Kool-Aid vs. Nectar

January 25, 2023 in Articles by Narasimha das

The Vedic scriptures teach us (as cited in Bhagavad-gita As It Is and throughout Srila Prabhupada’s other transcendental books) that there are 3 primary modes of nature, or gunas. From these three gunas – goodness, passion, and ignorance (sattva, rajas, and tamas) – all varieties of creations in this world are manifest.

Similarly, there are 3 fundamental colors: red, blue, and yellow. From these 3 primary colors, along with various degrees of black and white, all varieties of colors are manifest. We also find many varieties of taste based on sensual perceptions of sour, sweet, bitter, and astringent. Expert chefs know how to combine such flavors wonderfully, with a touch of salt, to create immense varieties of palatable dishes.

For Kool-Aid drinkers of the modern era of internet and social media, there are also choices: blue Kool-Aid, red Kool-Aid, yellow Kool-Aid, and Kool-Aid of various other hues. But it all tastes pretty much the same. No matter the color, all Kool-Aid tastes like a cheap sugary drink with no nutritional value.

Cyanide, on the other hand, has no taste at all. Therefore, it is a prized possession of assassins, mass murderers, and those who want to easily commit suicide. Add one drop to the Kool-Aid and you are ready to go – to kill or commit suicide.

Those who like hearing from persons deluded by the modes of material nature, particularly persons under the spell of passion and ignorance, are Kool-Aid drinkers. The cyanide is their aversion to hearing from self-realized souls or those who faithfully repeat Their words or conclusions. The Vedas, such as Sri Isopanisad, implore us all to hear from the dhira, the undisturbed authority who has seen the truth. Iti susruma dhiranam, ye nas tad vicacaksire. This is the path to eternal bliss. For Kool-Aid drinkers, it makes no difference the color they prefer – their death and rebirth in miserable material existence is assured.