God is not our order supplier–SP explains in detail

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Oct 9 1968 SP letter

So far my going to Boston, unless the students agree to hear patiently for some time, Bhagavad-gita, Teachings of Lord Caitanya, the casual lectures will not be very much beneficial. So they are not very much interested, otherwise they would have come to our classes. But I told you previously that I am prepared to go provided they pay the expenses. But I think that is also not possible. So why should you take the risk? Of getting me there and with great difficulty you shall maintain my expenses, I think it is not very much favorable, so we shall see later on what is to be done; for the time being let it be dropped.
Students’ prayers 24 hours a day to listen to the political talks and desiring the war should stop is useless. God cannot be their order supplier. First of all they act sinfully, and when there is reaction of war, pestilence, famine, and so many other nature’s disturbances, they pray to God for stopping them. This is not possible. Just like a criminal first of all commits theft, burglary and debauchery, and when he is captured, by the police force, if he prays to the government to stop, that is not possible. So they are engaged in all sinful activities, and by natures’ law, there must be reaction. I am encouraging now cow killing or animal killing, and when by nature’s law, the turn comes upon me to be killed, if I pray I want to stop it, how it can be stopped? So their process is not very genuine. They want to make God as order supplier. So God is not order supplier. He is order giver. He orders everyone to surrender unto Him, and the fools and rascals who do not surrender unto Him, they want to order God in the form of so-called prayer, that He should ask material nature to stop her legal activities. That is not possible. So the situation is not very favorable, but if somebody agrees to hear Bhagavad-gita and the Teachings of Lord Caitanya, continually for some time, even they do not pay me anything, I am prepared to go and lecture. But not to take part in some political agitation. So I was awaiting your letter if I was to go to Boston, now I shall prepare my next program. I think for going to Los Angeles. And my going to Europe is not yet fixed up.
NoteThe above letter is very instructive to us all.  Prabhupada is making the point about  the students  and others during the Vietnam war wanting peace, so they pray to God for peace. Yet all these millions of people are daily killing cows and other animals just for the satisfaction of their tongue, but where is the peace for those animals?  God is not our order supplier-we pray to Him- when- we want something. And the rest of the time we flat out disobey Him and kill all His subordinate creatures and then ask Maya the material energy of God, to stop these wars, economic upheavals, famines, weather disturbances, etc etc etc. The example of a criminal stealing, getting caught then praying to the government officials to just please release me. Unfortunately, for us all,  it doesn’t work that way. God is the Infinite and we are the finite-which means servant of the servant of the servant….

Nov 23 1966 lecture on CC NYC
Another brilliant lecture on God is not our order supplier by SP
Just like Mr. Sulye(?), our Godbrother, German, he told me personally that during wartime many German women, some, they prayed into the church to get back their husband, son or brothers, because all went to war and nobody returned. And they become atheist: “Oh, there is no God. We prayed so much to God to get back my husband, to get back my brothers, but they are dead.” But the brother was not returned and the husband was not returned. So result was… So if we pray, go to Kṛṣṇa with that purpose, that He should be our order-supplier, then there is no question of Kṛṣṇabhakti. We must fully surrender, fully surrender: “Let Him do.” Āśliṣya . That is taught by Śrī CaitanyaĀśliṣya  pādaratāṁ pinaṣṭu mām marmahatāṁ karotu  adarśanāt [Cc. Antya 20.47]. Āśliṣya  pādaratā: “Either You embrace me or You trample me down on Your feet, neglect me, and You make me broken-hearted, and not being present before me all the life…” Āśliṣya  pādaratāṁ pinaṣṭu mām marmahatāṁ karotu Marmahatām means “If You make me broken-hearted… I love You so much. I want You, but You never care for me. That’s all right. Still You are my worshipable, unconditionally. I don’t want any return from You. Still You are my worshipable Deity(?).” This is pure devotion. Kṛṣṇa takes all care. 
Note-Again here during WW2 the German ladies were praying to God to return their husbands, sons, brothers, etc They did not return home so the women became atheists thinking  what kind of God is this? We prayed to Him but he did not fulfill our orders to return our men. So Prabhupada explains the correct understanding of a pious person. That God is independent, He is not our order supplier despite our fervent pleas to Him. If we have acted sinfully, then the result must come to us. 
Some Conclusions–So now we have a situation for devotees worldwide where there is no iskcon temples where sane devotees can take shelter for their lives. Its gone prabhus at least for the time being. 
So what to do in the meantime? Many of us did have that shelter for many years, well at least the 12  years Prabhupada was here with us, then all chaos broke out, most left out of disgust, and then were forced to struggle by themselves, many outright alone, in this wonderful material world.  Some  came thru it OK, but many were cast adrift in the waves of kali yuga. So what to do in this present day situation?
In order to stay and feel protected, we simply  have to follow the orders of Srila Prabhupada who is Lord Krsna’s direct representative at the present time. And we all know that includes sadhana bhakti– rising early, taking bath chanting, serving our Deities, association with devotees, and reading the books as much as possible. That’s about all we can do at the present moment due to worldwide circumstances. If more could be done some  of us would be doing it. For example (above letter) why didnt SP go to Boston and lecture at every opportunity? Because it would put a great financial burden on that local TP. so he  cancelled it for the time being. Everything is due to time place and circumstances and nothing can be accomplished without these 3  very important items of action.
Acting sinfully will never help us, just like the students praying for peace or the German women praying for their men to come home. So in whatever time frame or yuga we find ourselves, the reality of this for devotees(or any others) is that it is very very rare when an actual pure devotee of the Lord appears on this planet . Some of us got to be with him, yet most did not. But even having that opportunity or not, does not mean we stop there and just give up. For the vast majority thru cosmic time, what is usual and normal is for the majority of human beings  to never have the direct association of a maha Bhagavat, and if one is fortunate it is only for a few years, and that’s it- and then He  disappears and leaves us with his vani (instructions)which is the most important part of a pure devotees gifts.
So those instructions are all within Srila Prabhupadas books, he left nothing out to guess about or speculate on.  Meanwhile, back  to our present moment and personal predicaments, as devotees we simply have to follow his footsteps and those two lotus feet will take us all back to home back to Godhead. 
Hare Krsna
damaghosa das
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 Some slokas from Canakya pandit
ch 2 verse 9-You cannot find pearls in every mountain You cannot find gems in the head of every elephant you cannot find sandalwood in every forest and you cannot find saintly devotees everywhere
ch 4 verse 10- there are three resting places for those who are burning from the scorching heat or worldliness. First-son, second wife, third  the company of devotees
ch 4 verse 2- most sons friends and kinsmen are against devotees of the Lord, but there are a chosen  few who understand and associate with them. Only thru this way of living does the human become sanctified.