What exactly is –KARMA??

February 13, 2012 in Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa

..”Whatever you do, that is your satisfaction. That is  karma.…for your own sense satisfaction,that is karma. And if you  do it for Krsna’s satisfaction, that is karma-yoga.”–SP
Hare Krsna to all
Pranams-all glories to Prabhupada
Below is a short excerpt of a conversation with Srila Prabhupada on  KARMA–we all toss this word
around like a child would a ball, but its significance has great  ramifications on our future lives in this material
world. See what the empowered representative of the Lord has to  say………..
Saksi Gopal
740401mw.bom                 Conversations                 358852/530501 Prabhupada: Karma-yogi means one who does everything for  Krsna. He’s karma-yogi. Guest (1): One who does everything  for…? Prabhupada: For Krsna. Guest (1): For Krsna. Prabhupada: Just like you are doing, doing some work. For whom you are doing? Guest  (1): For my own benefit. Prabhupada: That’s all. So that is karma. But when  you do the same thing for Krsna, that is karma-yoga. Guest (1): But  (Hindi), if you do it for others, for Krsna, for Krsna’s… Prabhupada:  Others… Others means… That is also a humbug. You cannot do  anything for others. You do everything for yourself. That is a false  propaganda. You see? That is humbugism. So either you can do for yourself  or for Krsna. That’s all. Guest (1): I see.  (Gujarati) Prabhupada: (break) …become a slogan nowadays. Nobody does  for others. “For others,” “For the poor,” these are all humbug. Guest  (1): You think people are doing something hospitals, that is for
others? Prabhupada: Yes. That is also punya-karma. Guest (1):  (Hindi) Helping these temples, hospitals…? Prabhupada: Yes. Temple  construction is different from hospital construction. That is for  Krsna. Guest (1): But suppose somebody’s doing hospitals. Is it  not for others? Prabhupada: Yes. But how many you can give shelter? A  few. There are so many suffering people. You cannot provide hospitals for all  of them. The hospitals are increasing, and the disease also  increasing. Guest (1): No, as you say that doing for others is  humbug. Prabhupada: No, no. Humbug means he cannot do it. Guest (1):  Accha. Prabhupada: He cannot do it. He can do to his satisfaction only.  That is… That is also for his satisfaction. Guest (1): I  see. Prabhupada: Because by opening hospital, you cannot stop  disease. That is not possible. Then what you are doing for the  others? That is for your satisfaction. Try to understand. Because you  cannot do anything, but still, you are wasting your time. That is for your  satisfaction.
Guest (1): Naturally for myself. Prabhupada: Yes. Hare Krsna. You cannot  do anything. The hospitals are increasing, beds are increasing, and the  diseases are increasing. Then what can you do? Guest (1): We can do  our own satisfaction. Prabhupada: That’s all. (break) …done not meant for  Krsna, that is for his own satisfaction. Just like Arjuna wanted to  become nonviolent: “No, no, Krsna. I cannot kill my kinsmen.” That is a  good proposal. But that was his satisfaction. Guest (1): That is very  correct. Prabhupada: Yes. That was his satisfaction. But Krsna wanted that  “You must fight.” And when he agreed to that, that is his  perfection. Before that, he was trying to satisfy he. Guest (1): Yes. When  he surrendered to Krsna, that was his… Prabhupada: Yes, that is the only  purpose of life. Anything that is done, that is useless waste of time.  Therefore Krsna particularly said, sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam  saranam vra… That is ekam. You try to satisfy Krsna only. That will give  you perfection. Otherwise your own satisfaction, that’s  all. Guest (1): Yes, very correct, very correct.
Prabhupada: Whatever you do, that is your satisfaction. That is  karma. Guest (1): But not yogi. Prabhupada: No, karma. (break)  …for your own sense satisfaction, that is karma. And if you do it for  Krsna’s satisfaction, that is karma-yoga. Makhanlal: Pure  bhakti and karma-yoga considered to be exactly the same? Prabhupada: Exactly the same. Prabhupada: Pure bhakti is above  karma-yoga. Pure bhakti is above karma-yoga. Bhagavata: That is  the difference between the Chapter Karma-yoga and Karma-yoga in Krsna  Consciousness. Prabhupada: Yes. Pure, pure devotion means Sravanam  kirtanam. Makhanlal: …you’re performing, is the vaidhi-bhakti  stage of… Prabhupada: Yes. Makhanlal: …of the sadhana-bhakti, the  regulative principles. Prabhupada: Yes, vaidhi-bhakti means regulative  principles, and when
you are accustomed, automatically you perform, that is  raga-bhakti. Makhanlal: So vaidhi-bhakti is considered superior to  karma-yoga then. Prabhupada: No. Karma-yoga is  better. Makhanlal: Karma-yoga is better? Prabhupada:  Yes. Indian man: Pure bhakti is superior. Prabhupada: Pure bhakti is  sravanam kirtanam. Sravanam kirtanam visnu-smaranam pada-sevanam, that is  pure bhakti. (break) Yasomatinandana: …formed by anybody. Prabhupada:  Eh? Yasomatinandana: Karma-yoga. Prabhupada: Unless one is inclined to  take to devotion, it is not possible to take to karma-yoga. Who can sacrifice  the profit? Yasomatinandana: Does karma-yoga mean to follow exactly the  sastras? Prabhupada: Karma-yoga means yat karosi yaj juhosi kurusva  tat mad-arpanam. Yasomatinandana: Doing only for  Krsna. Prabhupada: Yes. That is karma-yoga. Devotee: Which  means? Prabhupada: “Whatever you do, the result give Me.”
Devotee: To Krsna. Prabhupada: Yes. Yasomatinandana: So we are also,  those who are on the vaidhi-bhakti (indistinct) on karma-yoga path because we  are… Prabhupada: Yes. They are acting under the order of the  spiritual master. That is bhakti-yoga. Bhagavata: So when one  follows the nine activities of devotion purely, that is pure  bhakti. Prabhupada: Yes. Bhagavata: Then when he’s following  those nine activities, then he’s superior. Prabhupada: Eh? Bhagavata: Then that’s superior to karma-yoga, to follow those nine principles  purely. Prabhupada: Yes. Makhanlal: Raganuga-bhakti is also  superior to karma-yoga then? Prabhupada: Bhakti is perfect stage. That is  not for ordinary man. Yasomatinandana: What is the difference between  karma-yoga and… or bhakti because they also (indistinct)  Krsna? Prabhupada: Now go on doing your duty, you’ll understand  (indistinct).
Don’t try to understand in one day. Bhagavata: It will  be revealed to us as we act. Prabhupada: Yes, the more you become  in service attitude, things will be revealed to you. (Sanskrit) prakasante.  Becomes, it becomes manifest. Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau sam eva sphuraty adhah.  (break)