The more we try to defeat the arrangement of Kṛṣṇa, the more we become implicated in Kṛṣṇa’s māyā

August 27, 2020 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

SB 10.13.44--Thus because Lord Brahmā wanted to mystify the all-pervading Lord Kṛṣṇa, who can never be mystified, but who, on the contrary, mystifies the entire universe, he himself was put into bewilderment by his own mystic power.PURPORT…Instead of defeating Kṛṣṇa, Brahmā himself was defeated, for he could not understand what Kṛṣṇa was doing. Since Brahmā, the chief person within this universe, was so bewildered, what is to be said of so-called scientists and philosophers? Sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja [Bg. 18.66]. We should give up all our tiny efforts to defy the arrangement of Kṛṣṇa. Instead, whatever arrangements He proposes, we should accept. This is always better, for this will make us happy. The more we try to defeat the arrangement of Kṛṣṇa, the more we become implicated in Kṛṣṇa’s māyā (daivī hy eṣā guṇa-mayī mama māyā duratyayā). But one who has reached the point of surrendering to the instructions of Kṛṣṇa (mām eva ye prapadyante) is liberated, free from kṛṣṇa-māyā (māyām etāṁ taranti te [Bg. 7.14]). The power of Kṛṣṇa is just like a government that cannot be overcome. First of all there are laws, and then there is police power, and beyond that is military power. Therefore, what is the use of trying to overcome the power of the government? Similarly, what is the use of trying to challenge Kṛṣṇa?

Some Conclusions–When I read this today I immediately thought of thousands of devotees worldwide who refuse to see, accept, and follow the arrangements of the Lord at this time especially in history.His “arrangements” are brought to us down thru the param para, specifically thru the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. What are those orders? Even the gross materialists can see the “writing” on the wall”, namely that kali yuga is exponentially getting much worse right now as the covid virus spreads to millions  around the world, homeless people by the thousands crowding the streets of cities,,as unemployment rises to record levels, as rioting , looting and other violence increases in many parts of the world against the police and their local governments. Who can sanely say that  cities are a safe to live, work and bring up your kids? Has anybody seen what has happened on 5th Avenue in NYC ? All the retailers for many blocks, have boarded up their stores because retailing there is now impossible.

Therefore Srila Prabhupada as the Lords representative and who is always our well wisher has given us orders to move out of these cities, get yourself some land or make some arrangements for growing your own food supply.
Admittedly some just cannot do this, but the majority of devotees who are still able can and should be thinking seriously about moving out of the cities. We have produced a book recently which outlines my wife and my exodus from the city of Seattle 20 years ago, which  is still burning today as I write this from about a months of riots and looting. And this city is not alone with this type of activity.
Therefore the devotees who are still somewhat sane, and can see what is happening will be making arrangements for living in places other than major cities. And the best thing to do, is to begin learning how to become self sufficient by growing your own food. This is the order of Krsna and Srila Prabhupada, who says….. The more we try to defeat the arrangement of Kṛṣṇa, the more we become implicated in Kṛṣṇa’s māyāHare Krsnadamaghosa das

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Quotes on Simple living high thinking
►740524r2.rom                Conversations …  Yes, naturally. If this man is fed up with  this industry, he cango back to village and  produce his own food. But he is attached to this industrial  activity because he is thinking that “We are getting more money for wine and  woman and meat. Let me enjoy.” That is the perfect, imp…  But  if he chants Hare Krsna maha-mantra, hisconsciousness  will be purified and he will be made not interested thiskind of work. He will go back to village  andproduce food.——————

►740525mw.rom                Conversations …  That is yajna. So in the Kali-yuga the yajna is made  very easy. Chant Hare Krsna. So anywhere you go, chant Hare Krsna, and see  that there will be clouds, there will be rainfall, and just work  little,you get your foodgrains, and chant Hare  Krsna.——————-740524r2.rom                 Conversations                           1/1 eatables to the animals and to the men, then everything is  prosperous. So where is that arrangement? There is enough land,  enough possibility, enough water. Now utilize them and produce food  grain,eat nicely and live peacefully and chant Hare  Krsna and go back tohome, back to Godhead. This is our  philosophy. Why there should be industry? You want to eat after  all. Instead of eating this flesh, killing poor animals, why don’t you  produce food grains, fruits, flowers, food grain, and take milk from the  animals and produce milk products, all nutritious food, all nice food, and be  happy and remember God for His kindness. This is  civilization. What is this nonsense civilization? Now there is  petrol problem. I see so many buses, and not a single man, one or two men.  And for two men a big huge bus is being run, and so much petrol is consumed  unnecessarily. I have seen. I went from Nairobi to London in a  plane–only five passengers. Out of that, four passengers we were. Why?  Why this nonsense? And there is petrol problem now. They are creating  simply, the so-called advancement of civilization, creating problems,  that’s all. And that is due to these rascal leaders. Andha  yathandhair upaniyamanas te ‘pisa-tantryam uru-damni baddhah. They do not  know what is the ideal of life, what is the aim of life. They are  creatinghodge-podge  civilization and putting the mass of people in chaoticcondition.  This is the sum and substance. I do not know whether  you’llagreed with me, but this is my study of the whole  situation.——————————►740525mw.rom                Conversations Prabhupada: Yes.  (break) …encouraging in our society to take to agriculture to  support this center. I am purchasing land in Vrndavana and Mayapura to  become self-sufficient. Whatever production you make, you  be satisfied. Little vegetable, little grain and little milk. That is  sufficient.——————————►740525mw.rom                Conversations Prabhupada: Yes, that was Gandhi’s philosophy, village  organization. These people, they are attracting villagers to work in the  factory, and they are exploiting them…. our philosophy. Make your  life successful. By becoming Krsna conscious, you become free from  allthese troubles of material  condition. This is our education. Don’t be after these  motorcars, television, and all nonsense things, sporting, wine, women. Don’t  be after these. Simply eat sufficiently, keep  yourhealth nicely, chant Hare Krsna, realize Krsna, and  go back  to home This is our  philosophy…————————►740525mw.rom                ConversationsPrabhupada:  Stick to your own place and grow your food. There is  no question of transport. Little transport is required, that bullock cart.  Krsna was being carried on bullock cart. There is no use of petrol. Use  simply the bull. They are already there. Utilize them.————————-740527mw.rom                 Conversations                 363471/53050 Dhananjaya: So in fact, Srila Prabhupada, we should start  using bullock carts. Prabhupada: Yes. No, first of all you  start the community project, aswe have already started  in New Vrindaban. Make this  perfect.——————————740527mw.rom1/2 newspaper, nonsense  newspaper, huge, huge quantity? So everything will be nice provided you  become ideal. Live in community. Produce your  ownfood. Even you can produce your own  paper. You don’t require printing of so many books. If there is one book,  others can …————————–►740527mw.rom                Conversations … Keep amongst yourself and produce. Produce  foodgrain, produce cotton, mustard seed.  Self dependent, no use… And we don’t require motorcar. Bullock cart is  sufficient. There is no need of going  anywhere…————————–►740527mw.rom                Conversations Prabhupada: No, no. These varieties… Suppose you grow half a  dozen different types of vegetables. So from this half a dozen you  can makethree dozen varieties. If you are a good  cookerSo the varieties  ofenjoyment will be fulfilled. We have got some  desire of differentquality of varieties. That you can make.  From milk, vegetable, grains,the three things,  youcan make three hundred  varieties. —————————-►740527mw.rom                Conversations Prabhupada: Yes, it will go on, but when they will see that  your ideal community is better than city life, people will take to it.  Param drstva nivartate. When one gets a better standard of life,  naturallyhe will give up the lower standard of  life.—————————–►740528mw.rom                Conversations  So you have to set up real human society in a  small scale so people will see, “Yes.” Because man has got  intelligence. Just like, although I am … my preaching. So why you are  coming? So if you stick to yourposition, real  human civilization, people will come, gradually. Because they  have got the sense….————————-►740528mw.rom                Conversations Prabhupada: No, there is no question of extended. You keep  yourself in a limited solution. And then, when it is appreciated it will  be automatically extended. You don’t touch the extended. You become  idealcivilized man. Others will  follow.———————-740602mw.gen                 Conversations                 364211/530501 Prabhupada: Wasteful, yes. Therefore I say they have no brain.  All, they are rascals. Rascal leaders. A little labor in  agriculture willbe  sufficient to produce the family’s food stock for the whole  year. You can stock.  You work only three months, and you get sufficient  foodfor your whole family.And  less nine months, you chant Hare Krsna. Butthese  rascals will not do that. They will work hard like ass  simplyfor eating. Nunam pramattah kurute  vikarma yad indriya-pritaya aprnoti. They will not accept easy  life.————————–740605r2.gen                Conversations Prabhupada: Sacrifice means to satisfy God. So you  satisfy God. By God’s mercy there will be sufficient rain. And  when there is sufficient rain you produce sufficient food, food grains, and  both th animals and men eat and live in God  consciousness.—————————►740611r2.par                Conversations Prabhupada: No, we have to make this propaganda because we are  servant of Krsna. And Krsna orders, krsi-go-raksya-vanijyam. So we  must take to agricultural work to produce food and give  protection to the cows. And if there is excess product, we trade. This simple  thing we must do. Therefore I’m anxious to take outside Paris this  center. Ourpeople should live there peacefully, produce  food grains, giveprotection to the cows, and work  hard. And if there is excess product, you can make money also.——————►740611r2.par                Conversations Therefore I’m anxious to take outside Paris this  center. Our people should live there peacefully, produce  food grains, giveprotection to the cows, and work  hard. And if … this point. We can make good money. We’ll not  be loser. Krsna conscious men, they’ll be never loser by following the  instruction of Krsna. They’ll live comfortably without any material want,  and tyaktva deham punar janma naiti, and after leaving this body, go to,  directly back to home…—————►740619rc.ger                Conversations Prabhupada: My idea is that all our centers should be  self-supported. We do not like that idea that for your support you  have to go 100miles to get your bread.  That is a very dangerous drawback. You produce your food  locally and then support yourself. The main problem is what to eat, where to  sleep. So we get some place and support ourself by producing our own  food. We  have already begun in New Vrindaban, New…, West Virginia, Virginia, and  similarly in other centers, we are producing our food, grains, vegetables,  fruits and milk. That is sufficient.►740621mw.ger                Conversations Prabhupada: Most unnatural life. City life, most                 Conversations Prabhupada: (laughs) Yes. Murkhayopadeso hi prakopaya na  santaye. If you advise rascals, they’ll be angry. No good result.  Murkhayopadeso hi prakopaya na santaye, payah-panam bhujanganam kevalam  visa-vardhanam. So we have to becomevery strong  preacher. Then this movement will stay. If you simply  takethe temple worship, it will not stay  verylong. Just like…►750401mw.may                Conversations … don’t distribute. You live only, till the ground  and take yourfood. Where is the question of  distribution? Whatever you can till, you take so much land. God has enough  land. Why do you possess more? One acre of land is  sufficientfor producing your food. Why do you  take more?►750403mw.may                Conversations There are so many land. Come here and grow food. Grow fruit.  That is… That is the desire of  Krsna. Annad bhavanti  bhutani. Produce food and eat in sufficiently, be strong, and chant  Hare Krsna.That is our philosophy. Why you  are producing bolts and nuts, tire and tubes? Eat. Rascal. They do not know  that first of all you must eat. No, everyone is engaged in industry.  Why? Krsna does not say that“Take to  industry.” Krsna says, “Produce foodstuff.” Annad  bhavantibhutani. If you produce foodstuff, then both your  animals, yourself,will be happy, becoming  strong. Why do they manufacture other  things?0403mw.may                Conversations Prabhupada: Therefore we are offering this place. Come here.  Why do you not come here and live with us? Then this is… The  Krsna consciousness movement is… This is the movement, that you  come here,live with us, and produce your food,  produce your milk, be happy,healthy, and chant Hare Krsna.  This is our movement. Therefore we are creating New  Vrindaban and farm, and we are trying to purchase… This is our movement,  that we give you sufficient food, shelter, health, philosophy, religion,  character, everything, purity. Come here. Why don’t you come? They come here  on the weekdays, and then fly away, go away. You see? We are giving such nice  room, but they will not live here. They will go to the hubble-bubble of the  city. They like to come here. Therefore they spend so much money for gas and  … here. They will go to the hubble-bubble of the city. They like to  come here. Therefore they spend so much money for gas and come here.  But because they are not accustomed, they go back again. Return  ticket.From hell to heaven, and again hell (laughter)  Return ticket–comingback to hell again, not going back to  God.►760912rc.vrn                Conversations Prabhupada: No, they’re thinking that so many people are coming  to the cities, how we shall provide them? That’s a problem. After  all government has to supply them rations. Where is so much foodstuff?  And if they are not supplied, then there will be resentment. That’s  a fact. What they are doing in the city, so many scooter (makes  motor sound), going here and there. Actually no engagement. The girls  are loitering in the street by dressing. It will become more and  more problems, city life. So this is the solution, that they must go  backto the village. But they are trained up  to enjoy the facilities, so-called facilities, of the city. They are not  going to village. But if we can introduce this hari-sankirtana, and if they  have little taste, that is success. It’s a great program. And that taste  will come–ceto-darpana-marjanam. If he simply becomes little  sober that “Iwant to eat, I have to sleep, I want  some sense enjoyment and defense.So if I can get easily in  the village, why shall I go three hundredmiles  away? Just keep in mind the psychology. So that simple  life willbe possible if one is bhakta. Bhaktih  paresanubhavo viraktir anyatrasyat. Only by devotion. Not  by otherwise. Not by artificial means, by manufacturing toilet.  Only bhakti. If they get little attachment for Krsna the questions  will be solved automatically. And they will be happy. Undoubtedly. That is  the Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s first instruction. Ceto-darpana.760916rc.vrn                 Conversations                 452281/530501 Prabhupada: Yes, also. Otherwise, we have seen in our  childhood how happy people were. They were. Simple. If one has  five rupees incomeper month he’s happy. I’ve seen  it. Husband, wife, a small family. If he has got five rupees  income, they can maintain very nicely, happily. Why not? Suppose he has got  five rupees income. The rice was selling at four rupees. So two person, say  one-fourth kg., one-fourth share each. A gentleman cannot eat more than that.  So means half a share. And the whole month, fifteen share. It is about one  rupee eight annas. And further, one rupees eight annas add for vegetables and  other things. With three rupees they can maintain, the husband and wife.  And two rupees still there. He can spend for other purposes. I have  seen it. Fresh vegetables, rice, this and… Just like with banana  leaf. The pots were of earthen, the wife is cooking and she’s utilizing  dry foliage as fuel, a little temperature, everything is cooked.  The husband takes one banana leaf and spreads, and the wife  gives sufficient rice, vegetables. And things were so cheap. I have seen  it. And fresh.760916rc.vrn                Conversations Prabhupada: Otherwise, within the village you can get  everything. Village economy. Everything very cheap. And as soon as  they got these transport facilities, the local men, they could not  eat, and these lazy rascals, they are getting everything. Big, big cities  like Calcutta, Bombay, they (have) millions of population. They are  not producing anything. The producer is different man. They are  simply artificially cheating them by paper money and they  …►760926rc.vrn                Conversations … other important members said, “Why Abhaya Babu is  living separately? He should be the president of the Bombay.” I never  said, but they said. I was living separately. Then Prabhupada … ll  do himself everything. You haven’t got to recommend him.” These  very words. (break) …Krsna require any president or any GBC. He’s  givingchance to everyone, that’s all. Otherwise  thousands of presidents andthousands of GBC may come and  go, His work will go on. Krsna is complete Himself. He doesn’t  require anyone’s help. That is Krsna. (break) …sei hetu pracara. One who  has got life, he can preach.►761016iv.cha                Conversations … Bhagavad-gita, krsi-go-raksya vanijyam vaisya-karma  svabhava-jam. That you must produce enough food grains by agriculture and  give protection to the cows. That means if you have got enough food  grains to eat and if you have got enough milk to get fatty substance,  thenyour whole economic question is solved.  Annad bhavanti bhutani. If you get sufficient food there is no  question of agitation. Everyone is satisfied. Animal and man. So you  must produce. That is recommendation in the Bhagavad  gita.►761102rc.vrn                Conversations Prabhupada: How they can defeat us? We have got so solid  ground. How they can defeat, these rascals? We consider them simply rascals  and fools. And we call them rascals and fools. What do they know  of religion? What do they know of God? They know slaughterhouse  and killing and illicit sex, and killing the fetus. That’s all. What  do they know? They are not even civilized. We have come to make  them civilized. They should understand. They are not civilized. They do  not (know) how to eat even. The first principle of life is eating. They  do not know how to eat. We are teaching them how to eat. They  simply challenge, that’s… When men are uncivilized, they do not how  to growfood, they kill animals in the  jungle and eat. When they  arecivilized, they know how to grow food now and  the nice food grains,fruit, flowers, now  why should say, “You eat the meat.” The meat-eating is meant for the most  uncivilized persons. That means they do not know even how to eat. They do not  know how to eat. How to eat, how to sleep, how to have sex. Nothing. They’re  having sex like cats and dogs.►761102rc.vrn                Conversations Prabhupada: No, we don’t care for Indians and Europeans. We  care for Krsna, that’s all. I didn’t care for anyone. I simply care …  s protection, that’s all. That is wanted. Guru-krsna-krpaya  paya bhakti-lata-bija. We want two favours. One from guru, one  from Krsna.That’s all. We don’t want anyone’s                 Conversations                 446983/530501 Prabhupada: :So people are being trained up to become  mad, pramattah. And do anything, bring money.This is the modern civilization. Nunam pramattah kurute  vikarma. Things which are forbidden, they are doing that. Why?  Indriya-pritaya aprnoti, only for sense gratification. They have no other  ambition. Bring money and gratify senses. This is modern civilization. This  is the exact explanation–nunam pramattah kurute vikarma. Black money, white  money, this money, that…, never mind, bring money. Indian Doctor:  (laughter) By any way. Prabhupada: Yes, this is modern civilization. Big man,  big rich man means bring money some way or other. This is big man. This  is Kali-yuga. Because if you have got money, you have got respect,  you have got honor, you are recognized. So therefore they are after  money.Bring money, that’s all right. When I shall get  money, I may have doneblack money, force money, this money,  nobody will remember it. Bas.This is modern  civilization. Bring money and enjoy sense. Nunam pramattah  kurute vikarma. What for it is, struggle so much  workinghard? Yad indriya-pritaya.  Only for the satisfaction of the senses. They have no other ambition. Because  most of them, they do not believe there is next life. Most of them, 99.9  percent, they do not believe. Big, big professor, I have talked with so many  big, big men in  Europe. ————————————–760817iv.hyd                 Conversations                 447289/530501 Interviewer (5): You have some project here. Can you kindly  explain what is that? Prabhupada: Our project is Bhagavad-gita,  learn Bhagavad-gita andapply it practically in your  life.►760817iv.hyd                Conversations Prabhupada: Our project is Krsna consciousness. Come here,  live peacefully, keep your body fit, and work for yourself, you  produceyour own food, you produce your own cloth,  don’t be very much anxiousfor  artificialnecessities, and save time, and be advanced in  spiritual life.►760731r2.par                Conversations … little cottages, grow little vegetable, little barley or  wheat and milk. That is sufficient. We don’t require much. We don’t want  luxury. We want just to subsist. Yavad artha prayojana. We hate the idea  of luxury, unnecessary.►760802rc.par                Conversations … of how to utilize the whole land. The situation is very  good, good prospect. I want that self-independent here, as  far as possible. But you have got enough materials. With woods you can make  cottages. Then land becomes clear, then utilize it.►760802rc.par                Conversations Prabhupada: Plan is that we have got woods. Cut the woods, make  small cottages, and engage them for growing fruits, flowers, grains,  and make the complete arrengement nicely…►760802r3.par                Conversations  And if there are several brahmanas, so each one of them  will cook his own food. In Calcutta, mostly the rich men they used to keep  the collector’s darwans, they …  family, they used to take, accept the  job. But each of them, even in police, I have seen, they are cooking  separately. They take bath thrice, cook their own food, very strictly.  The government had to give them a big hall for cooking. So, it will  not take much space, say, little space. One small oven and  demarcated: “This, you see, is mine, and then I, you get, this is yours, this  is yours.” So within that space they’ll sit down and cook dal,  capatis, rice, one vegetable, and cook, and immediately all the utensils  will be cleansed and washed, and the space washed and kept. You’d like  to eat, they cook so nicely, although simple. And I have got  practicalexperience, if you cook your own food,  whatever it maybe, it is  healthy.——————–►760802r3.par                Conversations .And they can make hundreds of devotees. In this way we can  expand. Are you realizing that there is no civilization? Actually  civilization we are introducing. Except Aryan civilization, Vedic  civilization, there is no civilization–animal society. What  do you think? Are you convinced about it?►760803r2.par                Conversations … peas, grow fresh. Eat very nicely, keep strong,  drink milk, chantHare Krsna.  BasDon’t depend on this outside work and then  graduallybecome debauch, thief, rogues,  prostitutes. Is that civilization? They cannot imagine that … go without  all these things. Do they not? Slaughterhouse, brothel, cheating, diplomacy,  roguery, drinking–without this, no civilization. We are quite opposed. We  want to show it is possible, yes. You can stop all this nonsense and  still you go on as a perfect civilized man. With character,  knowledge, satisfaction, everything……►760803r3.par                Conversations Prabhupada: So show the simple example that  how by simple living and thinking of Krsna, one can become perfect  and happy. ————————-►760812mw.teh                Conversations Prabhupada: No, that work is recommended. Your question is  how Krsna is giving you instruction. Just like food, Krsna says annad  bhavanti bhutani. You produce anna. Krsna never said that you produce tire  tubes. Never says..►760714iv.ny                 Conversations … So we get enough milk, enough food grains,  enough fruits. So there is no economic problem. Our purpose is to save  timefrom  unnecessary necessities of life, from unnecessary  necessities of life, to save time and utilize the time for developing  Krsna consciousness. And so far the body is concerned, as much as it  … is required take and maintain the body. That’s all.690511rc.col                 Conversations                 321594/53 Prabhupada: Yes. Farming, agriculture, that is nice. There is  a proverb: agriculture is the noblest profession. Is it not  said? Agriculture is noblest, and Krsna was farmer, His  father.►770527rc.vrn                                             Conversations …  There will be more water for gardening, and it will  be moist, and then produce fodder for the animals and food for you. And  animal gives you milk. That is … .. Don’t bother about big, big  buildings. It is not required. Useless waste of time. Produce. Make the  whole field green. See that. Then whole economic question solved. Then you  eat … is beneficial. Even the stool is beneficial. Therefore I am asking  so much here and…, “Farm, farm, farm, farm…” That is not  myprogram–Krsna’s  program. Annad bhavanti  bhutani. Produce greennesseverywhere,  everywhere. Vrndavana. It is not this  motorcar civilization.►                 Conversations Prabhupada: All fresh vegetable, fresh milk, this is  celestial. Who has got the opportunity in the city? Automatically.►760423rc.mel                Conversations Prabhupada: Production…. You take the total land as God’s  property, and all the population, they are sons of God. Then whole  problem solved. Everything solved. If economic problem is solved,  then social,political, religious, philosophical,  everything is solved.760427rc.auc                 Conversations                 419704/530501 Prabhupada: Not only one, you hundreds of temples construct.  Village to village, town to…. At the same time, man. And it  will revolutionize the whole rascal situation. At the present moment, it  is rascal situation. They’re simply satisfied by driving the  motor….putputputputputputputputput! (Prabhupada makes the sound of a roaring motor). They are thinking, “Oh,  how highly I am situated.” All crazy. But this has been taught to them  that “This is civilization. If you have got a motorcycle and you can come  like the wild cat, (all laugh) then you are civilized.” They are thinking  how great civilized they are; we are thinking how wild cat he is. And  what is the difference between wild cat and running dog and this motorcycle?  Put-put? What is the difference?►760120mw.may                Conversations Prabhupada: A devotee will never accept materialism, even if he  dies of starvation. You’ll see so many still. They are sticking …  that. They don’t care for any bodily care. “Some food comes; I shall  eat. Never mind.” Still you’ll find. They are sitting in their place  and chanting or meditating …Prabhupada: Hm? Yes.  So you have to preach all over the world that “You are simply wasting time by  so many department of knowledge. You are so foolish, rascal.” Srama eva hi  kevalam. Simply wasting time. I think I explained that to that gentleman last  morning? He said in onehour, two hour you should  devote… Not two hour. Twenty-four hour.Did I not  say? Yes. Because that is the only business. We have  no other business. Our Society is practically demonstrating that this  is the only business and no other business. We therefore do not try  even to earn our livelihood. That is the natural instinct of every  animal. But we do not try even for that. Is it not? Prabhupada: Yes. Let  them see practically. We are not busy how to go to the office, how to the  business place. We are not interested. We are simply interested for  mangala arati, for class, for chanting, dancing. That’s all. Practically see.  We are not going to any office or any business.►                Conversations Prabhupada: No, no, no. That is not the fact. If you are  actually spiritually advanced, you don’t care for it. Deha smrti nahi  yar samsara bandhana kahan tanra. It is just like Raghunatha dasa  Gosvami. He had no spiritual… er, material con… He was eating …  quantity of butter. That’s all. How he was living in Vrndavana? So when  one is perfectly on the spiritual platform, there is no bodily  necessities. That is the sign.[not to be imitated,  however] Therefore our civilization is to decrease the  bodilynecessities, not to  increase. Control. Control, from the brahmacari, control,  control, control. Ultimately completely control. That is perfectional stage.  Tyagena.(renunciation)►760731rc.par                Conversations Prabhupada: Vasan danto guror hitam. The beginning of life is  how tobecome cent  percent obedient to guru. That is Gurukula.  That training should be given. The whole process is that our life will be  successful when we strictly follow guru and Krsna. Guru means Krsna;  Krsna means guru. Not Mayavada, but guru means one who follows Krsna, he is  guru. ————————–►761102rc.vrn                Conversations Prabhupada: No, we don’t care for Indians and Europeans. We  care for Krsna, that’s all. I didn’t care for anyone. I simply care …  s protection, that’s all. That is wanted. Guru-krsna-krpaya  paya bhakti-lata-bija. We want two favours. One from guru, one  from Krsna.That’s all. We don’t want anyone’s  favour.

Conclusion: The above  quotes were selected from the Make Vrndavana Book Set which came  entirely from Srila Prabhupadas conversations. Over and over Srila Prabhupada  stresses the great importance of making ones own personal lifestyle as simple as  possible, and of becomming  economically independent from the system called  “the rat race”- by its own occupants. And also of the benefits that this  lifestyle provides to oneself–the most important of which is —more TIME  for spiritual life.Since real life is  spiritual life, the best way towards that goal is to minimize ones daily wants  and needs, and a very important step of that is done by growing one’s own  food. Our philosophy is summed up thusly—SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH  THINKING.Either is hard to  obtain without the other.We would also like to  invite all interested devotees, not presently doing most or any of the  above, to move here to the very fertile Skagit Valley County in  Washington state and take up this transcendental lifestyle alongside us here. We  will  all be happy.Jan 15 1975 SFmūrkhā yatra na pūjyantedhānyaṁ yatra susañcitamdampatyoḥ kalaho nāstitatra śrīḥ svayam āgatāḥ(Canakya pandit sloka)
Everyone is trying to become fortunate. Now, Cāṇakya Paṇḍita gives three things, formula, “If you want to be fortunate, then do these three things.” What is that? Mūrkhā yatra na pūjyante: “Do not give any credit to the rascal.” That is first qualification. Don’t be carried away by the rascal. Mūrkhā yatra na pūjyante. If you worship a rascal, then your life is spoiled. You must worship a really learned representative of God. That is very good. And dhānyaṁ yatra susañcitam: “Food grains, they are properly stocked.” Not that for your foodstuff, getting your food grain or earning your livelihood, you have to go hundred miles, fifty miles. No. At home, you produce your food grain and stock it. In India still, they work for three months during this rainy season, and they get their food grains for the whole year. You can save time so nicely. So these things are required for happy home. There must be food grains. You cannot be happy without eating. That is not possible. Annād bhavanti. Kṛṣṇa also says in the Bhagavad-gītā, annād bhavanti bhūtāni [Bg. 3.14]. If you have got sufficient anna, eatables, foodstuff, then you become happy.So three things: one thing, that at home no rascal should be received or given credit… According to Vedic system, at home a sannyāsī is welcome, a brāhmaṇa is welcome. Because they will give good instruction, so they are welcome. Just like when Gargamuni came to Mahārāja Nanda, Nanda Mahārāja’s house, how nice reception he gave him. That is the… Especially… Of course, any guest is welcome, but especially a brāhmaṇa, a sannyāsī, is very well received. Still in Indian village, if a sannyāsī goes, he has no problem for eating or staying, residence. Everyone will request, “Swamiji, today you take prasādam at my place.” So there are many villagers. So he can stay three days, four days. So there is no scarcity. Still they will invite you, “Please come. Take prasādam.” So because… Why this system? Because sannyāsī means he will give good instruction, spiritual knowledge. But that is his business, parivrājakācārya, wandering all over the world and giving good instruction. Therefore parivrājaka. Parivrājaka means wandering, and ācārya means teacher. Parivrājakācārya. This is sannyāsī’s business. So they must be well received. At the present moment, if a sannyāsī is trying to enter in some householder’s house, immediately the doorman, “Please get out. Get out. Get out.” Because some of the sannyāsīs, they have taken this dress as a means of livelihood. But still in the village, any sannyāsī—he may be a cheater, still he is welcome. In the cities, of course, in India, they are now doubtful, “Whether he is actually sannyāsī or to fill up his belly he has taken this dress?” So this is the formula. So very learned men, the… generally, the sannyāsī and brāhmaṇas, they should be worshiped, not the fools and rascals. So mūrkhā yatra na pūjyante and dhānyaṁ yatra. Dhānyam means paddy, rice, well-stocked. Perhaps you have, in your country also what is called, barn? That, you keep…Devotee: Silo.Prabhupāda: So you have got big, big stock. That is required. There may be scarcity at times, but if you keep stock, then there is no trouble. This one, no foolish rascal should be worshiped, food grains should be nicely stocked, and the third thing, most important, dampatyoḥ kalaho nāsti: “There is no disagreement between husband and wife.” If these three things are there, then you haven’t got to pray to the goddess of fortune, “Kindly be merciful.” She will automatically come. “Here is a very nice place. I shall stay here.”

“Don’t bring all rotten. In the market you cannot get fresh. All three hundred years old. Anything fresh, that is full of vitamin. Grow fresh, take fresh. In India there is no system to purchase three hundred year old bread and eat. It must be freshly made. Wife is preparing in the simple oven, husband is eating, children are eating. ….You know Yashodamayi calling Krishna? “Come back! Your father is waiting!” You remember this? This is Indian system. The father and the children they sit down, mother will bring fresh dal, rice and chapatti, and distribute, and they eat. We used to do that. Along with father we shall sit down for eating, separately. There was no need of table—on the ground. And mother will distribute, cook. No servant; mother personally.”(Conversation at New Mayapur Farm, Paris, August 3, 1976)

“It is by ignorance that people think that by opening factories they will be happy. Why should they open factories? There is no need. There is so much land, and one can produce ones own food grains and eat sumptuously without any factory. Milk is also available without a factory. The factory cannot produce milk or grains. The present scarcity of food in the world is largely due to such factories.

When everyone is working in the city to produce nuts and bolts, who will produce the food grains? Simple living and high thinking is the solution to the economic problem. Therefore the Krishna Consciousness movement is engaging the devotees in producing their own food and living self-sufficiently.…”..(Teachings of Queen Kunti, 18, ‘Liberation from Ignorance and Suffering’)

Jan 11 1977 conversationsdevotee: Should we try to make an effort to have our householders go and live on the farms, a special effort? If it’s ready to do that?Prabhupāda: Why householders? Everyone.TQK-18—Therefore the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement in engaging devotees in producing their own food and living self-sufficiently so that rascals may see how one can live very peacefully, eat the food grains one has grown oneself, drink milk, and chant Hare Kṛṣṇa.Oct 15 1974 Mayapur—-Therefore we are trying to engage our men to produce their own food. Be self-sufficient so that these rascals may see that how one can live very peacefully, eating the food grains and milk, and chant Hare Kṛṣṇa. This is our mission.
1) Conversations331292/530501
Prabhupada: Yes. That is the statement of the sastra. Kalau
sudra-sambhavah: “In the Kali-yuga everyone is sudra.”Guest (2): :So only those who have independent means, then, would comein the…Prabhupada: They can be counted, yes. Because a brahmana is advised
not to accept service at any circumstances. That is the injunction of
the sastra. He can take the profession of a ksatriya or a vaisya, but
not the sudra. That is brahmana.
Guest (2): So whoever cannot stand on his own legs as an independent
businessman or landlord or whatever it be, he’s a sudra.Prabhupada: Yes. These are described in the Bhagavad-gita. I have not
manufactured these things. These are sastra, that “He’s
brahmana,”–the qualification. “He’s ksatriya,”–qualification. “He’s
vaisya,”–qualification. “He’s sudra–by qualification.” And Narada
Muni says, but we have to judge by the qualification.2) 730725gc.lonConversations340289/530501
Prabhupada: …satisfied to remain in the village. That is the defect
of the modern civilization.
Mother: In India, you mean. You’re talking of India now.
Prabhupada: Everywhere.
Mother: Everywhere.
Prabhupada: Yes. Everywhere.
Mother: What about India? I mean, do they believe, the villagers?
Prabhupada: India, actually, they do so.
Mother: Yes.
Prabhupada: The villagers, they have cows and land. That is sufficient
for their economic problem. But the industrialists, they are alluring
them, “To get more money, come here.” So they are going to the cities.

And the food production in the village is neglected. And therefore the
food grain price is rising. Actually, everyone should be engaged to
produce food, but the modern set-up of civilization is that few people
are engaged in producing food, and others are eating. They are
offering… They are artificially getting money. So they are offering
paper, “Here is ten dollars.” Although it is a paper, cheating. And
they are captivated by cheating. They, they are thinking, “I have got
now hundred dollars.” What is this hundred dollars? It is paper. Sosome people are cheating and some people are being cheated. This is
the society.
Mother: Yes. But I think one has to be clever enough not to let people
cheat you.
Prabhupada: Clever means that he must stay in his own land. He should
not be cheated by the paper and go to the city.
Mother: But we have to teach our young to be able to define between
those who cheat and those who…, be able to tell people who…
Prabhupada: The whole civilization is a plan of cheating others.
That’s all. And they’re all sinful
. According to our Vedic
understanding, there are four things sinful, pillars of sinful life:
illicit sex, unnecessary killing of animals, intoxication and
“Our farm projects are an extremely important part of our movement .We must become self-sufficient by growing our own grains and producing our own milk .There will be no question of poverty .They should be developed as an ideal society dependent on natural products not industry .”Srila Prabhupada
Letter, December 18 ,1974