letters by SP on Hari nama sankirtana-part 2

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Hari nama sankirtan part 2
Aug 24 1968 letter Anirudha
Chanting in the park and on the street is our new movement and it is successful. It has become successful in San Francisco, in New York, as well as in Montreal. So if we adopt this means in Los Angeles, I am sure it will also become successful. In San Francisco, I understand the Kirtana party collects sometimes up to $40.00 daily, and Montreal, the other day, Hamsaduta collected $24.00, similarly I hear from Boston, they are also making good collection.So if you can organize this Sankirtana party chanting in the parks and in the street, with permit from the authorities, there will be no scarcity of money, and people will be very glad to contribute
Note-This was a big collection back then-$ 24- 40 dollars daily.
 I remember vividly on one of the very  first days I was out on sankirtan in dhoti and shaved head I went two blocks down some street bugging this man and finally he said-alright, “damn it, you beat me down here’s a quarter now leave me alone” and he took the BTG I gave to him. I think net profit for our temple was about 15 cents per that “transaction”. Soon later I met our temple TSKP party members and I found them so enlivened I went with them traveling and learned how to distribute the “big books”.
May 14 1969 letter Satsvarupa
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 12, 1969, delivered by Arundhati here in Columbus. This evening Arundhati will be married to Pradyumna, and they appear to be a very nice couple. Regarding your questions about Sankirtana Party, I think you should try to always have Sankirtana going on. All other things are subsidiary. This chanting is our life and soul, so we must arrange our program now so that there will be as much chanting on the streets and at college engagements as possible. On May 12th, we had a very successful engagement at Ohio State University, and over one thousand boys and girls were chanting and dancing along with us. So this policy should be continued as far as possible.
May 14 1969 letter Ananta
Here in Columbus we had a very big meeting at the Ohio State University and more than one thousand students were chanting and dancing along with us. So there is very good potential for spreading our movement amongst the college students, and if we simply present them with the opportunity of chanting with us, and then we lecture on Bhagavad-gita As It Is, then surely many intelligent people will become attracted. So Sankirtana Party in the streets and Sankirtana Party in school engagements should be our chief business. This will assure success in our propaganda activities.
May 17 1969 letter Krsna das
Please accept my blessings. I am very much encouraged to receive your letter of May 12, 1969, along with the German articles published in two different papers with pictures. It is very, very encouraging that you are holding kirtanas in public places and some way or other people are becoming interested. These outdoor kirtanas should be rigidly followed at least one hour daily. That will make our movement popular there. We have good experience here in every city, especially Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and here in Columbus. This is making our movement very popular more and more, so in any circumstances, you all go together outdoors for kirtana at least for one hour daily.
Jun3 13 1969 letter Krsna das (Germany)
Regarding registration of the society, you can simply translate our New York registration form into German and submit it to the court clerk, depositing the requisite fees, and I think that will finish the registration problem. If the police do not allow you to perform kirtana in public places, do not disobey their ordersTry to abide by the law of the state for taking advantage of performing kirtana as far as possible.
Aug 2 1969 letter Gaurasundara
Regarding the difficulties you are having because of the police stopping your chanting in the streets, when Subala was arrested in Philadelphia for this same reason the judge declared him as “not guilty” when he learned of the nature of our movement and the purpose of our collecting. Subala has testimonial of this “not guilty” verdict as declared by the judge, so if you think it will be of help to you in getting permission from the police for chanting on the streets, then you may write to Subala for a xerox copy of this testimonial. Regarding your order of BTG, on such matters you should negotiate with Tamala Krishna. But one thing is that we are now stepping up publication from 20,000 to 25,000 per month, so we must likewise step up our sales on Sankirtana Party. In Philadelphia, Subala has reported that simply by standing on the street corners wearing our robes, automatically many, many people come up to inquire and purchase BTG from them, and they are selling about 80 copies per day. My Guru Maharaja always stressed the importance of distributing this Krishna Consciousness literature, so try to do it as far as possible.
Aug 1 1969 letter Jayapataka
I am pleased to note that you are selling about 25 copies of BTG daily and you are going out on Sankirtana twice daily. I have learned from Brahmananda that he is increasing the number of BTGs to be printed from 20,000 to 25,000 copies per month. So there is much potential for selling these issues to the many people who are gradually taking more and more interest in our movement, and please organize your sales there to increase at a steady rate.Sankirtana is the tried and proven method of propagating all aspects of our Krishna Consciousness Movement, so continue to go out chanting in the streets as much as possible.
Oct 13 1969 letter Pradyumna
I understand from your letter of October 8th that there is a struggle with the Kazi. This obstacle by the Kazi is not new to our Krishna Consciousness Movement. It was there even during the time of Lord Caitanya, but we must steadily go on with our activities without caring for these so-called custodians of law. We are the most lawful citizens in the world, but if some demon Kazi gives stumbling to our execution of duties, we cannot abide by such order. I am very glad to learn that some of the Catholic priests are sympathetic with our movement. The government says “In God we trust”, and we are preaching the message of love of God, pleading with the people to become servants of God. So where is the cause of breaking the public peace? I am enclosing herewith a declaration of our Krishna Consciousness Movement which you may present in court if necessary. You depend on Krishna, try to face the charges by your best abilities and surely Krishna will help you. A similar charge was brought against our men in Philadelphia and the learned judge found that we are not culprit.
Feb 8 1970 letter Bhagavan
The court case is very humorous, happy, and authoritative. The charge was “Chanting God’s Name” for the welfare “of mankind.” So what can be the charges? If a man is chanting God’s Name for the welfare of mankind, how the learned judge can convict him with any charges? So he has done real justice by dismissing the case. This will be great evidence of our sincere activities and you can send copies to all the centers as well as to the editors of BTG for immediate printing. The copy which you have sent me I have redirected to India to the editor of “Kalyana” a very influential religious paper. Perhaps you know the Gita Press. So you can send me also a few copies more.
This charge against Hare Krishna chanting is not very new. Even during Lord Caitanya’s days a similar charge was brought against Him by Chand Kazi who later on converted to become His devotee. So chant Hare Krishna Mantra sincerely and seriously and Krishna will give you all protection.
Feb 21 1970 leter Shyamasundar
But I will suggest one thing—that you can organize a mass Sankirtana procession on the Advent Day of Lord Caitanya, 22 March, 1970; that day is also Sunday. Therefore if George and John Lennon both lead the procession, that will be a great service. Because of their presence many young men especially will join the procession. And if you carry flags, festoons, and pictures in that procession, starting from a big park like Hyde Park or St. James’ Square and then pass over some important streets, especially the residential quarters, that will be a great success. In that procession, you can distribute our literatures of various kinds—books and magazines also. I think that will be a great successful program.
I have already written a letter to George and it is sent through you. In that letter I have suggested the importance of Krsna Consciousness movement, so if George elaborates this idea in his foreword that will be very nice.

April 1 1970 letter Gurudas
Regarding the court case, such kinds of case will come and go. We have to go on with our transcendental business. It is very encouraging that Sankirtana Party is going twice daily, that should be continued. Other things will be adjusted by the grace of Krsna.
I talked with Gargamuni, you can immediately begin the incense business. It is not very difficult and you can do very nice business in London. From Holland you can get very good scents. Holland is a great center of manufacturing essential oils.
One thing, all other centers print the Acarya’s name on the letterhead of their stationary—you should also do that. And every center contributes $15 monthly towards my maintenance fund, so you also try to contribute this monthly.
April 1 1970 letter Mukunda
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 21st March, 1970. The karatalas have not yet reached here.
Yes, I am going to the newly purchased church Temple and when I go there by Sunday next, I shall try to teach the local boys in the way of performing Sankirtana in a circle. I shall send to you the sound production with photographs if possible, and instructions also.
April 14 1970 letter Madhudvisa
I understand from the letter of Bahulasva as well as from your letter that police and public both have appreciated this transcendental procession. The general public of Berkeley had a bitter experience that whenever there was a large gathering like this, inevitably there was political upheaval, protest, and window-breaking, and a general havoc. But this unique procession has convinced them that our men are very nice and they can organize a great crowd without any violence. That is a fact: if people actually want peace and tranquillity, they must support this movement wholeheartedly, and we shall execute our prescribed duties very seriously and sincerely. In this way if we are given chance, I am sure we will enact a new chapter in the history of the Western world. Please therefore always pray to Krsna to give you strength and protection, and go on with your duty straight forward.
Aug 31 1971 letter Vamanadev
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 24th August, 1971 and have noted the contents carefully. Your program of travelling in a van from town to town and distributing our books and literatures and having street Sankirtana sounds very encouraging, so you can go ahead and do it with my full approval. So if the management of St. Louis temple will be maintained nicely then you can go ahead. The small Deity of Caitanya Mahaprabhu can go with you on tour. That will be nice. This touring program, going from town to town with Sankirtana party and distributing our literatures is our real program. So do it enthusiastically and with determination and surely Caitanya Mahaprabhu will bless you more and more.
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