the lesson

of the Krsna consciousness movement. Just  like this is philosophy. One

cannot understand the lessons which are given in  the

Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita… Therefore in the  beginning we do

not ask anybody, outsider, that “Read Bhagavad-gita  or…” No. “Please

come, chant with us Hare Krsna.” That is required. Chant  Hare Krsna

and you will feel. You’ll feel. Because this method will  cleanse your

heart. The more you chant Hare Krsna maha-mantra, the  more you become

fit to understand the philosophy of Krsna consciousness.  That is the

process. Sevonmukhe hi  jihvadau.


740130SB.TOK                   Lectures                  218205/530501

  Just like in religious system, in any  religious system, the killing

of animal there is. In every religious system, there  is. But why there

is this killing of a living entity? It is not good. But  why in the

religious system there is permission for killing  animal? So that is

explained. The (sic:) explainant is, that a person who  is a staunch

meat-eater, he cannot give up meat-eating, so… At the  same time he

wants to be religious. This is the position. For such  person it is

enjoined, just like in Vedic system, “All right, if you  want to eat

meat, at the same time you want to become religious, then  you worship

Goddess Kali. You cannot worship Visnu.” Because  he’s a meat-eater he

cannot approach pavitram paramam bhavan. The Supreme  Personality is

the supreme pure. So this meat-eater is impure. He  cannot approach the

pure. That is not possible. Therefore he is advised to  approach some

agent of the pure, some sakti, or just like Goddess Kali.  Goddess Kali

is the sakti or the agent, potency. She has got also  business: to cut

the heads of the demons. You have seen the Goddess Kali’s  picture,

munda-mala. She’s garlanded with the heads of the demons.  Have you

seen? Any one of you?


740123SB.HAW                   Lectures                  218110/530501

stage of perfection. In the beginning there may be  offenses, but if we

try to avoid the offenses, then it is namabhasa.  Namabhasa means not

actually pure name, but almost pure. Namabhasa,  and suddha-nama. When

one chants suddha-nama, name, holy name of God, then he  is on the

platform of loving platform with Krsna. That is the  perfectional

stage. And in namabhasa stage, not in pure,  marginal, between pure and

offensive, that is mukti. You become mukta, liberated  from material

bondage. And if we chant offensively, then we remain in  the material



►740130SB.TOK                  Lectures

…  how to  approach him? Tad viddhi pranipatena pariprasnena. By

surrendering, by giving service, and questioning. Question must be

preceded and followed by…, preceded by surrender, and  followed by

service. In the middle, there may be question.  Therefore, yasya

prasadad bhagavat-prasadah, we have to please the  spiritual master by

service and surrender, and then it will be very nice  position. If the

spiritual master sees that the … will be very liberal  and

convincing, and he will be very glad to answer the  question, if it is

supported by these two things: surrender, and  pariprasnena, and

sevaya. Tad viddhi pranipatena. The first beginning is  pranipata.


740130SB.TOK                   Lectures                  218245/530501

on earth. Is that happening now in some other material  universe, the

same battle?

Prabhupada: Yes.

Devotee (3): Can we enter into that, or see  that?

Prabhupada: Yes, if you go there.

Devotee (3): We have to… We leave the universe. But  then we are

associating directly with Krsna and  Arjuna?

Prabhupada: Yes. You can associate with Krsna and  Arjuna every

twenty-four hours, by reading Bhagavad-gita. Why you  require to go

there? It is already here. You see. You read the  Bhagavad-gita, and

you are immediately in the battlefield of Kuruksetra. His  is

instructing. That was the instruction.