Chanting Hare Krsna mantra -the only herb to counteract the materialistic unconsciousness-SP

June 29, 2022 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

May 26 1974 letter to Saurabhi

It is all Krishna’s grace. Bon Maharaja had to go several times to get the Governor, but with one letter he has accepted our invitation. Our movement is being accepted. They are saying that Swamiji is doing nice things. So it is up to you Europeans and Americans to push it all over the world, and one day you will be the leaders of the world. It is not difficult. You just have to work sincerely and intelligently. Krishna will do everything.
Dec 20 1976 letter to tkg
Your book distribution report is very encouraging. If I see our leaders are enthusiastic, that gives me more enthusiasm. Your suggestion to get new buses is good. I always recommended that. I don’t like old vehicles. I think one hundred buses are not sufficient for America. You propose to induce the American people to surrender to Lord Caitanya by expansion of book distribution, that is wanted. When you come to that, that is success. Then you can take charge of the government. And, as soon as in America the Krsna conscious boys are in power the whole world will be changed. The idea is to bring under control all atheist class of men. There are two ways of bringing the opposition under control. One is by logic and philosophy, the other is by force. That was done by Bharata Maharaja when he was king of this planet.

June 30 1968 letter to Kirtanananda
The suggestion of constructing New Vrindaban as I’ve suggested in Hayagriva’s letter is the only method by which we can become successful in constructing the New Vrindaban scheme. But if you have got impediments in the matter, as you say that the proprietor of the land is of different views, then I do not know how you’ll be able to construct it freely according to our idea. Mr. Rose may be very good man, but he does not know what is sectarian and what is non-sectarian. But at least you should know that Krishna is non-sectarian. Krishna claims that He is the seed-giving Father of all the 8,400,000 species of life visible within the material creation. They may be of different forms—some of them are aquatics, some of them are vegetables, plants, some of them are worms, some of them are birds, some of them are beasts, some of them are human beings. Krishna claims that all of them are His begotten sons. Neither Krishna claims Himself that He is an Indian or a Ksatriya, or a Brahmin, or white or black; He claims that He is the Enjoyer of everything that be, He is the Proprietor of all the planets and the creation, and He is the intimate friend of all living entities. He never claims that one should offer Him very valuable things to satisfy Him; or very delicious foodstuffs should be offered to Him—but He says that even a little bit of leaf, a little bit of fruit, and water, you offer to Him with devotion and love, and He accepts and eats such things. So it is a fact that Krishna is universal. Krishna is non-sectarian, and therefore if Mr. Rose actually wants to have some institution, he must know how that non-sectarian institution is possible. So factually, Krishna Consciousness is non-sectarian movement. There is no sectarian question. But if somebody without understanding this non-sectarian philosophy thinks otherwise, he himself becomes immediately sectarian. I therefore think that you should try to convince Mr. Rose about our philosophy of Krishna Consciousness, and let him become actually non-sectarian. Without understanding Krishna everyone is sectarian, and combination of such non-Krishna Consciousness persons will never create any institution of non-sectarian nature. That is not possible. If Mr. Rose is serious to give facility for a non-sectarian institution in that part of the country, he should understand Krishna and this philosophy thoroughly. Our Krishna Consciousness movement is no religious movement as it is generally understood. Our propaganda is to make people feel for Krishna or God, and become engaged in His transcendental loving service. Anyone who has a concept of God will agree to this philosophy. There are many sectarian religions where acceptance of God is there, but there is no love for God. So we are teaching love for God. That means Krishna Consciousness is the post-graduate class for all religious sects. We do not protest the Christians, or Mohammedans, or Jews, or any other religious sect, that there is no idea of God conception in their religions. More or less in every religion the God conception is there. But, nobody tries to love God. Just like in Christian religion, they go to church everyday and tries to exact bread from God, but they never try how to please God. And because this love of God, and the process is not thoroughly instructed, therefore they have come to the stage of understanding that God is dead. At the present moment in many Christian churches, this philosophy is being taught, that God is dead. But so far we are concerned, we cannot accept this philosophy, that God is dead. But we preach on the other hand, that God is not only not dead, but He can be approached finally face to face. And the method is very simple, chanting the Holy Name of God—Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare. Hare RamaHare RamaRama Rama, Hare Hare.
Nov 20 1968 letter Brahmananda
It is very nice that you shall speak on this at the yoga group program. Subala should read carefully that Hatha yoga received in the Bhagavad-gita is very difficult in this age. Yoga system is approved, but nobody can follow the rules and regulations strictly, neither there is suitable place for executing it, and everyone is always full of anxiety, so how they can concentrate? So best thing is to chant Hare Krishna which is forced meditation. In this way make nice speech, and conclude with declaring that the topmost yogi is he who surrenders to Krishna, and worships Krishna with all thoughts, activities, and intelligence.
July 12 1969 letter Carl
I thank you very much for your appreciation of our Krishna Consciousness Movement. Except for the Krishna Consciousness Movement, any other attempt for spiritual realization, such as drugs, voidness, impersonalism, bodily exercises of Hatha Yoga, etc.—they are all something like unconsciousness under some super-intoxicant. Srila Rupa Goswami has given a very nice example in this connection. He says that a conditioned soul remains in the slumber of unconsciousness just like a patient bitten by a poisonous snake. In India there is a class of snake-charmers and physicians who treat snake-bitten persons with a particular type of jungle herbs. This treatment is to bring the herb near the nostrils of the patient for being smelled, and then the patient comes back to consciousness and finds relief from the snake bite effect. In our conditioned life we are bitten by so many types of Maya snakes, and more and more we are put into unconsciousness of mind without any hope of eternal life. Krishna Consciousness is the only herb for such Maya snake-bite condition. So our duty is very responsible. We have to awaken so many snake-bitten patients under the spell of Maya. A sincere soul like you will be a great help in this movement of Krishna Consciousness. I am glad that you are reading our Bhagavad-gita As It Is and Teachings of Lord Caitanya. You will get much enlightenment from them. Also you should read Back To Godhead and SrimadBhagavatam, and surely your life will be sublime. In the future we expect you to be a great preacher of this movement to the world.