Tribute to the late Vasudeva Prabhu

November 1, 2017 in Articles by Laksman dasa

Vasudeva Prabhu departed on Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance day. Tuesday Oct. 24th (Iskcon Fiji observed on 24th,)
Sunday ,22. Vasudeva Prabhu became very ill with very high fever. The nurses said, they didn’t think he was going to be around very long.
On Tuesday, when his situation became evident, Bhagavati Mataji and their daughter Ajita put Tulsi leaf and Ganga JAL on the tongue.
They were chanting and at that time devotees came. Their was kirtan and more chanting.
Vasudeva Prabhu was fully awake.
Bhagavati Mataji said, the moment he departed was very auspicious. She felt Prabhupada,’s presence. Every time Mataji went to the temple , she would pray to Prabhupada to take Vasudeva Prabhu back to Godhead.
Vasudeva Prabhu lived with his two wives at the Suva Temple. Nandarani mataji was married to Vasudeva in 1946. Bhagavati Mataji was married in 1959..Nandarani departed almost two years ago. There will be an article in the Fiji Times next week about Vasudeva Prabhu.
Hope to get a photo in a day or so.
Bhagavati Mataji and Ajita will be travelling to Vrindavan in three weeks to place the ashes in the Yamuna.
Your servant,
Sri devi devi dasi