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August 16, 2015. Adventures in New Jaipur, Prabhupadanuga Farm in Fiji


On the way to the New Jaipur farm in Fiji, Govindapriya, SriGovinda, Radharani stop to pet a horse…



After ten months of preparation, and a long time waiting on the not-so-fast wheels of the Fiji

bureaucracy, Braja Prabhu, with wife Govindapriya and daughter Radharani, finally landed in Fiji. They

had flown out of Budapest, Hungary, transiting Europe and Asia, coming non-stop from Hong Kong on

their last leg of the trip. Catching a domestic flight in Nadi on the main island of Viti Levu, they flew 45

minutes to Labasa on our island of Vanua Levu. Sridevi and I greeted them at the airport and

immediately we went… shopping! Of course, only for basic necessities suitable for simple country living.

We showed them a bit of the dusty main street of Labasa, a sugar town of Indians and local

natives which reminds one of a small Indian city. Then we drove two hours across the mountains and

backbone of the island to the wet, green side which receives the prevailing southeast tradewinds.

Stopping twice for stretching our legs, at the spring on the mountain top and at a waterfall called

Nasavu, we drove into the New Jaipur entrance. Passing the water cress, the dalo and kava fields,

crossing the river, through the orchards, along the cliffs and up to the cottages. The bright Jaipur

saffron-orange cottage was for Braja and family- an emotional entrance to their new residence, and

soon the ideas for decorations, modifications, and enhancements began to appear. The views over the

pastures and ocean were partly dimmed by a cloudy, dull first dayin Fiji. After all, it is not always

beautifully sunny here…


After the morning program on the Ashram veranda outside the temple room


It has been almost five years already since we started planting our fruit trees and orchards here

in New Jaipur. It was the first order of business, even before we had built an access road. The hundreds

of plant pots were loaded onto a hired boat which went down the nearby Yanawai river to the ocean,

down the coast, and up our own little Naiviriviri River. It was high tide. We pulled across gravel shallows,

chopped with machetes fallen trees and low branches, reaching inland as far as we could.


The first tree planted was our

lone longan, a Malaysian fruit. Then

came the rambutans, all kinds of

citrus, tamarind, jackfruit, lychee,

pomegranate, avocados, and much

more. I just went through the two

orchards and took photos of some of

the trees which I’d like to share

below. It is a testament to the fertile

soil and favorable climate that these

orchards are flourishing so well and

quickly. Many are starting to bear,

LYCHEE ON LEFT, SAPADILLO ON RIGHT   and more will come in during the next years. Of

course the lemons are already prolific.   (BELOW: Pomegranate flower, African Baobab, Mandarine)



LANGSAT                         CACAO                          TAMARIND                         RAMBUTAN






BELOW: Krishna Raj, Solarman


Each cottage is being equipped with two PV panels of 245 watts

each and four Trojan 12 volt batteries. An inverter (600 to 1200 watts)

and charge controller will handle a washing machine, a cooler box which

uses only 50 watts, 6 or 7 lights, spark ignition on a gas stove, phone and

laptop charging, Cd player: everything a devotee family needs for the best

of modern life while making the transition to simpler living. This can take

a year or a generation, depending on variables,such as a nuclear war,

banking collapse, will power, or reading and taking to heart the following:

Our farm projects are an extremely important part of our movement. We

must become self-sufficient by growing our own grains and producing our

own milk, then there will be no question of poverty. So develop these farm

communities as far as possible. They should be developed as an ideal

society depending on natural products not industry. Industry has simply

created godlessness, because they think they can manufacture everything

that they need. Our Bhagavad-gita philosophy explains that men and

animals must have food in order to maintain their bodies. And the

production of food is dependent on the rain and the rain of course is

dependent on chanting Hare Krsna. Therefore let everyone chant Hare

Krsna, eat nicely and keep their bodies fit and healthy. This is ideal life style. We do not condemn modern

civilization but we don’t like to get it at the cost of God Consciousness, that is suicide.

(Letter from Srila Prabhupada to Rupanuga, Bombay 18 December, 1974)



ABOVE: Srila Prabhupada Guru Puja           BELOW: Benjamin’s Construction, Gopal & Radharani





“Srila Prabhupad was meeting

with a group of wealthy,

influential people in Bombay,

talking about His vision for the

future, and how important it

was to have self-sufficient

communities… I raised my

hand and when Srila

Prabhupad acknowledged, I

said… “Srila Prabhupad,

before I met you I lived in

communities with the same

focus, mostly following the

example of the Native American

people… we thought that places

like New Vrindavan would be

the only places we could survive

what was coming”… His Divine

Grace opened His eyes very

wide, turned to face me, and

said emphatically… “Say that

again!” which I did… He

pointed to each of the wealthy

guests one by one, and said

with great power, “Yes! Yes!

Yes!”” [Nanda Kumara dasa



Such unfair taxation makes the people dishonest, and the people try to hide their income in

so many ways. Eventually the state will not be able to collect taxes and consequently will

not be able to meet its huge military and administrative expenses. ”’Everything will

collapse, and there will be chaos and disturbance all over the state.”’

(Srila Prabhupada, Fourth Canto, Srimad Bhagwatam)

You say we must have a gosala trust, that is our real purpose. krsi-goraksya-vanijyam

vaisya karma svabhava-jam, (Bg 18.44). Where there is agriculture there must be cows.

That is our mission: Cow protection and agriculture and if there is excess, trade. This is a

no-profit scheme. For the agriculture we want to produce our own food and we want to keep

cows for our own milk. The whole idea is that we are ISKCON, a community to be

independent from outside help. This farm project is especially for the devotees to grow their

own food. Cotton also, to make their own clothes. And keeping cows for milk and fatty

products. Our mission is to protect our devotees from unnecessary heavy work to save time

for advancing in Krsna consciousness. This is our mission. So there is no question of profit,

but if easily there are surplus products, then we can think of trading. Otherwise we have no

such intention. We want a temple, a gosala and agriculture. A community project, as in

Europe and America. (Letter to Yasomatinandana – Vrindaban, 28 November, 1976 )

Therefore, for the sake of the people in general, I am requesting you to pursue this farming

life with great enthusiasm. Help people to see this traditional, natural way of living. You

must help them see how they can become happy, how they can go back to Godhead. So

advance this project — plain living, high thinking. This modern civilization is so nasty, A

nasty civilization, artificially increasing the so-called necessities of life. Anartha —

unwanted; unbeneficial “improvements.” (Conversation New Vrindaban, June 24, 1976)

Better one should be satisfied with agricultural produce than go into large cities to be

engaged in industry. Peaceful life depending on agricultural produce can bring him real

happiness and prosperity, not otherwise. The more persons will be satisfied at their home,

with home economics, not to go outside the home, that is peaceful life.

(Letter to Rayarama dasa, 17 October, 1968)

The people are innocent. The rascal leaders say it is primitive to remain on the farm, but to

do business in the city and become rogue and rascal, that is advanced. They have dog race,

horse race, gambling, coca cola, pepsi cola- all unnecessary. There is no use for it but the

business is going on. They take to cigarette and T.V. because they have no good

engagement. They are chewing the already chewed.

(Letter to Rupanuga, Ahmedabad, 29 September, 1975)

►750401mw.may               Conversations

… don’t distribute. You live only, till the ground and take your food. Where is the question

of distribution? Whatever you can till, you take so much land. God has enough land. Why do

you possess more? One acre of land is sufficient for producing your food. Why do you take



New Jaipur is a positive alternative to the rapidly devolving situation in the modern world.

Nuclear war approaches, and humanity is due for much turmoil which can only be alleviated by

establishing Prabhupada’s varnashram Hare Krishna farms. New Jaipur Vedic Village farm

project retains Srila Prabhupada as the sole diksa guru, via rtvik representatives. We are part of

Prabhupada’s transcendental ISKCON which is situated beyond the now-corrupted original

institution. Prabhupada resides wherever his instructions are strictly followed. We have 857

acres of titled, fully-paid land in a South Seas rainforest on Fiji’s second largest island. There are

openings for qualified devotees based on Village Constitution conditions (available by email).

Interested persons, please inquire. The standard: 16 rounds daily, the four rules, 8 hours

community service a week, regular morning programs, and be a productive participant, one fifth

of production/income goes to the deities, Sri Sri Radha Govinda. Nice cottages available. Vedic

villages are the future of the world. Please consider a visit to New Jaipur, and be our guest in

paradise; this is an invitation to Prabhupadanugas everywhere. Life here is simple but not

austere. Welcome also: temporary residents who would like to further their spiritual credits may

offer assistance to the Vedic village with any skills they may have.

Yours in Prabhupada’s service,


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