simplicity of living means being peaceful, healthy ,and ample time to think of God

November 14, 2016 in Damaghosa Dasa by Laksman dasa

July 5 1975 Chicago–

Therefore too much attachment for material enjoyment is disqualification for spiritual life. So the western world is trained up for being too much attached to material enjoyment. Therefore lagging behind in spiritual life. Vedic civilization is not to encourage too much for material enjoyment. Minimize. That is Indian civilization. 
They, if they had money they used to spend for constructing big temple, not for residential house. Maybe the king only had a big palace. Common men, they didn’t care for big palace, the palatial building. Common man would be very glad to live in a cottage, and a small garden for growing vegetables, fruits, small lake, that’s all. Not wasting time for big, big buildings, big, big… What is called, amenities?


BG 7.15 Purport-
Most often, those who work very hard day and night to clear the burden of selfcreated duties say that they have no time to hear of the immortality of the living being. To such mūḍhas, material gains, which are destructible, are life’s all in all—despite the fact that the mūḍhas enjoy only a very small fraction of the fruit of labor. Sometimes they spend sleepless days and nights for fruitive gain, and although they may have ulcers or indigestion, they are satisfied with practically no food; they are simply absorbed in working hard day and night for the benefit of illusory masters. Ignorant of their real master, the foolish workers waste their valuable time serving mammon. Unfortunately, they never surrender to the supreme master of all masters, nor do they take time to hear of Him from the proper sources. The swine who eat the soil do not care to accept sweetmeats made of sugar and ghee. Similarly, the foolish worker will untiringly continue to hear of the sense-enjoyable tidings of the flickering mundane force that moves the material world.
Four chapatis and 6 feet of floor-
Brahma Samhita lecture- NY july 31 1971
Huge factory, day and night melting iron, and they are working, working. The special technologies, getting some money, they’re happy. They do not know how they’re wasting their valuable life. This is called māyā. Why so much work? Why you are working so hard? Do you think if you’ll get hundred dollars per day you can eat more capātīs than myself? (laughter). Rascal does not know that he will eat the same number of capātīs, four or five or six, but he’ll work so hard. So we are the best intelligent class. We don’t work, but we get our capātīs. (laughter) Let the rascal work, but we get our capātīs. Māyā-sukhāya bharam udvahato vimūḍhan [SB 7.9.43].
720907SB.NV Lectures
Prabhupada: Twenty-five percent of the land. Suppose we owned the
twenty-five percent of the whole world, but at the time of occupying
the land I require only six feet? That’s all. So they…, is he not
ass? He knows that “I want only six feet land to lie down. Why I am
trying to acquire the whole world? And working so hard?” That is ass.
Similarly, I’m so working hard. What I am eating? Perhaps I am not
eating. When I come home, I take a piece of bread and a cup of tea,
bas, finished. But he does not think “Why am I working hard? I am not
eating more. I am not occupying more place. I cannot enjoy fully sense
gra…” Simply an idea: “More money, more money, more money.”
Therefore he’s ass. Ass does not enjoy life, but works very hard.