Just try to become a little SOBER—SP

July 2, 2022 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

►760912rc.vrn                Conversations Prabhupada: No, they’re thinking that so many people are coming  to the cities, how we shall provide them? That’s a problem. After  all government has to supply them rations. Where is so much foodstuff?  And if they are not supplied, then there will be resentment. That’s  a fact. What they are doing in the city, so many scooter (makes  motor sound), going here and there. Actually no engagement. The girls  are loitering in the street by dressing. It will become more and  more problems, city life. So this is the solution, that they must go  back to the village. But they are trained up  to enjoy the facilities, so-called facilities, of the city. They are not  going to village. But if we can introduce this hari-sankirtana, and if they  have little taste, that is success. It’s a great program. And that taste  will come–ceto-darpana-marjanam. If he simply becomes little  sober that “I want to eat, I have to sleep, I want  some sense enjoyment and defense. So if I can get easily in  the village, why shall I go three hundred miles  away? Just keep in mind the psychology. So that simple  life will be possible if one is bhakta. Bhaktih  paresanubhavo viraktir anyatra syat. Only by devotion. Not  by otherwise. Not by artificial means, by manufacturing toilet.  Only bhakti. If they get little attachment for Krsna the questions  will be solved automatically. And they will be happy. Undoubtedly. That is  the Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s first instruction. Ceto-darpana.
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Just see how much variety comes from Krsna’s Bhumi Devi-and it is not difficult to grow this food-otherwise how could millions of  rural people worldwide already be doing it? And these pictures represent only the tip of the iceberg– of food bounty