Who is advancing in spiritual life?? Srila Prabhupada himself explains…

September 6, 2018 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

1.) SB 10.13.1 purport-
Unless one is very advanced in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, one cannot stick to hearing the pastimes of the Lord constantly. Nityaṁ nava-navāya-mānam: even though advanced devotees hear continually about the Lord for years, they still feel that these topics are coming to them as newer and fresher. … Parīkṣit Mahārāja, therefore, is addressed as bhāgavatottama, the best of devotees, because unless one is very much elevated in devotional service, one cannot feel ecstasy from hearing more and more and appreciate the topics as ever fresher and newer.
2.) SB 4.28.34 ….The word madireksana is also significant in this verse. Srila Jiva
Gosvami has explained in his Sandarbha that the word madira means
“intoxicating.” If one’s eyes become intoxicated upon seeing the
Deity, he may be called madireksana. Queen Vaidarbhi’s eyes were very
enchanting, just as one’s eyes are madireksana when engaged in seeing
the temple Deity. Unless one is an advanced devotee, he cannot fix his
eyes on the Deity in the temple.
3.) Lecture NY sept 18 1966
So in my childhood, when I was five or six years old, I requested my father that “Father, give me this Deity. I shall worship.” So father purchased for me little Krishna, Radha, and he gave me, and I was imitating. Whatever foodstuff I was getting, I was offering to Krishna and eating. In this way I got my life developed. And there was a temple in our neighbourhood.So I was seeing the Krishna deity. Oh, I was thinking…..I still remember. I was standing for hours together.