Clever means that he must stay in his own land. He should not be cheated by the paper and go to the city.-SP

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Prabhupada: The villagers, they have cows and land. That is sufficient
for their economic problem. But the industrialists, they are alluring
them, “To get more money, come here.” So they are going to the cities.

And the food production in the village is neglected. And therefore the
food grain price is rising. Actually, everyone should be engaged to
produce food, but the modern set-up of civilization is that few people
are engaged in producing food, and others are eating
. They are
offering… They are artificially getting money. So they are offering
paper, “Here is ten dollars.” Although it is a paper, cheating. And
they are captivated by cheating. They, they are thinking, “I have got
now hundred dollars.” What is this hundred dollars? It is paper. So some people are cheating and some people are being cheated. This is
the society.
Mother: Yes. But I think one has to be clever enough not to let people
cheat you.
Prabhupada: Clever means that he must stay in his own land. He should
not be cheated by the paper and go to the city.

Mother: But we have to teach our young to be able to define between
those who cheat and those who…, be able to tell people who…
Prabhupada: The whole civilization is a plan of cheating others.
That’s all. And they’re all sinful
               Hare Krsna-below is just the TIP of the iceberg-when we get the higher taste then is very easy to give up the paper money— which we cannot eat!!!!

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