Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami admits all ISKCON Gurus failed and flopped

October 16, 2021 in Articles by Laksman dasa (Admits after 2:11)

Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami admits all ISKCON Gurus failed and flopped

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Video transcription (not clearly audible):

“But we should.. we should as an.. and Prabhupada memories can deteriorate, even the remembrance that he was here and what his quality was. So we have to do this kind of thing: remember him and we speak about his qualities, so that we don’t forget what he is in our life.

Because so the importance that I just spoke with of his presence that we can remember is his ability to take us back to Godhead, and that I see, as I said, as his quality of his power as an empowered agent of Krishna the loving agent to do that. You go in the material world you fit into disciplic succession, but in a very special way, and go and I’ve been reading these New York Diaries and the Jaladuta Diaries, go and bring all these souls back.

And he has done it, well he’s he has he’s done a lot of it, and a lot of it has to be done by his followers, but by following his, his example, and part of it you know what more can we do.

You know, we’ve flopped as trying to be gurus, they’re trying to carry out any imitation of his presence but remembrance itself is a big thing. Just remember how Prahupada held the cup or did this, did that, it’s a good thing asking all the devotees what was he like, what did he do, so there’s people in the future can remember that story you just told.”