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November 2, 2021 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

Nov 15 1969 letter Harold Torf
Regarding Omkar, you may know that Om is the impersonal sound form of Krishna. Those who are unable to utter immediately the Sweet Name of Krishna, they are recommended to chant Om. Just like a child is taught to make a particular type of sound, and thus he learns the name of father, mother and other relatives. That is the beginning. So in the beginning, Om is the right vibration of transcendental sound, and the meaning is to address the Supreme Lord. Our business is directly with the Supreme Lord. Impersonal feature of the Lord is just like the illumination of the lamp.The lamp is the more important thing. You will gradually understand all these features of the Absolute Truth if you read Bhagavad-gita and adhere to the regulative principles.
jan 23 1970 letter Hamsadutta
Regarding your question: you are right when you write to say that everything about us, tables, chairs, bricks etc. is originally emanating from sound vibration. This is also admitted in the Christian Bible wherein it is said that God said, Let there be creation. And there was creation. So, “said” means it was sound vibration; but this sound vibration is not material sound vibration because before creation of material sky and sound, transcendental sound was there. So actually the transcendental sound is the cause of creation, but material sound is not transcendental sound. We have to receive transcendental sound through the transcendental channel, therefore, Vedas are called Sruti. That means transcendental sound can be received through the ear. And by hearing this transcendental sound through the ear our heart becomes spiritually purified, and we can realize at that stage the transcendental Name, transcendental Qualities, transcendental Form, transcendental Pastimes etc. That is the way of descending process.
Jan 24 1970 letter Ranadhir
Amongst all our duties surely we must not forget to complete our sixteen rounds. We should not be carried away simply by the Krishna duties which is also regarded as good as chanting, but in all circumstances we shall not forget this duty. I am very glad to learn that the small children are also increasing their dispositions and service attitude. Please get it recognized and increase the activities of the school more and more. All the devotees who desire to know may ask their questions to the elderly members but still they are open to write me for all their questions and there should not be any hesitation. I reply each and every letter that I receive, but sometimes it may be a little late due to pressure of work. But they should write; there is no checking. But it is better if simple questions are solved amongst yourselves in the Istagosthi class. Every one of you must regularly read our books at least twice—in the morning and evening, and automatically all questions will be answered.
(Note-here Prabhupada is saying he wanted each disciple to write him letters but the GBC always discouraged us-same thing happened at the end when Prabhupada wanted his disciples to come to hin in Vrndavana and 
GBC ( TKG, Ramesvara and co} lied to us saying he did not want us to come-they also did NOT want these letters to be printed)
Jan 30 1970 letter Cidananda
Herewith, I am returning back the new beads duly chanted. The former beads may be kept with you and if some new boy comes and wants to chant, you may lend him the beads—not to be taken away by him, but to be used for chanting while he is in the Temple. Otherwise, you can keep them carefully and they may be used in some emergency.
April 7 1970 letter Giriraj
I do not know just what has happened to your old beads, but you should keep your beads always very, very carefully, they are your direct link with Krsna.
April 22 1970 letter Minoru and Kanji
I am very glad to learn also that you are feeling joy while chanting the mantra Hare Krishna. Yes, it is exactly like this. If anyone chants this mantra in good faith and in simple understanding, then surely this transcendental vibration will act immediately in spiritual bliss. Please therefore continue to chant this mantra as many times as possible throughout the day and night. I do not think there is any inconvenience or loss on your part if you do so all the time. Even when you are walking, you can softly chant Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, or even when you are on the bus going to somewhere you can also chant. When you are working with your hands you can also chant and when you are resting or going to take rest you can also chant. Even in your toilet room while taking bath you can also chant. In this way there is no limitation or restriction for chanting this Holy Name of God, Krishna, and His Energy, Hara. In doing this business there is no loss, but there is very great gain which is transcendental realization.
Jan 21 1971 letter Sri govinda
I am so glad to hear how you are strictly following the regulative principles of devotional service and chanting regularly 16 rounds daily, mostly before Lord Jagannatha. That is our strength in spiritual life and will make for your rapid advancement in Krishna Consciousness. There are three stages of chanting: offensively; free of offense, or in the liberated stage; and in full love of Godhead. Simply continue chanting and any offenses you may be committing, because they are not intentional, will soon vanish by the grace of Lord Jagannatha.
March 30 1971 letter Anandini
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 14th January, 1971 as well as the $50.00 gift sent by you also. Thank you very much. I am so glad to accept you as my disciple. Your spiritual name is Anandini Devi Dasi; Anandini means “pleasure.” Your beads are also duly enclosed and to keep them strong they should be soaked in oil; mustard oil will do. Also they should be restrung properly.

May 21 1971 leter Kirtika
So somehow or other always be engaged. And if there is nothing else, you can always sit down and chant Hare Krishna Mantra. 16 rounds daily is the minimal requirement, but you should chant Hare Krishna as much as possible. And follow all the regulative principles strictly. Read all our books, attend classes and go for street Sankirtana. In this way be engaged in Krishna’s business
24 hours and you will be happy and in the end you will go back home, back to Godhead.
June 17 1971 letter Prahladananda
So far as your questions: parching the body unnecessarily is not the desire of the Supreme Lord. So one who goes against the rules and regulations of scriptures is causing pain to the supersoul. Therefore, parching the body means parching the supersoul.; generally it is the process to simply chant and hear, but if Krishna’s lila comes into remembrance, that is very good. It should come automatically. Not that you are remembering artificially.
July 6 1971 letter Hrdayananda
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 3d July, 1971 and have noted the contents. All these initiation beads should be kept very carefully and protected. It is not a question of changing beads, but this carelessness, of losing beads, is not very good. You are very intelligent boy, so you should be careful and instruct others also. So keep your beads in a bag and keep the bag around your neck. Then you won’t lose. It was not necessary to send me $10.00 for the beads but since you have so kindly sent, I shall gladly add this sum to my book fund. Thank you very much.
Dec 8 197 letter Upendra
I have no objection if you install Jagannatha deities. For asthma, no food should be taken at night, and in general avoid overloading the stomach. Chanting Hare Krishna and drinking only caranamrta water is the best remedy for any bodily diseaseBut if something else required, chew a little thyme after meals. Potassium iodide is a temporary medicine for asthmaIf there are broken beads, they may simply be replaced without that I have to chant on them. Once sanctified by the Spiritual Master, your chanting of Hare Krishna is eternally blessed.
Dec 10 1972 letter Bhagavan
Hold a fire yajna and give Gayatri mantra to Kaliya Krishna das, Batua Gopala das, and Ichhamati dasi. I think you have got a tape of me reciting Gayatri mantra, so use this tape. One thing is that the tape should be heard through earphones into the right ear. So the fire yajna can be held for all six devotees. Also, I have sent beads of Sukasagari dasi, duly chanted. In cases when beads are lost, it is not necessary to give new ones to the spiritual master for again chanting. Once the disciple received the Hare Krishna Mantra from the spiritual master, that is an eternal blessing, whether these beads or those beads.
Jan 2 1972 letter Kirtiraj
Our New York Temple has got the most devotees so rightfully, they should also lead our Society in book distribution. You have got a very important duty to see that all the branches are kept with a full stock of all my books. And I know that we are getting many mail-orders daily, so you must see that these orders are all filled promptly. If we take the public’s money, and then delay too long in filling the orders, this will give us a bad reputation. So be very conscientious and hard-working and Krishna will give you the ability to do everything nicely. There is no difference between chanting Hare Krishna or Sankirtana and doing one’s assigned work in Krishna Consciousness. Sometimes we have to do so much managerial or office work, but Lord Caitanya promises us that because in the Kali yuga this is required for carrying on our preaching mission. He gives assurance that we will not become entangled by such work. When the work has to be done, do it first, then chant. But you must fulfill at least 16 rounds daily. So if necessary sleep less but you have to finish your minimum number of rounds.
Jan 6 1972 letter Radhaballabha
japa should be done early in the morning with full concentration preferably during the Brahma Muhurta time. Concentrate fully on the sound vibration of the mantra, pronouncing each name distinctly and gradually your speed in chanting will increase naturally. Do not worry so much about chanting fast, most important is the hearing. A devotee should always be grave and silent which means that he only discusses topics relating to Krishna Consciousness. Yes, spend your time chanting and reading and taking Krishna Prasadam and automatically your tongue will come under control. If you sincerely engage 24 hours daily in devotional service according to the instructions of the Spiritual Master, chant daily 16 rounds, attend the arati ceremony of Lord Krishna, associate with the devotees and adhere strictly to the regulative principles then Krishna will reveal Himself personally to you.
Feb 12 1972 letter to Govinda dasi
So far your other letter, devotion does not depend on the body, and in spite of all difficulties we can chant, so long we have got the tongue—and even we have got no tongue we can chant in our mind. So where is the question of not serving with devotion? On the contrary, I consider that you and your good husband, Gaurasundara, are two of my topmost disciples and the work you are doing greatly encourages and pleases me, therefore do not think that because you are sometimes sick or weak that you are not making any advancement and that you are disappointing me, no. I am always thinking upon you both, that Krishna will give you His all blessings.
Feb 20 1972 letter Tosan
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated January 4 and I have noted the contents. I am glad to hear that you are always keeping engaged in Krishna’s service and chanting Hare Krishna. As you chant, try to hear each word very carefully and always complete your sixteen rounds. Regular and attentive chanting, along with following the four regulative principles will keep one pure. Simply by following these principles and chanting Hare Krishna one can make his life successful and perfect. So far your two lost beads are concerned, you can simply add two more beads, and because I have already chanted on all the others, they will be sanctified also.
Feb 27 1972 letter Mohanananda
Your third question, What is the explanation of split-personality, actually, there are not two personalities, there is only change of mindTherefore, the mind has to be fixed up in Krishna, then there is no more extreme change in the mind from one personality to another. There is always only one personality, it is just that if the mind is very disturbed, it may change in extreme way; if such person is devotee; best remedy is to sit down very tightly and chant Hare Krishna very loudly and hear for the a long time until he feels himself one-minded and fixed on Krishna’s Lotus Feet.
May 28 1972 leter to sons and daughters
I am so glad to learn that you are such good assistants for Tulasi dasa there in our Denver center. And I can understand that you are all very eligible candidates for going back to Home, back to GodheadAnd the process is simple. Simply follow the regulative principles with determination, and you will become free from all attachment to maya, by Krishna’s Grace. The example is when the sun is in the sky, there is no question of darkness. Similarly, when Hare Krishna Mantra is vibrating on your tongue and you are hearing attentively, then your consciousness becomes clear or Krishna Consciousness, and there is no question of maya or hazy consciousness. Just as when the light and the darkness come together, the darkness cannot stand before the light, so maya cannot remain in the presence of Krishna. Always remember therefore to chant Hare Krishna, and that will save you in all circumstances without any doubt.
July 20 1973 letter Govinda dasi
Of course we have to control the mind, and I have already instructed you and all my students that the restless fickle mind can only be controlled by putting the mind to the lotus feet of Krsna, and that can best be done by chanting Hare Krsna mantra, and there is no alternative in this age. By chanting without offenses, the devotee cries to Radharani and Krsna to please lift him out of the material energy and put him into the spiritual energy, which is devotional service.
And because we are not at the stage where we can chant and do nothing else all day, there are so many other engagements. So you have sufficient engagement there? Because if we are not fulltime engaged then the mind is free to do its fickle business of rejection and acceptance for sense gratification. Maya will immediately enterwe do not even have to call her—the moment we are not absorbed in Krsna’s devotional service.
March 24 1974 letter Dayananda
All initiated devotees must chant at least 16 rounds daily, without fail. Now that they are initiated there is no question of not doing their rounds. You may hold a fire yajna and Jagadisa Prabhu may chant on their beads. In court when a person swears to tell the truth he can be punished by perjury if he does not take it seriously and tells a lie, so those who will promise before the deity to follow the rules and regulations of initiated disciples will be punished if they fail to do so. I am certain, however, that under your able guidance all the boys and girls are enthusiastic in their duties for Krsna.
Nov 25 1974 letter Annada devi
When I was in Delhi I was sorry to learn that you were ill, so I immediately informed your husband that you must be cared for. Anyway we have to depend upon Krishna in all circumstances. As long as the body is there there will be different degrees of health and unhealth. We have to tolerate these things just as we have to tolerate the seasonal changes of sometimes hot sometimes cold. You are a devotee, and so Krishna will protect you. Always think that Krishna is with you. He is present in His name, so you are always associating with Him. I Hope this meets you in good health.
Dec 15 1974 letter Bhakta Mark
You can use all of your talents for spreading Krsna Consciousness. So please work closely with Visnujana Maharaja and whatever he says try to do it. And always chant Hare Krsna. As far as the seven transcendental meters for singing the names of the Lord, that is not so important for now. Better to try to increase the purity of the chanting first, that is our most important thing.
March 14 1975 letter Mr Lourence
Please accept my greetings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 18-9-74 and have noted the contents. Thank you for reading my books and appreciating them. Please continue to do so. That will help you advance nicely in spiritual life. By reading my books and chanting Hare Krishna, your life will become perfect. The reason for the Japa beads is so that you can keep track of how many times you are chanting Hare Krishna mantra daily. It should be chanted a steady amount of times regularlyWe chant at least 16 times around the string of 108 beads daily (one full mantra on each bead). This keeps us strong in spiritual consciousness. Try to visit our temples in London, Paris, Rome, etc. as much as you can. The association of the devotees there will help you to become fixed in Krishna Consciousness. If this is not possible then you can correspond with the devotees at those temples.
July 10 1975 letter Sudhindra Raya
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 21-4-75 and have noted the contents. Please continue to visit our temple in Calcutta as often as possible. I cannot very well understand what your letter says due to typing errors and spelling and grammar. But even if there may be some problems, always try to remain in Krishna Consciousness. Do not give up chanting the Hare Krishna mantra simply due to some external difficulties. Under all circumstance you should always chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. This will protect you from all danger of being influenced by Maya or the material energy….
Jan 16 1976 letter To Ajitananda
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 25th, 1976. Considering your problem I will advise you to chant on your lips since you become tired chanting out loud. Also you can sit and hear your Godbrothers chanting. And you can also hear tapes. Do all of these and there should be no problem.
Aug 26 1976 letter Bhakta das
All initiates of mine must strictly follow the four principles of no meat, fish or egg, eating; no gambling; no intoxication of any kind; and no illicit sex. They must chant 16 rounds a day minimum with attention, clearly chanting the mantra, and listening very carefully. This is the recommended process for purifying the heart in this sinful age of Kali.Be serious to push on this sankirtana movement of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and certainly He will bless you and your life will become perfect, na ca tasmad manusyesu kascit me priya-krtama, anyone who preaches this message of the Bhagavad-gita is the most dear servant of the Lord.
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