Love and Trust

May 8, 2023 in Articles by Yasoda nandana dasa

Love and trust, by Haripada dasa

In general, people think that love means giving in love affairs as much as they receive from the other person. They are simply business deals, selfish or self-centered, and when this fails, violence enters, and they kill each other. Sincere love can be seen when parents love their children despite their children’s rejection.

Then there are the self-satisfied people, they do not require anybody’s love, these people are absorbed in thoughts about the Supreme Personality of Godhead and thus they do not care if someone loves them or not. These people are oceans of mercy, and they try to help human society so that people become pure devotees of God or Krishna, these people are full of love for God or Krishna, and as there are only God AND His energies, naturally they love everyone already.

Everything, to understand this point there are two examples, when one waters the root of a plant, the branches, stems, leaves and flowers naturally benefit and by feeding the stomach, all the senses are satisfied. The goal of human life is to awaken the latent love that we all have for God or Krishna, and God or Krishna reciprocates giving us bliss, spiritual knowledge and eternity.

Unfortunately there are ungrateful people, it is said that they are insensitive. They rebel against superior people, which means that they receive favors from their parents or the spiritual master, and even then they neglect them. Srila Prabhupada said that relationships between devotees should be based on LOVE AND TRUST, and by establishing these relationships wonderful things will be done to serve and please God or Krishna and His devotees.

In spiritual relationships based on love and trust there is harmony and happiness, there is no selfishness or envy, and in material relationships there is only selfishness, envy and a lot of suffering.

Trust is lost when there is betrayal. Trust is only possible between pure devotees of God or Krishna, because only devotees of God or Krishna have good qualities, materialistic and atheistic people do not have good qualities, we see in practice that they fight each other for nothing. The relationships between materialists and atheists are based on deceiving each other, everyone understands and accepts that materialists and atheists are scammers.