No Compromise-this is our preaching–SP

July 12, 2022 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

Hare Krsna-one will find immense reasons NOT to ever compromise with karmis, yogis, social workers, scientists, religionists, and all others from the statements of Srila Prabhupada. 
Our movement is based on the books which are authoritative and unchanging. We dont follow the philosophy of...”to get along you must go along” We follow Krsna’s philosophy-Surrender to Him and all things will become perfect.
Hare Krsna
damaghosa das 
Nov 12 1967 letter Subala


I am not in agreement with Mr. Altman that we are expanding very thinly. In my opinion a single sincere soul can maintain a center. You know, I started the center at 26 2nd Ave. alone. I took the risk of $200. rent. At that time there were no assistants. Mukunda was a friend, but there was no responsibility for him for maintaining center. Gradually Kirtanananda, Hayagriva joined but they did not take any responsibility. Still, I was maintaining the establishment simply depending on Krishna and then Krishna sent me everything; men & money. Similarly, if a sincere soul goes out and opens a center in any part of the part, Krishna will help him in all respects. Without being empowered by Krishna nobody can preach Krishna Consciousness. It is not academic qualification or financial strength which helps in the matter, but it is sincerity of purpose which helps us always. Therefore I wish that you will remain in charge of Boston. Let Mukunda be in charge of San Francisco. Let Janardana be in charge of Montreal, Nandarani and Dayananda be in charge of Los Angeles. And let Subala das be in charge of Santa Fe. In this way, you will follow my example as I did in the beginning at 26 2nd Ave. That is preaching, cooking, writing, talking, chanting, everything one man’s show. I never thought about the audience. I was prepared to chant even if there were no men present to hear me. The principle of chanting is to glorify the Lord & not to attract a crowd. If Krishna hears nicely then he will ask some sincere devotee to gather in such place. Therefore be advised that thousands of centers may be started if we find out a sincere soul for each & every center.” More when we meet. Hope you are well.
Jan 18 1968 letter Jai Mazo
I thank you very much for your appreciation of my disciples in N.Y. and you will be glad to know all my disciples in different centres are being so trained. The four principles of restriction, namely, no illicit sex relations; no animal food; no intoxication; and no gambling, are acting on their characterCharacter building is the groundwork for seating Krishna Consciousness and the Vedic injunction is that one can advance in spiritual life by following the rules of austerity and celibacy. We do not bluff our students that he has liberty to do all sorts of nonsense, and at the same time advance in spiritual understanding. And because we are a little bit strict in this matter, we have not a very large number of followers, neither do we want any large no. nonsense followers. We want only one moon at night, and we do not care for millions of stars. When we meet we shall talk further on this matter, and I hope you shall be initiated. I thank you very much for your nice letter, and hope you are well.
Nov 15 1968 letter Mukunda
So far MrGeorge Harrison is concernedhe promised to call Dayananda, but he has not done so. Therefore I think it is not probable to meet him. It doesn’t matter, let us grow slowly but surely. Let us try our best to spread this Krishna Consciousness movement with sincerity. And Krishna will give us all facilities. After all, it is Krishna’s business. We are simply servitors. Our sincere desire is to serve Him and this is our bona fide position. Krishna says that we should give up all engagements and be seriously in Krishna Consciousness and surrender unto Him. We believe in this philosophy and we try to follow the principles and we instruct others also to follow the same path. That is our bona fide position. We are representative of Krishna because we present Krishna’s order as it is. And therefore we are bona fide representative. So don’t be worried, do your best and success or failure does not matter. Krishna is absolute, so there is no such thing as success or failure in Krishna Consciousness, or in other words, there is no question of failure in Krishna Consciousness, whatever we do it is success. Whatever one may do in the material world, if he is even Rockefeller, it is all failure, defeat, because it will not exist beyond this bodyHe does not know that next life I may be dog or cat. But whatever service we can do for Krishna, even if somebody is not able to execute fully Krishna Consciousness, whatever amount of service he does it never goes in vain. It will eternally remain. And it will act. 
March 19 1969 letter
Actually this so-called yoga system and meditation that is so much popular in your country is bogus. But if we speak the naked truth to the people, sometimes they may get angry. Because unpalatable truth is not tolerated. If we call a black man black, he will be angry because it is unpalatable. So we have to present our case very carefully.

Nov 15 1971 letter
As for your questions, do the fallen souls leave the spiritual world all at once or gradually, we can answer, do all the prisoners in the prisonhouse free at once—no, some are coming, some are going. Our presentation of Krishna Consciousness must be always very bold-if we are king, we must act like king. The idea is if we speak the truth, those will hear who are intended to hear by being qualified or prepared. It is not that we should compromise to attract the mass—we are after the class. Still, it was my method to make Krishna Consciousness palatable to you Western boys and girls, how else could I attract you to give up your habits of sense gratification? Krishna philosophy can be approached from every angle because it is the Complete Whole, purnamSo if your scientific explanation, beginning from the point that sound vibration is the root cause of everything, and leading to the understanding that Krishna is the Cause of the sound vibration is having good effect, why not continue in this way. Only thing is to remain true to the authorities—Krishna, the great saints and acaryas—and everything you say will come out nicely. People are of different natures so we have to use our talents how to convince people in different circumstances, that’s all.
Note this explains why iskcon and others still cannot understand guru tattva-they simply are not ready nor “qualified to hear”
Dec 28 1971 letter
I am not much fond of the idea of changing things to accommodate the public—better to change the public to accommodate us. Therefore I suggest wherever there is Sanskrit used there should also be English spelling in brackets. In this way, the public will become accustomed to Sanskrit language so that in future we may use only Sanskrit and they will understand.
Dec 28 1971 letter
I don’t think there is need to divert your attention by producing advertising. I have seen your advertisements as shown to me by Syamasundara., and I think you have made the thing less important. This kind of ad is not good, it is not grave. Our process is to show Krishna Consciousness as it isnot as others want to see it. By showing KC in this way, you are making the thing less important. It is not that we should change to accommodate the public, but that we should change the public to accommodate us. Better you devote your full time to one thing only, not many things. That way your enthusiasm and talents will have big effect by being concentrated.
Jan 3 1972 letter
I am not surprised that Mr. Rathanam Iyer has decided to cancel the program you were planning. I was not eager to accept his proposal in the beginning because it has been our experience that it is never good to have to depend upon others for our preachingI am sorry that now that it has been advertised in the newspapers that I am coming to Madras, if I do not come our prestige may suffer. Anyway what is done is done. The fact is that I am the only one in India who is openly criticizing, not only demigod worship and impersonalism, but everything that falls short of complete surrender to Krishna. My Guru Maharaja never compromised in His preaching, nor will I nor should any of my students. We are firmly convinced that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and all other are His part and parcel servants. This we must declare boldly to the whole world, that they should not foolishly dream of world peace unless they are prepared to surrender fully to Krishna as Supreme Lord.
March 3 1974 letter
We will present our program at Bhaktivedanta Manor exactly in the line of Lord Caitanya, by kirtanaprasadam distribution and speaking from Bhagavad-gitaWe cannot deviate even an inch in order to attract the followers of the ecology philosophy or any other materialistic, utopian movement. You say you know a number of influential leaders of this group, but what is the use of knowing them, since you yourself found them deficient and left them? Our ideal Vedic community will attract everyone on its own merit, and we shall be glad to welcome and accept everyone who comes without our compromising in order to attract them.

As far as your plan to convince Prince Charles, heir to the throne, about Krsna Consciousness, this is another utopian idea. Do not work at it. I request you to live with your Godbrothers as a regular brahmacari and prosecute our standard practices for spreading Krsna Consciousness by book distribution, distribution of prasadam and preaching to interested people.
Feb 6 1975 letter
Please accept my blessings. I have heard that you want to make apologies to the police and others. This policy is not at all good. We cannot apologize. We have not done anything wrong. Our policy should be to protest against this persecution if they are determined to suppress our movement there. However, everything can be settled peacefully, if they agree to drop the charges and give us facility to push on our movement without further harassment in the future. These are the two points to be considered, so, discuss with Hamsaduta and Bhagavan and do the needful.
March 19 1975 letter
Actually anyone who tries to understand these books will become a great realized devotee of Lord Krishna gradually. The original potency of the sastra remains in these books because I have not added or opinionated anything of my own. I have simply presented the scriptures such as Bhagavad-gita and SrimadBhagavatam as they are. Therefore just see the effect they have on the world. At present, we have about 100 centers worldwide and about 10,000 fully dedicated students in those centers. 
Note–here we see why one should never  change anything in Prabhupadas books becasue as he says the original potency remains there. What have we today? Watered down nonsense-and they are continuing this demoniac policy daily.
Sept 1 1975 letter
Enclosed please find herewith a copy of a letter to Mr. Mahalingam. You have to deal tactfully in your preachingDo not compromise the truth, but speak palatably so he does not reject it but accepts it. That is preaching.

I hope this meets you in good health.
Jan 11 1976 letter
I was very glad to learn how our devotees are coming out victorious in the preaching to the university professors and students. Other groups have no philosophy nor do they have any idea of spiritual life, what to speak of living it. Our movement is authorizedOur books are based on the statements of the most exalted devotees. And if we follow strictly the guidelines for devotional service as they are given in the Nectar of Devotion and Nectar of Instruction, then no one can touch us. Our position is definitely due to our books, therefore I am always pressing on this point. All the groups are declining including the Christians. We are being harassed by the authorities and they are all Christians. Because they are losing ground, and we are increasing, they are trying to stop us. There is always this battle between the demons and the devotees, but the devotees always win because they are protected by Krishna.