Srila Prabhupada and Prahlada Maharaja

August 21, 2017 in Narasimha Dasa by Yasoda nandana dasa

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept millions of my prostrated obeisances at your most divine lotus feet. Please forgive my millions of offenses at your feet. My mind remains attached to matter in spite of all your good instructions.

You once wrote me and said, “Please study all of my books very thoroughly.” I have tried to do that, although insufficiently to fully control my turbulent mind, which is harder to control than the wind. The only hope for me is full engagement in your transcendental service. Your mercy is the only hope for all conditioned souls. You are the real acharya for this age. You once wrote to leading preachers in ISKCON and asked, “What is the use of so many devotees if none of them are knowledgeable?” I hope to one day become your useful disciple.

The only way of success for all devotees is to hear from you constantly and understand your glories. Unfortunately, most ISKCON leaders have been neglecting to thoroughly teach new devotees that you are still present in your books, recordings, pictures, and murtis and thus as much available now as you were before. Many devotees who have joined ISKCON in recent years have been told they cannot accept you as their guru. There has been much confusion and chaos due to false ambitions to tap an influx of money and devotees who are attracted to you but not properly engaged in hearing you with rapt attention. The so-called “guru issue” and other issues such as the “book changes issue”, could be immediately resolved if ISKCON leaders and all devotee would agree to hear from you with rapt attention and without ulterior motives. In fact, this is may be the only way human society can avoid world war three.

In studying your books over the years, I have found much evidence that indicates that you are just like Prahlada Maharaja, who, like you, was the leader and savior of low-born, materialistic persons. Like you, Prahlada Maharaja was always thinking of how to liberate all conditioned souls all over the world and all over the universe. Like you, he was also the disciple of a Ray of Vishnu, namely Sri Narada Muni. Like you, he caused the advent of Lord Narasimha Deva and showed us the way to pray to Sri Narasimha Deva. Like you, Prahlada was known as Abhaya Charan, one who is always fearless at the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord. Like you, Prahlada was a great devotee from his birth, and he engaged his playmates in devotional service. He was always thinking of the welfare of others, even as a child. Like you, Prahlada was the indestructible “axe handle” on the blade meant for cutting to pieces demoniac civilization. As you did, Prahlada feelingly thanked his Ray of Vishnu spiritual master for saving him from rotting in the “dark well” of household life, although everyone knows that he, like you, is always transcendental.

According to the Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, Sri Prahlada Maharaja, Srila Vasudeva Datta and Krishna’s intimate friend Madhuvrata, the great singer from Vrindaban Dhama, are the same. Vasudeva Datta was ready to take on the sinful reactions of all conditioned souls in the universe so they would be able to come to Krishna consciousness. You mention in your purport that Vasudeva Datta was the most magnanimous transcendental personality to ever show mercy to the fallen conditioned souls. You said none could compare to Vasudeva Datta. Similarly, no one can compare to you. In reply to questions regarding who would be your successor, you kindly told us the most confidential truths: “Only Lord Caitanya can take my place.” And “My success is always there, yes, just like the sun is there always… If you are fortunate you come before the sun…” Without your sun of mercy–the mercy of Prahlada, Vasudeva Datta and Lord Chaitanya–how could Krishna consciousness ever spread all over the world?

Like Prahlada, you are worshipped on the same level as Lord Vishnu, next to, or even ahead of, Sri Lakshmi Devi Herself. Like Prahlada, you are known as the greatest devotee and worshipped by all genuine Vaisnavas all over the world and in genuine Vaisnava temples on the same level as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Finally, Srila Prabhupada, how could you record so many incredibly beautiful achintya shakti bhajanas with unique tunes that go on increasing in bliss the more one hears them? How could you play the harmonium and sing the way you do unless you are just like the great singer Madhuvrata, who is one and the same as Vasudeva Datta and Prahlada? You have kindly given us thousands of recorded lectures and conversations and thousands of pages of empowered translations and purports— by your causeless mercy.

How strange it is that in the institutions you created, most devotees prefer to hear recorded bhajanas, kirtans and lectures from neophytes and sahajiyas. How strange that many devotees are thinking they need so-called physical gurus, who are upstarts, when you are living still in both sound and form. How horribly strange that the institutions entrusted to publish your books have been changing them and letting them go out of print, while hundreds of other books are being marketed in their place at your temples? All this is due to a “poor fund of knowledge”. Please save me from the darkness of material existence, by Your Divine Grace.

Your foolish aspiring servant,
Narasimha das