The dangers of RF energy explained-smart meters, cell phones, wifi routers, etc

February 22, 2020 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

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 This hour long video (below )has been summarized in text form by myself. I spent the time on this because it is so important to protect our health (and brain cells) against the current radiation frequencies put out by smart meters, wifi , cell phones etc. The US govt wont tell us the truth so we have to go to independent scientific studies who have nothing  monetarily to gain, unlike the utilitiy companies and the cellular industry. And there have been not hundreds but thousands of such studies. This particular website is run by the Physicians for safe technology. You can find many more of the samel thought. 
And, I just bought  an EMF(electromagnetic field) meter so that I can personally measure this RF energy in our home,  and do something about it. What I have found is that our house is far away from  100% of this RF energy mechanisms. Except for the “smart meter”-which I have also nullified its damaging effects by certain things. I called the power company and will get a non transmitting or non communicating meter in about two years when they are available in our area.
As Srila Prabhupada often times tells us….SB 7.3.13 purport…This age is very dangerous because society is being managed by demons and raksasas.”
Hare Krsna
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Radio Frequency (RF) energy grid networks and devices we use-the danger to us from them
Below are some notes I took from watching the hour long video presentation on this youtube video most of this is just facts compiled from watching.
Always on constantly-the grid network to all electrical devices
utilities tells us— its only low power -not harmful and they emit less RF energy than a cell phone/are a fraction of FCC guidelines/transmit only 4-6 times per day for 45-78 seconds/only record useage of electricity like analog meters(the old non dangerous ones)/dont cause fires or fry electronics and pose no health threat or risks/safe to install.
Fact-they the smart meters, use 4-100 times the power of cell phones. They can make smart meters transmit as often as thy like.
1000’s studies, not just hundreds show  dangers-they dont just collect billing info-can change commands remotely/load new software which collects more info/collects info on 4 channels.
Also sends other messages to your meters or others/monitors your household motors when on -off. They sell this info to others.
240VAC step down to 2-10 volts so electronics in meter can work-causes dirty electricity in house wires which causes electrical and magnetic fields many places-these are also dangerous.
Smart meters radiate omnidirectional signals-but power company lies by saying it wont go in the house. The mesh grid network radiates thru many houses in every neighborhood  to get to the network collector.
Everytime a RF meter goes off it creates an overlapping of each house-called electrical smog. Layers upon layers coming at you.
To get the numbers they tell us the FCC measures not spikes but lower levels which dont reflect the actual amount of RF radiation at you. The spikes are the worse form of danger.
Difference between continuous and pulse radiation is that continuous waves are low frequency and go around 50Mhz but the pulse waves go from 0-100Mhz. So it looks the same on paper but your body feels the higher pulses. FCC calls this average the “same”. Average meter transmits 8.6 seconds or 9981 transmissions a day. These figures were revealed in a claifornia court.-reluctantly, by the utilities
Power company will say we only transmit 45.3 sec/day-whats the big deal? The actual time of transmission is very small-when you add all these short bursts together it comes to 45.3 sec/day.
ex-strobe ligths only spike for a short time shich is small compared to the darkness between strobes. But can you sleep with a strobe light ? They say the total wattage is like a night light bulb.
These meters go off every ½ sec- pulses  are 28 times more damaging to health than continuous waves
non ionizing  rays goes up to ultraviolet light but ionizing rays can dissolve DNA-knocks ions out of atoms and wrecks DNA by melting atomic bonds
How much Micro wattage today
1980 background RF energy was .005 microwatts/cm2– today in cities it is .4 to 100 micro watts/cm 2
this is a 20,000 times increase in background radiation and electromagnetic fields. And smart meters will add to this.

See video DR Karl Maret-truth about smart meters.
Microwave radiation power density drops with distance –also they bounce off smooth hard surfaces like glass, concrete. When they intersect causes higher power density.
Curvature of the human skull makes a hot spot-ex-magnifying glass.
900 Mhz (cell phones, smart meters, etc)penetrates skull to brain
DR OM Gandhi Utah Univ research
known biological effects of hi frequency EMF’s
affects blood brain flow / disrupts cell communications/ damages genes and DNA/ long term cancer risk.
Reflex study 2004
DNA strands breaks at only 1/40th or 2.5% of govt. guidelines limit/significant increase in single and double strand DNA breaks/ chromosomal aberrations/ changes in protein including heat shock protein. The human body cell stress response-like putting shellac over wood to protect it-so cells develop this shock protein over cells -result? Cant communicate with each other.
Effects of pulsed radiation—breaches blood brain barrier/affects neurotransmitters/ affects testosterone levels/ decrease in sperm count/ affects natural rhythm of brain/ affects heart rate/ EEG/ changes sleep reduction/ learning memory problems.
Reduces melatonin level-affects immune system and much more.
25 minutes a day on cellphone reduces melatonin which can cause arthritus/cancer/ miscarriage/eye stress/ renal impairment/ DNA damage/ chronic fatigue/ sleep disturbance/cardiac reproductive and neurological diseases.
(Go to 55 minutes on video for serious  former govt studies)
Saltzberg Resolution yr 2000 -Scientists set a limit of .1 microwats/cm2 for pulsed radiation. For public exposure. FCC limit is 600microwatt/cm2-WOW!
1950-1990’s- 5 cellphone engineers who developed this technology at Motorola-4 out of 5 died from brain tumors.
A Guy who worked for Brittish Naval microwave “stealth” warfare-came out of retirement said thisRF will damage girls eggs which is passed down for generations.
326 studies in 2006 showed that 70% of privately funded studies showed biological effects of RF energy. 30% industry studies showed biological effects.
From an internal memo FDA 1993-available data “strongly suggests” that microwave can accelerate developing cancer.
2002 EPS letter says the FCC’s exposure guidelines is  considered protective of effects arising from a thermal mechanism but “not from all possible mechanisms.”
therefore the “generalizations “ by many that the guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanism is “not justified”
Guidelines deficits from FCC reports-the govt reports dont show…the dangers from
non thermal bio effects like brain blood barrier or melting DNA
pulsed signals
momentary peak emissions-there is no cap
emissions from other devices (cell phones, smart meters wifi, etc)
daily accumulations
No provision for—kids , elderly, pregnanat women, night time recovery period for cells to recover.
What does it all mean?
FCC reg’s dont protect against all effects of RF radiation
the low RF frequency interferres with bodily cellular communication
residents exposure much higher than admitted.
RF is toxic accumulant
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